Why I Can’t understand Songs In English – Top 3 Reasons

today you have to watch this video and
understand the top three reasons why you can’t understand some songs in English
hey guys teacher Prix here to help you talk to anyone anywhere anytime very
often students come to me and say teacher
I love listening to music but I can’t understand anything they sing it’s so
difficult I feel like I can’t understand and I have to google the lyrics and then
I still have some problems because there are words that I don’t know but most of the
times I can’t listen well so what do I do
guys this is a very common problem and challenge we have I wouldn’t say problem
but a challenge because listening to music can be tricky in any language even
in your own native language a few weeks ago I was talking to my
friends there was this word in a Brazilian song and I didn’t know what it
was it was not the kind of music I usually listen to in my own language but
just to show you that we don’t always understand our own language let alone a
second one but here we go reason number one pronunciation of words guys music is
a land of no laws of no rules, forget everything you learned about grammar
forget everything you learned about everything in English music is freedom
musicians have the freedom to do what they like in music and that happens to
pronunciation now I’m not saying they’re going to change the pronunciation
completely say things extremely incorrect that’s not my point but what I
want to say is sometimes singers tend to overemphasize vowel sounds over consonant sounds
because of this it’s really difficult to understand some words because all you
listen is the vowel sound and the consonant where is it it’s gone because the singer
is over emphasizing over pronouncing the vowel sound if you listen
to this singer Adam Levine from Maroon 5 here is a song where you can
clearly see this over pronunciation of vowels how much emphasis he gives to the
vowels now listen to payphone that’s a very nice song very famous song there’s a
bit of rapping in the middle and you see that there are some words where he
emphasizes the vowel sounds and that may be a little bit difficult for listeners
like you and me I’m at a payphone trying to call home all of my change I spent on
you he says I’m at a payphone and then he makes this word payphone very long I’m
at a payphone now here it is easier because I’m
showing it to you but if you add everything together it’s not that simple another part he says “too stuck in that time
so he links everything and you listen to the vowel sounds so when you’re listening
to the song sometimes it feels like everything you’re listening to is vowels
another song I love and the singer loves to do this because his voice is amazing
he is amazing so he can do anything he wants John Legend all of me if you
listen to this amazing singer you will see that he emphasizes
vowels all the time sometimes it’s difficult to understand what he is singing so here he sings: my head’s underwater But I’m breathing you’re crazy and I’m out of my
mind so here he emphasizes so much it is slower not as slow as I’m singing
not as beautifully as I’m singing unfortunately but that’s my point it takes
a little bit of time of course you do listen to the consonant I’m not saying
you just listen to vowel sounds but that’s what you listen to the most, it isthe strong sound of
vowels okay so if your listening skils are not sharp enough you may
have a little bit of a challenge there reason number two slang, expressions contractions and abbreviation this is
perhaps the most challenging part of a song lyrics okay because sometimes
you’re listening to it and you don’t understand and you feel like oh my god
my listening sucks hey wait a minute maybe it’s not just your listening
maybe it is more than that maybe it’s something in the song that youdon’t
know and this happens when singers and they do this all the time
make music they use expressions idioms they use slang sometimes local slang
depending on where they are from on a specific region in the country where
they are from so it’s important to study that okay so slang and expressions are
something that you have to study song by song because every song uses a different
kind of slang or expression and it’s natural think about your own native language and
all the expressions that a expressions that a singer tends to use there you have it the same
happens in English so you have to be prepared for that
okay and these guys may be difficult even if you have the lyrics in your hands
because music is much more than just words it goes beyond that music is about
interpretation it is about feeling it’s about connection so sometimes it’s
difficult when we just analyze the lyrics we have to get to know a little
bit more about the band we are listening to the singer we are listening to and
then interpret the songs this happens in many many many many songs in
English the truth is singers they use such a
variety of vocabulary they sometimes use references , chemistry references, biology
literature and if we don’t go deeper we may not really understand what the singer
is singing there was this song I was listening to once and there was this part
I don’t remember the song I’m sorry but there was a Greek mythology reference
and I didn’t understand I was like what the f* what the heck you know I don’t
know what this is then I googled I understood what the reference was and I
was like huh okay some examples of people that do this a lot Coldplay oh
my god I love Coldplay but his lyrics every now and then have
something that you have to go deeper to understand
because it’s not just simply translation all this means that, no, you have to
interpret the song in such a deeper way that it takes a
little bit more time and getting used to okay so it goes beyond the lyrics I’ve
come across several songs from Coldplay where I had to actually Google and
go to forums and understand the interpretation of the song because I
understood the words but I was not really sure of what he wanted to say by singing
those words so I googled and I understood what he was actually trying
to say the message he was trying to send same thing happens to Katy Perry not in
the same level I think it’s easier to understand what she sings she uses
a lot of metaphors okay for example fireworks baby you’re a
firework ah the roar a song and you’re gonna hear me roar
people don’t roar okay animals do, lions do but here it’s a metaphor form so it
takes some time getting used to this and this is a simple example but there
are other ones more complex ones so just take the concept of the metaphor
proverbs history chemistry and take all of these into consideration when you
are listening to a song because as I said music is freedom and there will be
all kinds of things there and the last reason why and this is a big one okay
you may have the English skills you may have good vocabulary you may be doing a
research but we have to take into account that music interference plays a
big role imagine if I make this video and all of a sudden I put this
extremely loud background music like this this is what happens in music today
the musical background has a great variety of sounds there are so many
instruments and sometimes it’s difficult to understand what the person is singing
okay and this is gonna keep happening thisis not gonnae change of course
depending on the style of music you may have a better understanding because the
music the musical background is lighter but all in all guys this is the
future there is a lot of music going on in the back in addition to the singers
don’t be frustrated don’t you feel sad. See this is a challenge that’s what I always
do If I don’t understand a song a part of a song I go and I Google it and
I listen it again again and again and that’s what music is all about
well these are my top three reasons okay of course there’s so many others to
finish up if you want to improve your listening skills by listening to music I
advise you to start with a slow ballad What’s this? slow songs, songs that have a
slower pace so rock heavy metal punk uh techno music you know like
this is not going to help you okay if your purpose is to improve your
listening skills if your purpose is entertainment, happiness go for it okay the
second thing you need to do is use the lyrics go and google the lyrics I’m
not saying Google translations I’m saying Google the lyrics okay find the
lyrics make some time and read the lyrics listen and read it so that you
can start, all okay he’s singing He is pronouncing the song, the word like
that cool cool and you will feel more
comfortable with the song as you read the lyrics and listen to it and the
third thing you should do is work on your sland and idiomatic expression guys
at some point you have to dedicate time to learn more about cultural things and
slang and idioms is such a big part of it okay
part of the language you need to feel comfortable with this so learning slang
learning expressions idiomatic expressions is part of learning
English and this is going to help you for songs this is going to help you for
your favorite TV show, movies and so many more things there you have it these are
my top three reasons why it may be a bit difficult to listen to to understand
songs in English and my top three ideas to help you work on these challenges I
hope you liked this video don’t forget to give a thumbs up and share this video with your
friends why not thanks guys and I’ll see you next time bye

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