Top 10 Scary Meanings Behind Famous Songs – Part 2

Hello! Welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on
the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I am back
singing…embarrassing myself… bringing you the spooks – we’ve been doing this
for years… you know the drill by now! SO you guys loveeeeed our recent video – the
Top 10 Scary Meanings Behind popular songs – before we get into it … last time I
asked you what your favourite songs are and so many of you poured out answers … This
time… why don’t you tell me your least favorite – the real earworms. I never could stand Crazy Frog… if we could
call that a song?! OKAY so we had Old Town Road in our thumbnail
for part one, although I don’t make the thumbnails and nobody told me! SO… well… I thought I had better put it at number 10!
SO Old Town Road has been one of the most talked about songs in MERICA. A duo between Lil NAS X and Billy Ray Cyrus
– It mixes rap and country in an unlikely fusion, but people think it is all about ….well…
let me read you the lyrics… Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town
road – I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more – Now replace the word horse for the word…you
make one up. People think it is DUTTY. If it was… I wouldn’t be that scared…. Like…sure it is a bit lewd… but scary,
nah. In actuality though… the meaning is all
about being stuck at home living a drop out life…which is scary enough in itself. X said the song came as he dropped out of
college, angered his parents and was living with his sister…. He said he felt like a loner cowboy who wanted
to run away. Okay, back to the undeniable spooks 9 -Total
Eclipse of the Heart We learn something new every day and today
I learned that Total Eclipse of the Heart is A Vampire Love song! I think maybe I love Bonnie Tyler and that
song EVEN MORE NOW! The certified Platinum single was written
by Jim Steinmen who claims that actually it was about living dead blood suckers. In an interview with Playbill, he said: with
‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, I was trying to come up with a love song and I remembered
I actually wrote that to be a vampire love song. Its original title was ‘Vampires in Love’
because I was working on a musical of Nosferatu, the other great vampire story. If anyone listens to the lyrics, they’re really
like vampire lines. It’s all about the darkness, the power of
darkness and love’s place in the dark.” THIS IS VERY Forgetting Sarah Marshall and
I LOVE it. In the narrative of the song, now its clear
to me that a mortal woman has fallen in love with a vampire, who she waits for at night
hoping he will make her immortal, too. 8 – The Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays
Even if you don’t know this song… I think we can all agree that Monday’s actually
kind of suck. Today is Monday and like… we’ll the reason
I am wearing so many bright colours is because I am trying to inspire myself to think positively. If you don’t know the song…. Well its pretty famous – although it was
released 40 years ago. The Irish group Boomtown Rats is fronted by
none other than Sir Bob Geldof … but not that many people know that their most famous
number one hit was actually about a School shooting. The lyrics kind of give it away – And nobody’s
gonna go to school today She’s going to make them stay at home. And mother feels so shocked
Father’s world is rocked And their thoughts turn to their own little girl
Sweet sixteen ain’t that peachy keen Now, it ain’t so neat to admit defeat
They can see no reasons ‘Cause there are no reasons
What reason do you need. – It seems that the hit was a retelling
of a school shooting massacre at a San Diego elementary school in 1979. The perpetrator, 16 year old, Brenda Anne
Spencer was arrested and when she was asked what her motive was, she simply said “ I
don’t like Monday’s” 7 – The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar
I love the Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger was the ultimate hottie. If he was 40 years younger….well… he would
probably have his pick of women and honestly I can’t think of anything worse than dating
a famous Rockstar … but you get what I mean. The Rolling Stones had many bangers, one of
which was Brown Sugar, but it seems that the song is about sex with an young girl sold
into slavery – have a listen to the lyrics – Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields,
Sold in a market down in New Orleans, Scarred old slaver know he’s doin alright, Hear him
whip the women just around midnight, Ah brown sugar how come you taste so good, (a-ha) brown
sugar, just like a young girl should. Must not make comment on Mick Jagger and younger
women. Must not. 6 – Tom Jones – Delilah
WHY WHY WHY, DELILAH ! I am all about a bit of Tom Jones – I saw him once in London
for 2 pounds fifty due to a clerical error. Best two fifty I ever spent, he was magnetic…. 79 years old and still a hottie. Delilah came out in 1969 and people now think
of it as a TJ classic. But like… if you listen to the lyrics, it
is actually woefully dark! She was my woman – As she deceived me I watched
and went out of my mind….She stood there laughing I felt the knife in my hand and she
laughed no more My, my, my, Delilah – Why why why Delilah…. So before they come to break down the door…Forgive
me Delilah I just couldn’t take any more. The song is clearly about a man driven mad
