Top 10 Gumball Songs

Hello everyone! Let’t take a break from my Final’s week to
bring you something special! I see those Top 10 Songs from Cartoons but
only a few actually explain why they like this song. So this may be the first video to do that
in Top 10 Gumball Songs! Here’s my rules,
I going to be basing the songs on the lesson, how they play in the episode
they’re featured on, and how the music fits on it. That obivious means that the
song has to be on an episode first so Gumball Style and Rise of the Bacteria
doesn’t count despite the latter appearing in The World. I will not count songs
that are less than 30 seconds long. Since Season 6 hasn’t finished
yet, I will only count the songs from Season 1-5 instead so Life Ain’t Perfect
from The Faith won’t be in the list however it would have been on there now. I will be risking my channel because I will
play the song unedited however the visuals will be. So let’s start this list! When I watched The Singing, it ended up being
a honorable mention because I just think that most of the songs doesn’t have
any purpose other than the scene that it was featured in. The song that I pick from the seven songs
in this episode is actually have a purpose. The Hurt I Feel is a song sung by Pluto, a
dwarf planet that has lost its planet status. This song is a parody of Adele’s Hello. Look at this effects, Pluto is getting striked
by meteors during that scene. The only probelm that I had is that the song
ended abruptly with the Earth saying that its annoying Uranus. But do they have to put that inapproatiple
joke after the song?! Tell I have to give points for Earth saying
Uranus right. Overall,
its a song that you may have to relisten that times. This next one is one of the obivious songs
because this song is one of the top songs of the whole song. One of them is this song. Be Your Own You is a song
sung by The Watterson in an attempt to get rid of Chi-Chi’s family. The lyrics
was clever on not copying other people’s material and the visuals is just
amazing. There’s one part of the song which have me
to repeat that scene. Every time that I repeat that part, I look
like I really don’t like Chi-Chi’s family and the fact that I makes me laugh. Despite the amazing song, Chi-Chi’s
family ended up copying The Watterson’s song which made Gumball mad. Why this
song is so low on my list? Well since I gave this song a semi-honorable
mention on the Top 10 Gumball Season 5 Episodes, this
song actually has no purpose other than giving Chi-Chi’s family the chance
to copy their song. I thought that any of Gumball’s rap songs
would be on the list but it turns out that his ability to do that came from his
mother which brings this song. Employee of the Month is a song sung by Nicole,
Gumball’s mother, about getting you guess it, the employee of the month for
the first time which is ironic considering the episode right before it saying
that Nicole never get it. Wow,
that’s a long sentence. Look that Nicole’s reaction throughout the
whole song, she look like that she deserve that reward. While this song is one of the
driving parts to the main plot, it was never address again after that episode. This maybe the best rap song yet or is there
another one? This next one is actually from an episode
that I hate however the song kinda
redeems it somehow. My Lonely Backside And
I is a song sung by Gumball about him having Tobias to slap his butt. To me, this is an oddly satisfying song
because the way Gumball sing it and the tone of this song want me to forgive
the episode. However after you heard the song, you will
most likely be like Darwin which he shows up after the song. While the song was good, it still has
the stupid plot where Gumball wants Tobias to slap his butt. Well that’s an
attempt to made me forgive the episode. Nearly every skit episode has a song that
plays that the beginning and reprises that the end. Out of those songs, this song has to best. What is Love? is a song
sung by everyone that happens to be in the library at that time, about them
telling what is love? While there isn’t a clear meaning to the word,
everyone explains their own way of love which is why
this episode exists. The reprise
starts during the end of the episode which has Bobert knowing his own meaning
of love and ended up falling in love with an old vacuum cleaner. This scene cracks
me up everytime I play the song. Overall, this is the best openning song to
start a skit episode ever. Strangely, the next song is from Season 1. Before you rant about me putting on
a Season 1 song on my list, do you really hate Season 1 with the dated designs
and different character personalities? I know there are still some continuties
from that season that are still true today! This song may be one of those. Wait I didn’t asked for I’m Free, I want the
other song! I Wanna Be Free is a
song sung by Mr. Robionson about him being free from anything that annoys him. That sudden twist that the beginning changes
the tone of the song in a silly way. The visuals of the song is amazing even through
that’s mainly Darwin’s and Anais’s trying to pretend that Mr. Robionson
is going to “die”. The way Mr.
Robionson holds the notes ended up breaking the windows of the school as well as
his car’s too and causing one of the stage light to slowly fall into Mr.
Robionson’s head. This gave Gumball the chance to save him. While Mr. Robionson
didn’t like how Gumball saved him, his performance has gotten everyone’s
attention and like it. I feel that way too and I believe that this
is the first song that isn’t the intro or the end credits. This song seems to age well because
it actually brought this up as one of Mr. Robionson’s plans to rid off Gumball
and Darwin. You mad because I put in a Season 1 song on
my list? Well, let’s go back to the
later seasons with this song. Never Gonna Let You Go is a song sung by Gumball
and Darwin as a goodbye present to Mr. Robionson. This song will most likely
make you forget anything that you were thinking with the calm melody. The visuals
look like you’re having a good dream. However when the buyers arrive, Mr.
Robionson uses a leaf blower to blow Gumball and Darwin up in the air letting
them to finish their song. For some reason, the title of the song sounds
like that one Rick Astley song. Yeah, you knew this was coming. Anyways, its a song
you want to listen to if you want to refresh your mind. This is the only song on this list that has
appeared in two episodes. This one is
one of the obivious songs also because its popular around the fanbase. Without
You is a song sung by Darwin about his feelings around Carrie which is later
reveal that she’s invisible in that photo. The visuals shows a radio flooding
Darwin’s room in sadness during the whole song. The song ended abruptly when
Gumball come in to their room which is still flood until Darwin said nothing. This is song is so good that even Gumball
sung it in The Pact but rather cringewotherly. Overall, its an amazing song with a good purpose. Let’s get to the chase, this next song is
also one of the obivious songs as well. Nobody’s A Nobody is a song sung by basically
everyone who bother to sing the song. This song is a nutshell on what the show’s
characters is all about. We
seen animals, inanimate objects, foods, and everyone else in this show. I know
that some of the scenes are reused from previous episodes but since this song
is a music video it doesn’t matter. The lesson to this song is that no matter
who you are, you are never the same like someone else even if you’re the same
species as someone else. This song would have been my number 1 song
if it wasn’t for the next song. But first, I want to play these honorable
mentions. Make the Most of It is a song sung by Gumball
and Darwin about them trying to still be kids despite their voices cracking. The visuals perfectly lines up the
lyrics very well. And I can’t talk about this song without talking
about the guest animator during it. This animator did an amazing job on keeping
up with the lyrics. However this breaks when Gumball and Darwin’s
voice cracks. When they
try to sing again, their voice still cracks and results with the ending being
funny. Why is this song better than Nobody’s A Nobody’s? It because of one
reason and one reason alone; My voice starts cracking recently and this song
now remembers that you can still do the things that you want even if your no
longer a kid. That perfectly explains the reason why this
song is my number 1 song. That was my Top 10 Gumball Songs for now. However, I will make a part two once
Season 6 ends so that one song that I mention that the beginning will most
likely be on that list. So what’s your favorite song from Gumball? Tell me in
the comments! This was Mixed Star Master and I hope you
have a good day, bye!

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