Top 10 Slayer Songs

Join us in the mosh pit with these
thrash metal pioneers. Welcome to and today we’re
counting down our picks for the top 10 Slayer songs. For this list we’ve chosen our entries
based on a combination of the bands fan favorites and the most commercially
successful songs. Number 10 Chemical Warfare Just from that opening rip, the listener
is already being set up for some damage. Chemical Warfare is about war, and the
use of modern tactics that rely on chemicals to eradicate opposing soldier. Fast and aggressive this Slayer track
pounds on to the beat of the proverbial and literal drunk. Originally released as part of their
first EP, the thrash metal number was so popular, it was added as a bonus track to
the reissue of their first album Show No Mercy. Number 9 Black Magic The slow rising intro builds up into this
killer memorable track, from Slayers debut fooling. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman shred
through this song with memorable riffs and dazzling solos. As Dave Lombardo power drumming and Tom
Araya is haunting vocals, blend with the wicked themes of satanic rituals and
possession. The band in evil harmony is capable of
producing the same fear in the listener, that the narrator experiences as demons
pull him down to the depths of hell. Number 8 Dead Skin Mask Serial killers are a common theme for
these metal giants, as the perverse acts performed by these disturbed lines
brought chills from anyone who listens to the stories. Dead Skin Mask is a song about famed
maniac head game, that succeeds in doing just that. From the opening twisted whispers of a
deranged killer to the chill inducing cries of children begging to be let out,
this track plays out like a real-life Horror Story. Number 7 Disciple If ever there was a song that represents
pure chaos it’s this one. Drugs, whore, murder you name it. Disciple relates the evil nature of
human kind and how God surely must hate us for being such wretched creations. Singer Tom Araya roars away as Kerry
King’s twisted screeching guitar play fills our ears. Despite the impurity being churned out,
disciple serves as a sort of catharsis cleansing all the negativity and just
letting the listener go fuck away. Number 6 Hell Awaits The top story telling is a Slayer staple, and
with brutal yet quality musicianship present throughout the title cut of
their sophomore effort. The listener can certainly feel the
coming of hell and all the evil it holds. Fast and fierce is a theme in Hell
Awaits. Guitars and drums Blair swiftly as the
lyrics are almost incomprehensible with the vicious velocity at which the singer
use them. And, let’s not forget about the demonic
voice that echoes along with it all. Number 5 South of Heaven It’s safe to say that the members of
Slayer aren’t known for being the politically correct type, and they call
things as they see them. Much is the same for this 5-minute
track serving as an exaggeration of the immorality found in today’s society,
which they believe lacks ethical integrity. It’s less about a coming Apocalypse and
more about how far self from heaven the earth and its miserable inhabitants have
gone. As is usual for a Slayer song there are
some crazy riffs and solos glory. Number 4 War Ensemble One of the most iconic moments in the
band’s vast catalogue of songs, occurs when singer Tom Araya blast a single
word that echoes in your soul “war”. As fierce and aggressive as it may be
War Ensemble is still mocking the sport he should support, the act of men killing
each other. After all, it’s about how many people you
can kill. From the technical side of things
inspiring and inventive drumming complements the thrashing solos and
blistering guitars. Number 3 Seasons in the Abyss The title track of their Seasons in the
Abyss album, starts off at a slow down tempo and pace gradually builds tension
and culminates in pure thrashing power. With blazing solos, brutal drumming, and
chilling vocals, Slayer guides us on a morose walk to insanity. The album’s longest song, is also their
most deranged and that’s saying something. Intricate and overpowering, the six and a
half minute track conjures up pictures of serial killers, savageness, murder and
darkness. Into the abyss we go. Number 2 Angel of Death Based on the Nazi physician Josef
Mengele and his whole riff experiments Angel of Death is a thrash metal
masterpiece that offers fast and filthy musicality, that is also stirred
controversy. After being labeled Nazi sympathizers,
the band refuted these claims noting how the song’s lyrics do not
glorify any act, but simply relate these horrible crimes as a World War II
documentary would. Whatever the case Reign in Blood opener
is still played at every show they perform, and the fans still love it. Before we reveal our number one Slayer
song, here are some honorable mentions. Number 1 Raining Blood Thunder is heard, from beats slowly,
chills run up and down our spine as hell is unleashed with this tracks devilish
opening riff that leads to furious guitar thrashing. Quietly considered one of the greatest
heavy-metal songs of all time. Raining Blood takes the listener through
a satanic wet dream, as we literally hear the sky tearing up and the blood pouring
on are banging head. Slayer does indeed “Reign in Blood”. Do you agree with our list? Which Slayer
songs cause you to headbang the most? More awesome top 10 published every day,
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