Top 10 Most Dangerous Rail Tracks Around The World – (हिंदी)

Welcome friends to our channel Top 10 Hindi(Subscribe) Today we will discuss about some dangerous exciting rail routes across the world and will look into why these railways are different from the others To travel in a railway it is always enjoyable and exiciting Most people travel in cars but choose railway because of this When you are travelling long distances by looking around nature and other places your mind is always filled with joy and happiness. Most people also have this believe that rail journey is also one of the safest But there are some places where train needs to pass through dangerous routes Because of this some railways routes are highly enjoyable and some are also fearful Travelling in this kind of places becomes crucial because of many dangerous routes and anything can happen at the same time. To increase the knowledge on this subject we have gathered information on some of the top 10 dangerous rail lines of the world After watching the video you will come to know why these railways are dangerous from normal ones No.10 The railroad line was built in the early 1880s by the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad To lessen the steep mountain path this was built in narrow gauge with wooden seats/compartments and like old train model. Today this railway between New Mexico and Colorado is one of the broad inherited railway line. This dangerous rail root is about 10000 foot passes Cumbers. The start of this train was in 1970 between two cites for a 6 hour journey time. 9 Opened in 1890, the railway has been in continuous use ever since 4

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