Top 10 Most Popular Bollywood Dance Songs

HELLO, HELLO, HELLOOOOOO EVERYONE, Hows everyone doing? doing? I hope you guys are doing great. I welcome you all to our channel Top 10 Hindi. I’m your host and friend Abhi Kathuria. So today our video is about the Top 10 most popular Bollywood songs which have created a sensation on youtube and to which people all around the world dance! At number 10 we have “Suit Suit karda”( A (Punjabi) suit, suits you well) *Sings “Oh you look like a woman from Punjab, you look like such a babe” by one and only Guru Randhawaa, Who doesn’t know about this song? In Bollywood, Guru Randhawa is a name that everyone knows, and everyone’s a fan of his songs. Not just in India but all over the world! Theres no such event or marriage in India where this song isn’t played. Guru has created an uproar with this song on youtube by crossing 250 million views! This song was released in 2016 and it got so popular that it received the Punjabi most popular song of the year. At number 9 we have Yo Yo Honey Sing’s hit song “Dil Chori Sadha”(my heart was stolen) *Sings “My heart was stolen,what do I do? “It’s lost in someone’s eyes, what do I do?” Originally this song came out in 2004 and was sung by the Popular Indian singer Hans Raj Hans. It was later remixed by Yo Yo Honey Singh and released it again in 2018 for the movie Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, and it got over a 250 million plus views and I’m sure everyone must’ve danced to it. *Sings “Yo boys..I’m sing song..soup song…flop song” At number 8 we have – Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri di, Rhythm Correct. I’m sure guys that its nearly impossible to ignore this song because of its catchy lyrics. This song is not from a Bollywood movie but from a Tamil Movie. It got released accidentally on the internet and the rest is history. There was a hashtag made on this song #Kolavari that topped the Indian trends in twitter. It got 3 million views on youtube within 1 week of its release and people made more than 1 million posts on Facebook making it famous. It became the most downloaded and most viewed song of the year 2011. This song is really popular and I’m sure people can easily relate to it. At number 7 we have sings “Hey O kabira, Please listen to me” (O Kabira). Sings “Hey o Saint, Listen to me” A lot of worthy artists are associated with this song, Starting with Rekha Bhardwar and Tochi Raina who are the lead singers. Pritam Ji has composed the song and the the famous singer Arijit Singh has produced it. This song not only has the most beautiful lyrics but also the sweetest melody which made it win The Filmfare award. This song was shot in the city of Rajasthan and it’s plot starts with a captivating story of four close friends, which eventually shows a transition I’m character bunny’s lifestyle. At number 6 we have the one and only Salman Khan’s song “Swag Se Karege Swagat”(We will welcome everybody with swag) Who doesn’t know about Salman Khan? here is not such movie or song of Salman Khan which doesn’t make it to the Top 10 list, Nope there’s no chance! After it’s release this song was tagged as the Anthem of Love. Famous Bollywood music director Vishal and Shekhar took a whole 8 months to finish this song! This song with it’s interesting lyrics “We welcome you with swag” portraits the core traditional values of Indians. Because we Indians have a big heart and welcoming everyone with love is a habit of ours. Which is very true and it has been given a modern touch in this song which says that we will welcome everyone but with swag! That’s why we feel so connected to this song! This song was shot at a really beautiful location on an island in Greece. I would love to go there one day! A lot of artists were featured in this song to show their uniqueness and swag. Moving forward at number 5 we have “Dil Chahta Hai” (The heart wants it) This song is the title track of the hit film “Dil Chahta hai” which is still quite popular. Its been 17 years since its release and even after those 17 years this song still continues to touch the hearts of people. I’m sure this song makes you remember your good friends. As the song says – “The heart is yearning, that these shining days never pass by, the heart is yearning, that may we never be without the company of friends” Clearly this song is written considering true friendship. Singer Shankar Mahadevan has sang this song in a very beautiful voice. Its about 3 college friends who embark on a road trip after finishing college. I think this song makes all of us wanna go to Goa and I’m sure most of us have been there too! At number 4 we have “Abhi to party shuru huyi hai(The party has just started)” Khoobsurat(Beautiful) movie’s song is indeed really beautiful. The lyrics goes “There are no people at home, Dance as much as you like, the party has just started!” I’m sure all of us youngsters can relate to this song, isn’t it so? This fun and groovy song is famous amongst weekend party gooers. Singer Badshah’s song got so famous on the internet that it got more than 200 million views on youtube and till now this song is in every Dj’s list . At number 3 we have – “Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge” ( We shall never break this friendship”) Hindi Cinema’s two most famous legends are associated with this song, Playback singer Kishor Kumar who was the lead singer and the famous music director Rd Burman. This song’s lyrics “Yeh Dosti hum nahi todhege” enlighten the bonds of friendship. The heart striking lyrics and the melody of this song are still fresh in our memories and I’m sure it gets us closer to our friends. At number 2 we have “Pehla Nasha” (The first Intoxication) All the love birds out there, I’m sure that you guys must’ve definitely heard this song with your partner and enjoyed it. “The first intoxication, the first hangover. This love is new, this wait is new” The excitement of new love is something else my friends and this song has expressed it perfectly. It’s famous singers Udit Narayan and Sadhana Sargam’s voice has touched the heart of millions! This song should be on everyone’s list for sure ! And finally at number 1 we have “London Thumakda” (London dances) There’s no one who hasn’t heard this song! This song is of the movie Queen and was sung by famous singer Neha Kakkar and Indian Bhangra vocalist Labh Janjua. Amit trivedi has composed this song with brilliant Punjabi beat music. All the Punjabi’s out here, don’t you feel like dancing non-stop after listening to this song? Do I not speak the truth? This song was awarded the most entertaining song of the year 2014, Received the GIMA award for best music in 2015 and I can keep on counting.. So friends this is where it ends for today and if you guys want to more such interesting videos then don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. We shall meet again friends, I’m your host and friend Abhi Kathuria Till then do Whatever you want to do.

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