Top 10 Most Disturbing Insane Clown Posse Songs

Today I will be talking about something else
than horror movies for once as I will be talking about music. Now you can laugh at Insane Clown Posse for
being well… rapping clowns and the fact that they had the Miracles song out a few
years back and all of that. But the ones who can laugh the most is the
deadly duo themselves, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. They can look back at a career that has spanned
25 years. There’s not a lot of music acts that can say
that, especially artists that have been generally looked down upon by both critics and non-fans. The group started in and still rep the “Wicked
Shit”, which is basically another name for the horrorcore subgenre of rap. The horrorcore genre is exactly what the name
would make you think it is. It’s dark music that consist of aggressive
lyrics that goes more for shock and storytelling than lyrical ability. For fans of horror movies and rap music, this
should be the perfect genre to listen to. It would be hard to argue against the statement
that Insane Clown Posse is the leaders of this genre and has been so for years and years. I’ve been a fan of the group for years and
that’s why I’ve decided to compile together a list of their most disturbing songs. I’ve judged these songs mostly on subject
matter, creativity and mood. I am not saying these are the best songs that
ICP has done or that they are my personal favorites, but I do believe that these songs
are the ten most disturbing songs Insane Clown Posse has created so far. Here we go with the number ten spot. This is the newest song on this list as Falling
Apart is from the 2015 album The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost. The song starts with Violent J’s character
calling into work to take a day off due to sickness and then proceeds to tell us listeners
about how his entire body is literally falling apart. It’s basically a concept of a persons body
aging through its entire lifespan in a single hour and there is absolutely nothing the person
it happens to can do about it. What’s more disturbing about this song is
the fact that there is no background or reason given for why this is happening to the poor
guy. It’s a great concept and as with many of the
songs on this list you have to wonder how the hell this came up in the mind of Violent
J and Shaggy 2 Dope. At number 9 we have a fan favorite from one
of ICP’s best albums, the amazing 1995 album Riddle Box. The concept of 12 is that a guy who has been
given the death sentence comes back to life and is given a night to take revenge upon
the twelve jurors who gave him his sentence. The idea behind the track is simple, are the
ones who put a death sentence on a human being any better than the ones who commit murder? Aren’t they basically the same thing? It’s of course told in a very Tales from the
Crypt-ish type of way and the way it is described makes it easy to visualize the dead zombie
going around murdering these people in very graphic detail while he is still rotting away. This is a perfect example of why Insane Clown
Posse became the band they became. The sound and style of ICP had really grown
into their own by the time of the Riddle Box album. The slow way of rapping that Violent J does
on this track, and most of the other tracks on this list, just adds to mood of the song
and a concept like this just can’t work in a song with a faster pace. 12 is a classic ICP song and a great song
to start off with if you are unfamiliar with the band or the horrorcore genre. We’re going back to the previous album from
the Riddle Box on spot number eight with the second card in the six Joker’s card deck,
The Ringmaster. The track that gets this spot is Mr. Johnson’s
Head. It tells the tale of a young guy in school
who feels overlooked and like an outcast, a general topic of ICP, especially in their
earlier days. The isolation he is feeling and the hatred
for his everyday in school has driven him to murder his teacher, Mr. Johnson. He has beheaded him and now he keeps his teacher’s
head in his bag, carrying him around in school, not being noticed because well, no one ever
does notice him. What sets this story apart from the other
songs ICP has done is how the guy Violent J is rapping about seems so calm. He is not a guy who has mentally broken down
and became insane, this is a kid who has been overlooked all his life and now has started
in what I will presume is the first of a long list of murders. His actions aren’t a cry for help or attention,
he just wants to make a mark so he can see that others notice what he is doing, regardless
if they know it is done by him or not. Scary feelings that are also most likely what’s
been going through the head of several students that has ended up shooting up their schools
over the years, even if this was made several years before school shootings started to become
a yearly occurrence in the States. The Stalker, off their 1993 EP Beverly Kills
50187, is their earliest song on this list. This song tells the story of a, well, stalker,
that gets obsessed by a girl that he doesn’t even know and then proceeds to terrorize her
for weeks, following every step she goes and even watches her in her own home. There are small interludes where she is telling
someone how this is affecting her and making her go crazy, a haunting and nice touch to
add to the track as it goes from these creepy interludes right onto the hook where the stalker
brags of how much this “ho” likes him and that he is going to get her in the end. There is a very minimalistic sound to this
production and Violent J hasn’t quite mastered the art of flowing on a track yet, but that
just adds to the atmosphere of the song. Adding even more to the terrible concept of
stalking is that at the end of the song there is an answering machine message from a guy
who was actually stalking Violent J’s girlfriend of the time. Creepy shit… Coming in at number 6 is Truly Alone off the
Hell’s Pit album. The song starts off with a guy talking about
how he is all alone and that nobody cares about him. He has absolutely no one in his life. After two verses of Violent J rapping slow
about this guy that has no one, things turn even worse in the third verse as J raps about
how he says fuck it and goes into a supermarket, gets a chainsaw and then goes crazy on everyone
around him. The fatal end for the guy is that he in the
end gets shot by the cops and it is a happy ending for him as he no longer has to suffer
and finally he has made a mark in life. I’m guessing by now that you can see a thread
through the songs that I find disturbing and that ICP, especially Violent J finds fascinating
to write about and unfortunately is very familiar with himself. The idea of being alone, depressed and isolated
is not a good state for any human being and it might drive a person to extreme actions. People need to feel loved and noticed at any
age in their life and if they don’t, they might not feel they have anything to live
or die for. Truly Alone is a good example of that and
that’s why it gets a spot on this list. From the very same album, we now have a love
