Top 10 Cursed Messages Hidden In Songs

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top 10 Im your host Che Durena. What if I told you that some of the songs you love werent
exactly what they seem to be. Like what if I told you that every Taylor Swift song is
actually about how much she likes Charles Manson and the perfect way to bully toddlers.
Well I dont know if that is true but Im going to throw that out there just to start a rumor.
But I do have some that are rooted in reality with todays list of top 10 cursed messages
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you guys. And without taking any longer lets get into this list. 10 Every breath you take, The Police Ok so lets start of with an easy one, this
might have slipped under the radar for some of you but a lot of us have picked up on the
hidden meaning in this song. The lead singer Sting bellows out the lyrics, every move you
make, every breath you take Ill be watching you. On the surface this comes off as a nice
love song about a guy who has maybe too much admiration for his new girlfriend. I understand
new love but you can definitely take it to far. Like those couples that make out in public
all the time, staaaaap, we get it, you found someone to spend the rest of your life with.
Dont remind all of us that were going to die alone. Well the actual meaning of this song
is much creepier, Sting wrote this song about his obsession with his ex wife. The wife which
he left for her best friend, omg this is hot tea. Apparently he couldnt get over her and
might have actually been stalking her a little bit. Also he had to deal with all the drama
of banging your wifes friend. 9 Where are you now, Justin Beiber Lets move over to the biggest pop star in
the world. Is he still the biggest? Or is it ariana grande now? Have you ever been able
to pinpoint the moment you feel old. Well this one isnt so much the song but the music
video, and these things kinda go hand in hand. Im gonna be throwing a few music videos on
this list because I think it fits. In this music video we have justin beiber dancing
around singing like a prodigy and theres a bunch of vivid imagery that get flash on the
screen. Most of it is just jumbled garbage but there are some more suspicions pictures.
A lot of it has to do with the illuminati. We see shots of bieber with the famous eyeball
in the pyramid and he seems to even do the triangle symbol with his hands. At certain
points theres satanic crosses on his forehead and other images of devil worship. These things
flash on screen so fast theyre super hard to see but if you want to dive deep into it
theres a ton of slow motion videos on the internet. 8 99 LuftBallons Yeah the German pop song that you hear at
every wedding. Its hard to accept that this song is actually pretty dark because its sounds
like something every kid in the 80s had their first kiss too. But he song is actually about
a nuclear holocaust. The song goes the panic bells its red alert there something here from
somewhere west. The warmachine springs to life. Basically it about a ton of read balloons
being mistaken for an attack causing Germans to fire nukes and then everyone to respond
with their own nukes. I mean I think it would make me feel bad if this song wasnt so damn
catchy. At least if we get the horrific message that there is an on coming nuclear strike,
I know what song im going to put on. 7 Imagine John Legend This one is going to blow your mind a little.
