Top 10 Most ANNOYING Songs!

Hey today’s video is sponsored by fortnight. Can you believe it? It’s like the biggest game in the universe There’s a 99% chance I just got pwned by an eight-year-old Yeah, here we go. I’m getting the hang of this now if there’s any other people who haven’t played this yet Be sure to click on the link in the description to download And it’s free to play on PC mat PlayStation 4 Xbox one iOS Android So pretty much everything Oh, oh you can build things Can you destruction think you can destruction things. Alright, we’ll all right. We’re gonna get along just fine. I like to wreck things BAM first win would what and don’t forget click on my link in the description to download fortnight for free and Thank you to Epic Games for sponsoring today’s video. Hey, I’m Stevie T And boy, are we scraping the bottom of the pit bull today? Oh, I Have 10 songs for you today that are really gonna test your mental stability here. Let’s get on with it Here’s number 10 on our list – brilliant, my life is peed off. I saw you in the subway No, I’m sure a lot of you are too young to remember when this song came out But let me tell you when this song came out It was played everywhere every single radio station, and I basically wanted to stab myself in the face Yeah I Don’t know My big bro So here is number 9 on our list now Becoming a parent is one of the most magical moments in a person’s life How are you gonna be the best parent you could be how are you going to inspire your child to be everything that they can? Be how are you going to prevent yourself from backing yourself in the freaking face? When your kid wants to listen to the same Disney song 5 million times in the freaking row. I Apologize, I think I’m just getting a little PTSD from when frozen was released and let it go was played every frickin place you went And people blame Judas Priest songs written fluency people to commit Though I will admit Disney songs back in the day were actually good like Hakuna Matata That was a good song Hakuna Matata And a whole new world from Aladdin. That was a great tune. So wait a minute Did those songs drive our parents nuts? Could it be that the songs we grew up loving are equally as annoying. Oh my god My life is a lie That you only need the light when it’s burning low only Miss it. No. Ok. Listen, this song isn’t a terrible song It’s actually a pretty decent song I admit but man that’s singing That you only need the light when it’s burning No, who wouldn’t right minds would sing like that. It sounds like a hobbit That smokes or something. You only need the light when spun along only misalign when it start This is one of those examples where a singers annoying voice Qualifies them for a spot on this list. And the thing is he’s not a bad singer It’s just that his voice makes you want to gouge your ears out with a screwdriver That’s all Only know you love her when you let her go Maleeni no longer Nia let her go Plus the fact that when this song first came out, you couldn’t even go to the grocery store without holiness. The lights went running well, Only miss Eliassen asserts as well Coming over the radio speakers, like pushing turds through a strainer This song sucks Now I’ve seen a lot of mixed opinions on Adele and whether you like her or not You have to admit that she’s an excellent singer She’s got chops, but this song here sucks quite a bit This is another one of those choruses. That’s just like a broken record It’s just the same thing over and over and over and over and over again Now the first time I heard this song was actually in a pet store of all places and right away I was like hmm. You know what this song is pretty Here’s the next song on our list. See if you can guess it Can you guess it based on that crappy riff that’s right fancy by ze game Zilla What makes this song so annoying is that super repetitive since lead that goes throughout the entire frickin song Actually know what this riff sounds like it sounds more like a song in a classic video game And it’s like the vocals don’t even fit with the synthesizer part, but don’t they sound like they’re off-key with each other Now here’s what they should have done to make this song sound better But hey, what do I know the song went huge so And what did they say here? Can you taste this goat? No, I can’t taste this goat but thanks for asking Another song that was highly recommended by you guys for this list and look come on. It’s not a horrible song. I’ve heard much worse I’m aware. It has that stereotypical chord progression and I overuse Drumbeat But I think it’s the fact that it’s so overplayed is why we have to put this on this list bean Burrito, so the writers of this song we’re like our song is annoying everyone How can we make it less annoying? Oh, I have an idea How about we hire the Biebs e we’ve Z to sing on it, that would make it way less annoying No, well, guess what? It didn’t all that did was sprinkle a little bit of Parmesan cheese on this turd sandwich Wow, I can’t wait for despedido 2,382 featuring little Wayne Nick Jonas Marilyn Manson and some lady named Marlene Goochy, goochy games Right now I admit I don’t pay any attention to new music so that’s why I hit up the social needs and asked you guys to recommend to me some annoying songs for this list and one of the most recommended songs was gucci gang and I’d never even heard of it until you guys told me about it. So let’s check it out quick Goochy goochy game put your game. Good game. Good game. Good game I think I’ve heard it all That is probably the most repetitive course I’ve ever heard Good game good game. Good game. Good game. Good game. Good game. How many times has he said Gucci gang and I still have clue, what a Gucci gang is Good again His name is little pump. That’s weird. I just ordered one of those online Ok, I’ll be mature now I’ll be mature now You gotta take it like your mouth was frozen at the dentist you know how when someone’s talking and you’re like That I think I’m gonna do this from now on Gucci Gangu chicken ain’t giving angers you Ganga Ganga Singh gang bang of hoods. Hang in a minute how to nipple ring I rip my hair out my head. I rip my hair out my head. I rip my hair out my head Okay, when it comes to repetition this one has to take the cake That’s the entire chorus why couldn’t they just change it up for the second chorus like maybe do like With my hair front to back I whip my hair front to back, you know You know what that still wouldn’t help. I’d rather listen to someone go color than Directly in my ear for a month straight then listen to ten seconds of this song And look this is the criteria for the most annoying songs ever it has to have the right combination of repetitive and Overplayed and just overall crappiness. Let’s take for example, don’t stop believing by journey That is an amazing song amazing instrumentation Steve Perry’s voice makes me mad moist and It’s just an amazing song and if I hear it one more time I’m gonna kick a koala bear in the nuts. Okay The sun’s just overplayed the death song doesn’t belong on this list just because it’s overplayed this song belongs on this list With its monotonous annoying repetitive nature. It’s a doodoo peepee. Caca These songs are so horrible That they don’t even deserve to be classified as individual songs So I’m just gonna grip them all together like one big pile of cow dung These songs include but are not limited to the Fox Shoot me Gangnam style whooping cutting them stop what’s the worst thing in the world is when an annoying song is also accompanied by an annoying dance that everyone does and also the gummy bear song And baby shark, which I have yet to listen to don’t make me Seriously, don’t make me watch that and of course the original Friday by Rebecca God remember when that one took over the Internet and that poor girl became the laughingstock of the world essentially Why is it that everything on YouTube is annoying Alright so we made it to number one. We still have our sanity intact ish. So here’s number one on our list Infant infant and baby Elephant and okay, I’m done Now this is probably the number one song recommended to me from you guys because this is one of the original viral music videos And this is not the first time I’m making fun of this song You know I’d honestly rather stick my head in between a horse’s tail and butt cheeks as it flatulates Uncontrollably because it would just sound better and it would be less repetitive So yeah embryo fetus baby. Mmm Well friends, we made it to the end and we still have our sanity Okay. I lost my sanity a little bit But I’m just gonna go listen to some metal now and we’ll be good to go now I realize there are a lot more annoying songs out there So be sure to comment them below and be part of the conversation This was a lot of fun and thanks for watching as well I really appreciate it and just another reminder to click on my link in the description to download Fortnite battle royale So be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell Gooch again, and I’ll see you in the next video You

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