Top 10 Catchiest Sonic Songs

Top 10 Sonic Songs
Hey guys! Welcome back to Top 10 Gaming, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. Make sure to like and subscribe to the channel
down below if you enjoy this video! If you know Sonic, you’ll know that his
music is friggin awesome. You may have heard me gush over it in our
Top 10 Reasons Sonic is better than Mario video, linked down below. But some songs stand out to me as even cooler
than others, so I thought I’d tell you guys about some of my faves. Now get ready to rock, it’s time for the
Top 10 Sonic Songs! Number 10: Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure
Battle 2. I’m gonna level with you guys right off
the bat. I’m a bit biased when it comes to music
like this. This type of early 2000s music just brings
me riiiiiiight back to my childhood, and it feels so good. Really fitting for Sonic, too, but mostly
I’m just being selfish here. Number 9: Open your Heart from Sonic Adventure. This, like most Sonic songs, was made by the
band Crush 40. Now I should note that I’m not a fan of
the vocals for this song, which is why it’s so low, but I dig the guitar. And the nostalgia trip. Number 8: The boss music from Sonic the Hedgehog
2. This list is bound to be dominated by newer
songs just because they’re more recent and had bigger budgets, but this one from 1992
just makes me want to march right off to battle. So cool what they can do with such limited
sounds. Number 7: Sonic CD. The Sonic CD was a pretty great game for the
time, and its theme song definitely held its own. This isn’t as awesome as the guitar-heavy
songs from later years, but you can’t deny that it’s catchy as hell. Number 6: Supporting Me from Sonic Adventure
Battle 2. This song is super trippy. There really isn’t a better word for it. But I really like it, it finds a happy medium;
it isn’t too distracting, but it can totally be enjoyed on its own. Perfect for a game. Number 5: The theme to the first Sonic Show. Early 2000s rock gets me pretty nostalgic,
but you know what really gets me going? Themes from kids shows. And the Sonic show is no exception, with their
own rendition of In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg. Bet ya didn’t expect a classical music lesson
huh? Number 4: Hydrocity Act 2 from Sonic 3. Sonic 3 had some pretty awesome songs, largely
due to the near-fact that Michael Jackson worked on them. For more info on that, check out our Top 10
Facts About Sonic List. Hydrocity Act 2 is a super fast-paced and
imaginative track, and I don’t know about you, but I can totally hear MJ’s influence. Number 3: All Hail Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog. This song is from the infamous 2006 Sonic
game, and while the game failed to meet expectations, there was some pretty great music. Enjoy. Number 2: His World from Sonic 2006. This is another awesome song from a terrible
game. Some songs on this list are here because they’re
cool, and some are here because they’re catchy as hell. This one is both, I really like it. Good job Zebrahead. Number 1: Scientifically Accurate: Sonic the
Hedgehog. This is just… this is perfection. It’s basically a song about Sonic if he
did things that normal Hedgehogs do. And like… it’s weird. Really weird. And awesome. That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did please smack
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with Top 10 Gaming. Later gamers!

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