We all know the song Imagine by john legend. Its supposed to represent peace and people
all living together, happy. Well more like living under the hammer and sicle baby, motha
russia is coming for you. Putin is in your emails. Yea the song Imagine has a bunch of
lyrics that line up with the communist manifesto. No way you might say, lennon was a socialits
but a communist. Well in the song he talks about living in a world with no countries,
no religion or possessions. Thats communism 101 baby, Chinas controlling your internet
baby. So maybe this is us interpreting it the wrong way or maybe Lennon had a secert
communist agenda and wanted to convert america into the comards with the east. 6 Black Star, David Bowie Rest in peace to one of the greatest musical
icons who ever lived, he made being androgist cool and probably kept the world eyeliner
business a float for years. Some of his tracks are my favourite of all time and its hard
to find a single person who hasnt heard one of his songs. Now his final album black star
was released just 2 days before the pop star moved on to the big stage in the sky and there
were some songs on their that might have for told his passing. For those of you who dont
know David bowie battling with cancer throughout the production of his final album so he would
have been well aware of his impending death. In the title song Black star he says the Lyrics
His spirit rose a meter and stepped aside. Seems to me that he was telling everyone that
his time had come. So if your grandparents ever start playing any songs from that album
you might want to start spending more time with them. Also another fun fact about David
Bowie, he died at age 69…Nice 5 Firework – Katy Perry The song firework is about how everyone is
special and you should feel good no matter who you are, yeah just like that song beautiful
by christian aguilera and like a million other pop songs. In reality no ones especially your
all going to die and be forgotten so go back to work in your cubicle and make an emotional
post on facebook. Jesus why did that get so dark. But there is a hidden message in the
song Firework. Katy Perry told Billboard magazine that the song isnt just about self love but
also what Katy wants done with her remains. She said after she dies she want to be cremated,
ok pretty normal. And then she wants her ashes spread over the ocean, once again not that
strange. But she doesnt just want someone to toss her ashes, no no no, shes a famous
popstar. She wants her ashes to be shot out of a firework over the ocean, In a giant explosion
bright lights and human remains. That is the most extra shit ive ever heard of, thats like
a viking funeral meets press on nails. 4 Evil Eye, Ash This song seems to be about a guys who has
a very strange relationship with women. Evil eye came out in 2004 and its about some dude
who cant stop thinking about a girl because shes using some sort of witchcraft to work
her way into his mind. A song about dudes obsessed with women weve already covered that
in this list, but wait theres more and its pretty juicey. Evil eye decided to include
a little thing called backmasking, now what on earth is backmasking. This is when you
put a hidden message in a song that can only be heard when you play the song in reverse.
This was a common thing back in the 70s and 80s when people were worried about the devil
using music to corrupt youth. And the message left in this song was Shes giving me the evil
eye suck satans C O C K, were not supposed to swear here so Im going to hope you guys
at home can spell if not just google it. Im just kidding dont google it. 3 Electirclight Orchestra Yeah these guys apparently have some cursed
songs, you know that group of hippies who have songs that are all about love and happiness.
They secertly want you to worship satan and give your life to the dark lord. Well thats
what a bunch of christains thought back when there 1974 album el dorado came out. This
is when the backmasking craze was at an all time high. A group of religious fanatics said
they found the lyrics He is the nasty one Christ the infernal, in one of the tracks.
Maybe this is true and the pretending to be peace loving hippies was the perfect cover.
Well Electiclight orchestra thought it was ridiculous so just to mock all the people
accusing them of devil worship they filled there next album with friendly backmasking
messages like thank you for listening. 2 Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the people This one is kind of out in the open, you dont
need to play the song in reverse or translate it into another language, you just have to
listen to the words that they are saying in the song. And honestly for me that is pretty
rare. But if you were to read a transcript of this song you would quickly realise that
even thought this song is so fun to listen to and incredibly catchy its actually about
school gun violence. Theres lyrics like Roberts got a quick hand, and Better run better run
outrun my bullets. The song is supposed to be from the viewpoint of a kid whos suffers
from a mental disorder and is having thoughts about killing people in his school. If we
go even deeper into this youll find out that the bassist in the band was in the columbine
shootings. 1 Helter Skelter One of the lesser Beatles songs that youve
probably never heard unless your a fan of the band or you know what Im about to tell
you. Some of the most famous murders in american history, the Tate Labianca murders, were orchestrated
by infamous cult leader Charles manson. And he claimed that he got his posse of butchers
to commit these crimes from a message that he heard in the song Helter Skelter. Charles
Mason believe that there was an oncoming race war between white and black people in america
and that the Beatles knew about it, confessing it in the song Helter Skelter. Manson thought
if these high profile crimes were committed that they would be blamed on young black men
speaking the start of this war. This would bring the destruction on american society
and after this destruction, Manson and his followers would move in as the new leaders
of the USA. Ways this message actually embedded in the song helter skelter, well probably
not but the song has been forever linked to Old Charlie.

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