story gone bad with In My Room. In My Room tells the story of a young guy
who has fallen in love with a ghostly apparition that appears to him in his bedroom at nighttime. He is another fella that has little going
on in his life and that’s how he can find solace in a dead entity. Of course things can’t just end well and this
ghostly figure starts to make him do violent acts, ending with him murdering somebody that
spotted them together. When he is done with the murder and gets home,
the dead girl does not return again. Making him not only alone, but also guilty
of murder and mentally broken. The song ends with cries of being abandoned
and realization of what terrible acts he has been driven to do, all by a ghost who took
advantage of his loneliness. This is a real favorite of mine and a track
that does not get as much recognition that it truly deserves in my opinion. It is a very sonically appealing track to
me and it talks about the reoccurring topic of being an outcast, this time the loner being
tricked by a girl. He starts off lonely and ends up lonely, as
his entire world becomes focused on his dead lover instead of using his time to learn to
appreciate himself. It’s a tale of danger as it is dangerous to
put everything you have into another human being, or dead being as it is in this song. ‘Cause it could just as well have been a living
girl that made him turn to murder. This is my type of love song, so yeah, no
one would be surprised to hear that I am single. From one love song to another. We’re going back to the classic Riddle Box
album again, landing on a number four spot with Cemetery Girl. This tale is on the sweeter side as it is
simply about a guy that is still in love with a girl who has died. He is drawn to her dead corpse and these feelings
gets the best of him, making him dig her body up to make love to it. ICP has done several tracks with necrophilia
in it, but this has to be the very best one. It’s the closest you will ever get to a romantic
song by ICP that does not include violence, unless you consider digging up a corpse and
making love to it as violence of course, as I guess that’s rape considering the corpse
can’t give consent(?). Cemetery Girl would fit right in on any best
of cd of either ICP or Horrorcore and I actually wake up to the instrumental of the song each
day as it is the song used on my alarm clock. Let’s stick with the Riddle Box a little bit
more. Sometimes you have the wonder what the hell
was going on mentally with Violent J in the early 1990’s. Dead Body Man tells the story of a demented
guy who has a fascination with dead human bodies, going to the lengths of shocking the
local community by actually stealing them from a morgue. As is usual with ICP songs, there is an explanation
regarding how this guy became the way he is, and it is the usual insane loner stereotype
of having a shitty childhood and never being loved, just to the extreme. This guy was apparantly so ugly that the doctor
threw him against the wall upon birth. There’s also a bit of necrophilia added to
the mix… of course. And the entire thing ends with Violent J holding
up the mirror to the viewer and comparing his deranged needs to the ones that keep dead
animal parts as trofees in their house. PETA would be so proud. The production is classic Mike E. Clark and
Violent J has a nearly innocent type of storytelling going on, switching his voice up a bit to
give this performance the eerie feel that it needs to fully succeed. This track was actually the first one to make
a mark in the local Detroit market, even becoming a minor radio hit in the early days of the
group and it is a fan favorite of juggalos worldwide. In 1996, ICP released an EP filled with mostly
deranged love songs. The best out of the bunch is Prom Queen, which
nearly made the number one spot on this list. Prom Queen tells the story of another young
socially awkward student who are an outcast and a loner. He has built up the courage to ask a popular
girl named Christine out to be his date on prom night. The girl not only rejects him, but laughs
at him and makes fun of him in front of her girlfriends. This is the final straw for the guy who has
had a shitty childhood with poor parenting and it makes him break. This was the final situation where he would
get humiliated and it is time for payback. He kills her and carries her body back to
his house. He has decorated his cellar to be a replacement
for the prom night party going on at the school and he dances the night away with his dead
date. There is a lot of songs on this list that
deals with the same issues that Prom Queen does, but god damn this song is done so amazingly
that it puts it nearly on the top of this list. Violent J performance on this track is perfect. The song is basically a thought that probably
have breezed through the minds of plenty of young outcasts worldwide, thankfully most
are able to keep these demons in check. But there are always those who cannot, and
Prom Queen is a song about one of those examples. And on top of the list we have another of
ICP’s dark romance stories that goes wrong with Under the Moon. Violent J raps the three verses of the song
from the perspective of a young man who saves his girl from getting raped, but ends up in
prison for shooting the guy who attempted to harm her. He feels no regrets about it initially as
his love for her is worth doing the prison time, but over the verses he starts to realize
that her love for him does not last as she doesn’t write him letters back and never comes
to visit him. The lack of response from her drives him mad,
making the listener question if he perhaps was insane all along. I absolutely love this song and it might be
in my top 3 of all ICP songs. Not only is the subject matter both sad and
disturbing, but the way Violent J delivers his rhymes and the mood of the song and chorus,
makes it easy to visualize the story in your head. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion
that the character of the story was demented from the start and that the girl he thinks
loves him is actually in a relationship with another guy, who J justifies murdering because
he believes he is trying to rape the girl. It might just be my imagination, but it wouldn’t
be the first or last time that the idea of a mentally disturbed outcast breaking down
would be the topic of an ICP song. Under the Moon is brilliant from start to
finish and is well deserving of being in the race for the top of any type of list regarding
the songs of Insane Clown Posse. So there we have it, a list of ten great ICP
songs that deal with controversial and disturbing subjects. Hopefully this list will have some interest
to people that still aren’t all that familiar with the group and for the juggalos watching
this, much clown love ninjas. I usually do movie related content, so if
you also are into horror and b-films then check out my other stuff. And do any of you out there want more music
content from the horrorcore genre? Let me know in the comment section below and
thank you for watching.

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