with jealousy and kills the person he loves because of it…. Which…you know…irony. He famously cheated on his wife with 250 women. 5 – Phil Collins – In The Air
Most of us remember Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight as being all about a drumming
gorilla in a Cadbury advertisement, but actually it is much darker – if you listen to the
lyrics the songs is clearly about watching someone drown…. They read like a horror story – have a listen:
Well if you told me you were drowning, I would not lend a hand I’ve seen your face before
my friend ,but I don’t know if you know who I am, Well I was there and I saw what you
did, I saw it with my own two eyes, So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you’ve
been It’s all been a pack of lies. The song was written as Collins was breaking
up with his wife….which seemed to be where the urban legend began… many peoples say
that the song came from Phil himself did actually watch a man drown and that man has previously
attacked his wife…another version of the legend says that he witnessed a man drowning
someone but was too far away to help. Later, he hired a private detective to find
the man, sent the perpetrator a free ticket to his concert and played the song with a
spotlight on the the killer. 4 – Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out
Did you guys get that song when you were young? When I was a wee nipper in the UK this song
was playing all the time. I even heard it live at some pop event at
the Birmingham NEC. What a treat. While this song may have been a kids birthday
party classic, it is actually pretty awful – the Baha men are referring to women as
dogs and the song is about trying to…erm….give a dog a bone them. The scariest thing about this song is how
often it was played around kids. It was even in a Rugrats movie! 3 The Cranberries – Zombie
The song is called Zombie, so I guess it already has a scary name, but the song is not about
a living dead corpse… but actually about the Irish fight for independence and a response
to the 1993 IRA bombing in Warrington in which two young children died. The IRA issued a statement afterwards to say
that Responsibility for the tragic and deeply regrettable death and injuries caused in Warrington
yesterday lies squarely at the door of those in the British authorities who deliberately
failed to act on precise and adequate warnings. Zombie was written in protest to the deaths
and became the bands biggest hit, although the BBC banned the bands music video for the
hit. 2 – Eagles Hotel California
I went by the Hotel California a few years back with Danny and Landon while we were at
Vid Con. So The song has two scary meanings – on
the surface it is about a spooky hotel – which is obvious in the lyrics – This could be heaven,
this could be hell. You can check out any time you like, but you
can never leave. … then there is the whole devily but – we
are all just prisoners here, of our own device’ And in the master’s chambers, they gathered
for the feast they stab it with their steely knives, But they just can’t kill the beast. Uh oh. Aint no body want to be stabbed with the steely
knife. BUTTTT the song has a whole other meaning
which is just as scary – it seems the song is also about the dark side of the American
dream and the self-indulgence and excess it promotes. Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do
I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now? Why…. Cause she’s DEAD. Taylor was never trying
to hide the spooks in Look What You Made Me Do – her 2017 comeback single after snakegate
– the beginning of the music video takes place in a graveyard after all. BUT after a deeper dive into the music video,
it became apparent that Taylor was referencing a whole wealth of scary things – let’s
start with the bathtub of diamonds, it has been widely speculated that this was a dig
at Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery, where her jewels were stolen and she was bound and
gagged in the bathtub. There is also a wider robbery scene in which
Taylor is at the front of a heist….in the background there is an engagement ring…Kimye
famously had hers stolen. Taylor also crashes her car -her Ex boyfriend
Calvin Harris was in a car crash before they broke up. Taylor is also heading up a plastic robot
doll factory – taking direct aim of her bad blood squad. There is also the whole 13th snake thing and
the killing off of all the old Taylors. I could go on forever. I LOVED IT. It has had over a billion views on Youtube. I kinda miss Snake Taylor – I’ve got a
list and your name is red underlined. I check it once. And then I check it twice, OH. Okay, that was fun… were you into part two? Let me know! Also let me know your LEAST favourite songs
– mine is still crazy frog…. And anything by M people…sorry. Comments from part 1 – where I asked favourite
songs: Hey Judge Let It Be Wrote: 1) Hey Jude- The
Beatle’s 2) Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen 3) Rocket Man- Elton John Skittle Gamer said: Toes By Glass Animals
Believer By Imagine dragons Say Amen By Panic at disco Kay talking Taylor…are you guys into Calm
Down… I didn’t like Me as much but Calm Down has
me bopping… I didn’t mean to turn this video into Taylor
appreciation day! TAN FRANCE DRINKING TEA!

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