Top 10 Catchiest Undertale Songs

Hey guys! Welcome back to Top 10 Gaming, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. Undertale was a huge success when it first
came out in September 2015. Tony Fox both developed the game, and composed
the music, and he did an excellent job. So let’s talk about some of my favourite
songs from the game. This video will just look at official songs,
but if you guys want a part two, maybe we can go into Fan-made songs. Also, if you’ve seen my other song videos,
you’ll know to prepare yourselves for my amazing dance moves. Aaaaaaand we lost half the viewers. But that’s okay, all I need is you, the
person listening right now. You complete me. If you enjoy this video, let us know by throwing
us a thumbs up down below. And if you want more, check out our video
on the Catchiest Sonic Songs! But before you do that, get ready, it’s
time for the Top 10 Catchiest Undertale Songs! Number 10: Metal Crusher. Metal Crusher is the song that plays in the
Mattaton fight, while he’s in box form. It’s one of the few songs that’s 100% chiptune,
the super video-gamey style. It sounds really weird, and kinda deranged,
because it feels like half the notes just straight up don’t belong in the song. Kind of like if you had one person playing
a song, and their two year old smacking the keys from time to time. But it’s still pretty great. Robot, 7 beats, 1 beat pause, super-fast chopping Number 9: Dummy! With an exclamation mark! There are a lot of songs on this list that
are definitely better, but Dummy is certainly one of the catchiest around. It’s the song that plays in the fight with
Mad Dummy, and it’s just so bomb. Plus, it’s super fitting for the specific
encounter. It’s really repetitive, just like Mad Dummy
often repeats his words, which brings you into the game, and gives you a better feel
for the baddie. Carlton. Number 8: Your Best Nightmare. At the end of the Normal Pacifist or Neutral
Route, you’ll play against Photoshop Flowey. It’s a fittingly nightmarish level, and the
music fits it perfectly. It has a number of parts, incorporating a
distorted version of Flowey’s laugh, as well as variations of Your Best Friend, another
song from the game. Now, is this the greatest song ever? Will I be boppin along to it on the bus? No. I value my sanity, thanks. But in terms of how it fits into the game,
it’s pretty great. And I gotta admit, it IS kinda catchy, in
a fear and loathing in Las Vegas kinda way. Number 7: Spider Dance. Spider Dance is the song that plays during
the battle with Muffet, and it’s just awesome. I was listening to it while scripting and
it was soooo hard not to dance along in my chair. Even in the game, Muffet often dances along
to it with her spiders. This is, in my opinion, the best-named of
all the songs. It’s so quick and jittery that it immediately
makes me think of a spider. Like, you know when Ron uses Ridikkulous on
the Boggart and the spider gets roller skates and it slips around? That’s what this song is. And it’s great. Spider Fingers, fast legs Number 6: Dogsong. Okay, not gonna lie, this song is just awful. Just… awful. It’s played in the miniboss fight against
Greater Dog, and also against the Annoying Dog, and it’s not a good song. It’s ugly, it’s haphazard, it sounds like
the person is still learning how to actually play the song… Not to mention that the music is literally
made in Mario Paint Composer, and sounds like the “Instrument” is just someone stepping
on dogs. But the thing is… it’s kinda catchy! Anytime I hear it, it’s almost guaranteed
to be stuck in my head for at least an hour. And now it will be stuck in yours. Ha. Uncoordinated jerking around Number 5: Spear of Justice. Spear of Justice is the song played during
the fight with Undyne, in the True Pacifist and Neutral routes. It sounds like kind of a combination of medieval
music and Latin music, although a lot of people find it sounds a lot like a song from Yu-Gi-Oh
called “Passionate Duelists”. I really like it though; it’s so damn fitting
for this game. It starts slow and peaceful, then suddenly
goes crazy. Kinda like a certain game with a surprisingly
violent flower… But here’s my favourite part of the song: Number 4: Bonetrousle. Bonetrousle is the song that plays after Papyrus
uses his blue attack in the game. It’s an extended version of Nyeh Heh Heh,
but with drums and violin added. And yes, Nyeh Heh Heh is a song title. Interestingly, this song was originally made
for a different RPG, but it ended up getting scrapped so they threw it into Undertale. And I’m glad they did, because it’s pretty
rad. Also, if you’re wondering what Bonetrousle
actually means… it’s nothing. It’s a word Papyrus made up, because he’s
made of bones. But it probably means annoyed. Anyway, here’s the song! Head and arms bobbing like marching Number 3: His Theme. (fanning eyes) Hoooo okay I can do this I
can do this. This song is just so good. And so sad. It plays in the final fight with Asriel Dreemurr,
and starts right when he has this flashback about meeting the First Human, who would become
Asriel’s best friend. Ya know, before he, SPOILERS… died and turned
into a soulless, psychopathic flower. It’s an orchestrated version of memory, and
my goodness, does it ever make you feel. Flowing arms Number 2: Megalovania (quite good). Megalovania is such an awesome song, it was
really hard decided whether it would be number 1 or 2. But I decided to go with 2, since number 1
is just a liiiittle bit catchier in my opinion. Plus Megalovania is so damn well known it
can take a break from number one for once. Anyway, Megalovania was originally composed
by Toby Fox’s when he was making an Earthbound Hack for a contest. It was supposed to be the song for the final
boss. But it was sped up a bit, put in a higher
pitch, and bam, it became the song for the final battle against Sans, in the Genocide
Route. And holy cow is it ever catchy. (Sands minus d)
Fast punching, changing directions. Number 1: Hopes and Dreams. Yep, this one had to be number 1, partly from
personal preference, and partly because so many people love it. It’s just… it’s just lovely. Starts off all peaceful, then it gets intense,
but always keeps that super musical vibe. It plays during the first phase of the final
fight against Asriel Dreemurr, in the True Pacifist Route. For the most part, it’s like a fast-paced
remix of Once Upon a Time, the very first song in the soundtrack, with a bit of Your
Best Friend sprinkled in. I really dig it, and I love how everything
is kicked up a notch right when the battle starts. I’ll show you. With DANCE! That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did please smack
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