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Hey my YouTube family how you guys doing.
It’s Ken Tamplin from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the
singing. I want to go ahead and do a vocal coach
reacts to the band Tesla and the song is called “Love Song”. The singer’s Jeff Keith and he has a very very unique, vocal sound. Kind of like
Bryan Adams where he has a lot of dirt and grit and you know distortion in his sound
and a lot of people ask me Ken I want to get this sound. How do I get it. How do I
sound distorted and gritty. Well I have a singing course it’s called How to Sing
Better Than Anyone Else and I walk you through step by step how to do this kind
of stuff safely because if you don’t do it safely there’s a strong chance you’ll
get a node or a polyp and eventually could lose your voice altogether okay. So that
that said let’s go ahead and rea..react to “Love Song.” Now I want you guys to check
out Tesla they have a lot of hits out there and they’ve been doing this a long
time and he’s just an amazing singer, amazing band oh and a buddy of mine
Scott Van Zen. He’s a fabulous guitar player. I recommend you look him up. Scott
Van Zen who’s played on a lot of my records. His cousin is Troy Luccketta whose
the drummer of the band as well. So little side note. You’re kind of always
in the family of some musician somewhere along the way but so here we go. Almost sounds like “House of the Rising Sun.” Does it. It is. It is “House of the Rising Sun”. Nice. Well I thought I was gonna react to “Love
Song.” So I I haven’t seen this yet so I’m hoping it’s gonna come in soon but it’s good guitar playing, it’s fun. That’s a lot like Heart’s
just before “Barracuda”. Any minute now. I think. It says Tesla “Love Song” so. Here we go. You know as I’m listening to this, it
reminds me a lot of I used to see like the band Extreme and Nuno Bettencourt
and they had a duet version that they did acoustically to “More Than Words”. You probably remember that so he’s kind of like setting it up for that a little bit.
You guys out there that remember that kind of get that same vibe right. Nuno
Bettencourt is a killer guitar player too. I mean it’s kind of nice to have an acoustic
solo thing like that where he’s ripping on acoustic and stuff. I used to do that
with another guitar player friend of mine live a lot and it’s it’s a lot more
personal and special than the big amp. You know it’s fun to have the big amp
stuff too and do big fat solos like that without the band. I mean real true
solos by yourself but it’s also really tasty to do this as well so. I like
that it’s cool. Now if I’d known this was gonna be this long I would have butted it up to the vocals but we’re already here right now so hopefully you can hang with me
and hopefully we’re gonna get some vocals in here soon. Here we go. I was hoping it was coming. I was like. See that real distorted. Got his cigarette. Kind of like a male Janis Joplin right if
you kind of hear that same kind of tone going on there. They got their own MTV unplugged version
going on around here right I’m waiting for the (sings) waiting for that to come in with that
same kind of vocal tone right. You know what I’m talking about. Yeah with that vocal tone I’d like to
hear some cross-pollination. I’d love to hear him sing uh “She Talks To Angels “and
stuff like that because I think they both could have some really cool
exchange in their in their music together. He’s got that Paul McCartney bass going on there.
That’s pretty cool. I love that 12-string, that thing is beautiful. Looks like a Guild. It’s really hard to sound good
acoustically like that. That broken down. Here we go. Do you guys hear kind of some of the
Black Crowes influence you know or not influence but similarities in there. I
think that’s really unique and interesting so. There’s a lot of cool hair on that stage
what do you guys think. If you listen to the reverb, the reverb
actually sounds like it’s a fairly small room. Like I’m gonna say probably maybe
five to eight hundred people. I’m not sure but the venue doesn’t sound that
big so they’re in a pretty intimate setting which is cool. I love to see bands
like this up close and personal and it’s really also great to hear his lead playing nice and loud without missing notes and there’s still enough of the
band there to hold it together but the guitar is nice but not up front. I really happen to like that a lot rather than it’s sounding so clouded with just
barely you know straining to hear the solo so. He sounds like struggling vocally a bit but he’s got a great vocal tone. So like there’s a few people like that
whether it’s Bryan Adams or it’s him whether it’s Kim Carnes whether it’s you
know whomever with that kind of like overly naturally distorted sound. I hear
I’m kind of struggling a little bit. In fact if you go back and you want to go
back to the very beginning when the first chorus hit, he kind of struggled a
little bit and he let the audience sing so his voice could recuperate quickly and
you know a lot of people do that but the way he sings is not a really healthy way
to sing. It’s just sou…the tone sounds great so. You know again like I don’t
care if it’s Janis Joplin or whomever has that naturally gifted distorted sound,
you still want to keep good open throat technique and have good diaphragmatic
support and good relaxation response. So you’re not like you know Bryan Johnson
you know just constantly like pinching and squeezing to get every note out
distorted like that so. A lot of girls in that audience. It’s suprising. Cool. That was fun. Alright you guys yeah like I said you know reminded me of some Black Crowes and some other you know middle America bands like
that that just pulled off and it’s interesting you know when a certain
sound sells at a certain era and time in time capsule of you know different eras
of music. A lot of bands have kind of a lot of the same flavors as they go
through it and Tesla is certainly no exception to that so. Anyway if you like
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4 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts – Tesla – Love Song – Ken Tamplin

  • March 5, 2020 at 5:46 pm

    Good stuff. The secret about Tesla is they were a Metal Band at heart, this acoustic stuff is what they did after the fact…

  • March 5, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    Hi, can you do Reaction on "Beth Hart – Caught Out In The Rain (Live At The Royal Albert Hall) 2018"?

  • March 6, 2020 at 12:25 am

    Winery Dogs – Time Machine … Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy

  • March 6, 2020 at 1:29 am

    I dont see the Black Crowes references….at all.


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