WWII Homecoming Song – Official Songwriting Works™ Video 2017

(Drum roll) (Instrumental music) On the way over in WWII with my twin brother in the Marines I went all over Shipped out again to the Philippines Africa, China, Korea, Japan – South Pacific The war got over We came back home Both alive Hallelujah The big day is when the ship comes home We fly to Hawai’i to meet the ship Wives have been waiting Children waiting Families waiting Aaaah…. Seventeen months in one stretch I don’t want to go over again Aaa—ah (Instrumental music) (Instrumental hallelujah) The big day is when the ship comes home We wait on the dock to meet the ship Family together Celebrating Home on the front porch Big orange soda and some moonshine Aaaah…. Home Again Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

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