hi guys and welcome back to another
video I’m so so so excited for today’s video today’s video is you sing you lose!
and personally it’s a very exciting video because if you guys don’t know I
love singing so much I’m not the best singer out there but I do the job and no
matter if I am a bad singer but I can no one stop singing at all fun fact about
me I sing so much all day long so loudly that my mom scolds me like every day for
shutting my mouth she’s like the shot your mouth stop
singing for once but I just cannot I mean I need songs in my life I need
music in my life otherwise I wouldn’t be existing I think when I take when I’m
when I’m taking a shower I sing when I’m studying I sing when i when i am i don’t
know doing my makeup i I do I sing every every every time it sits next to
breathing I mean number one thing is I breathe number two thing I think that is
that is the only thing I do in my life and my life is so incomplete without
music so it’s gonna be a very very very very tough challenge for me and that is
why I am so excited these are all English songs so I might not know a few
of them because I have not grown up listening to English songs but let’s see
I think I would know most of it because it’s from 2017 mostly so let’s get
started one of my favorite I just I just check the quality yeah
that’s the highest quality we don’t come like my favorite song I cannot see let
me fail I don’t have to stop lip-sync because
it’s Danny I’m sorry I had to do that because because because I’m not even
making all this up I actually do have an I sing I sing like crazy people
aah oh my god what I can see his next song is probably stitches and please all
of these are like these are the songs which when came out they stuck oh they
were stuck in my head and I just couldn’t stop singing and I’ve been
scolded mostly for these songs Oh this compilation is crazy the t-shirt
dress video of the girl is like the best thing I resonated with that on the
spiritual level I’m allowed to dance can you stop this challenge can we just
Megan if you don’t see news I think I already lost though I’m still I’m still
strong in the game right when I close my eyes just just know that I’m where are
they all my favorite songs from I think I’ll have to lower down the volume of
this videos so much tiger hmm this is crazy just a second
I always thought that this was short on the same location as the serial showed
hug where was if you don’t know it it was a show back in 2012-13
and it was a historical show and it used to come on Zee TV and I think it’s the
same location but I’m not sure really pushing top in my hand below the camera when I close my eyes you should know
that I’m totally into it I was not the biggest One Direction fan of ever any
not far at all but Edward only limited songs but this is
one of the songs that I would sing this bee-utiful
and the other song which was like dad still Michael yeah
and there was no no no no no no no no I just cannot remember the name no no no
no and even when the night changes it will never be a dad song yeah like one
of the song you guys is like this combination is crazy
I used to sing this song so much on the karaoke and I still do i display the
karaoke and I’m like hold the time guys I think I did a great job because
if you normally which I am probably guessing you don’t let me tell you then
it’s very difficult are literally hurting my cheek muscles are literally
hurting because of controlling myself and oh my god this is so difficult
I just cannot this this has been the most difficult challenge in my entire
life I’ve done so many challenges off camera I mean before I started YouTube
but this has been the most difficult one because a I cannot stop singing B this
compilation was crazy if you want to do that too I try my best if I remember to
link this compilation down below in the description box make sure you just you
go and check that out and what else yes make sure n after all
the stress I filmed a video which was like study motivation and study tips and
also link dad over here pop yes like that so make sure you check those videos
out and hope to see you soon again with another interesting video so bye

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