what happend to russianprincess01 on tiktok.

You can tell me to fix my eyeliner but sweetheart, you need to fix your attiude ! *flips hair* Okay, who is suspending my account? im gonna kill you so much. don’t suspend my account ! stop if you suspend me … im gonna kill you. ? cuz maybe you will sum so fricking important and i can’t find anything. i’m so mad at you whoever suspended me i hate you ! earrape warning i got my gummy bear i got my gummybear *farting* another earrape warning i dont know what ya aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh you better stop stop bitc* stop *airhorn* telling me to say it, you know like She kept pressuring me and saying it and I thought once I said it you always leave me alone about it Bother me, and it got to me and I’m truly sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry Please forgive me. I’m so sorry. I Never meant to hurt anyone. I never meant to say that I don’t even know why that came out of my mouth I’m very sorry. Please forgive me bye guys

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