Top 10 Best Donkey Kong Country Songs (feat. AntDude)

Quick, what’s your favorite part about Donkey
Kong Country? Yup, we’re all there with you. It’s this creepy slug thing isn’t it? Oh, no? That wasn’t it? Is it when Squawks takes damage and looks
like he’s getting a surprise colonoscopy? That’s my favorite part. Still no? Okay fine, I guess the music is pretty good
too. In fact, now that I think about it, the sweet
jams of the DKC franchise are part of what sticks out most to me from childhood. Of course the creative and memorable worlds
are what drew me in, but they would be nothing without the melodic tunes that bring the whole
experience together. I wanted to count down the 10 best songs of
the Donkey Kong games today, but it wasn’t easy. There are so many incredible tracks that it
easily could’ve been a top 20 or even a top 50. So I needed some help to narrow down the choices. Everybody say hi to AntDude, how’s it going
man? I mean, I’m happy to be here, but I really didn’t need that Squawks image you put in my head. Yeah sorry about that. It totally does look like that though right? Like if you took a zinger needle and shoved
it up… The first Donkey Kong Country game, in particular,
did a great job creating environments based in nature and the island setting. Which made it really cool when you got to
explore the dark inner caves of the island. Life in the Mines has such unique instrumentation,
with a bunch of sound effects playing as if they were from far away, creating the idea
that you never know what these mysterious caves have in store for the big furry heroes. Or maybe I’m just looking too deep into
it, I don’t really know. The song doesn’t play too often in the game,
sadly, but in the first level that does, we’re introduced to Winky the Frog, who would go
on to be the least used animal buddy in the trilogy. Oh Winky, we hardly knew yee. This one’s a bit of a personal fav, but
I love these theme park levels! First off, it’s really hilarious to me that
somehow in the middle of this treacherous island there’s a carnival for all the little
kid kremlings to enjoy, but it’s the perfect scenario for a variation of the mine cart
stage. Instead it’s like you’re on a roller coaster
ride, and the music goes up and just down just you ascend and descend the hills. Maybe it’s because it’s just so different
from the rest of the game, or because I have always enjoyed amusement parks, but I always
look forward to these levels as a nice break from the bee stages surrounding it. I always find myself shaking my hips along
to the dance beat while I hear screams and other park ride sound effects in the background. It just ties the atmosphere of these levels
together – sometimes a Kong’s gotta have some fun too! Donkey Kong Country 3 typically gets a bad
rap for having the weakest soundtrack of the three games, and while I’d agree with that
claim, some songs definitely stand out. The entire soundtrack has this aura of intensity
to it; things seem a lot more mysterious and dangerous than the two adventures before it. When it comes to Rockface Rumble, it manages
to really amplify the effect of scaling these large cliffsides. Especially when one of the levels has you
climbing a burning rope and potentially dying a lot because holy crap, Kong-Fused Cliffs
is super duper hard. The track is practically all percussion, but
then out of nowhere there’s this horn solo that’s both out of place but fits very well
all at the same time. It’s such an odd blend that kinda fits DKC
3 perfectly. I’ve always had a blast with these treehouse
stages because it made it seem like this is where the Gnawty’s lived, like they’re
an elaborate Ewok colony or something. And the music fits perfectly! I can almost picture the little beavers themselves
playing the steel drums, holding some ritual in the back, sacrificing to their beaver God. It sounds like hijinks and mayhem which is
what I associate with these little critters, and yet it’s like they’re intelligent
enough to create this complicated village up here so maybe there’s something they
aren’t telling us. Hmm…I need to dive deeper into the Donkey
Kong lore, there might be something here… Donkey Kong Country 2 has such a bizarre sense
of progression. One minute you’re exploring a giant ship,
then you immediately dive into an active volcano that you can only get through by jumping on
the seemingly never ending lineup of crocodiles, some of which actually shoot you skyward which
is very impressive nose strength. I may just not have a better way of explaining
it, but Hot Heat Bop almost sounds like it fits perfectly inside a volcano! The track is mainly a really strong blend
of drums and strings, of which just sounds fantastic, but there’s also this never ending
sequence of bubbling sound effects, which is simply genius editing on an audio level. This is a track I can’t help but sing to
myself as I try to avoid my molten lava demise. This song and Hot Head Bop are very close
to me as far as ranking goes, but there’s one thing that sets Mining Melancholy apart
for me and it’s this beat: Of course there’s all the clanging and clashing
sounds echoing throughout the mine shaft, but this melody is the difference from just
being ambient noise, and a really memorable track. Not only does it fit the mood of the level,
but this is something you can really bob your head along with at the same time. I feel like the Kremlings are banging trash
can lids as I’m journeying up this cave, and I love every minute of it. Well you all saw this one coming somewhere
in the top 5. Especially since this is one of, if not the
favorite track by David Wise, the DKC composer himself. It’s no big shocker to say that most platformers
don’t do well when it comes to water levels, but Donkey Kong Country is a shining star
of an example. Unlike most of the songs in the game, Aquatic
Ambience is slow, it’s soft, soothing sounds permeate through the entire track, building
up to a beautiful medley that, AGH, it’s amazing. All these pesky fish don’t stand a chance
once I’m in this meditative state, watch out! I’m just gonna go lie down and listen to
this song for a while, snoman, you’re up. Oooh man, now we’re getting to the REALLY
good stuff! Let’s forget for a second that a lot of
the levels this song appears on are really frustrating, and don’t worry about how annoying
Squitter is to maneuver through walls of bees, instead just listen to this masterpiece. A common theme I notice with David Wise’s
compositions is how well the instruments used fit the feel of the stage, and this is a perfect
example. I can just hear the haunting spirits in the
forest playing the pan flute right alongside the wind and rustling leaves around me. Again he uses common sound effects like chirping
bugs or tree branches to create a groovin’ beat behind the main melody, and that’s
how you create a classic and memorable track. Now if only these ghostly ropes would quit
interrupting the song that would be great! IAMDEMONIWILLCONTROLYOU I don’t even care; Donkey Kong Country 1
has the best final boss track on the Super Nintendo. Second to Yoshi’s Island, of course. Everything about Gangplank Galleon is simply
perfect. The battle with King K. Rool takes place on
a pirate ship, so we start off with a bit of a sea shanty, sure. But man, after about 30 seconds, the track
totally changes its pace. An incredibly memorable medley begins to play,
but oh man, the drums here, MMM, the drums! The King K Rool fight is pretty intense and
fast paced, even pulling a fake ending with fake credits, which is like…what! And there’s just this moment when you’re
dealing with K Rool doing these huge jumps and it combines the song with the electric
guitar and drums picking up the pace and there was simply no other way to cap off such a
groundbreaking platformer. Oh sorry, kap off. Gotta stick to the gimmick. Now like I said, there were so many good tracks
that we had to have some honorable mentions before we get to #1, let’s take a listen: Well, I mean, realistically, the entirety
of DKC 2’s soundtrack could have occupied this list; it’s one of the best of all time. As evidenced byyyy… Alright, let’s be honest. You had to have known this was #1 right? It was hard to decide exactly which song should
be at the top of our list, but Stickerbush Symphony (and yes it’s actually stickerBUSH
not BRUSH, a stickerbrush is not a real thing) is more than just my favorite Donkey Kong
track, it’s one of my favorite tracks in all of video games. It’s funny because for such a stressful
stage full of deadly brambles and barrel mazes, this is one of the chillest tunes out there. David Wise said this was originally composed
for underwater levels, but I’m so glad they decided to use it for these instead because
it really feels like you’re floating in the clouds way above the ground. It causes these stages to feel like a break
from the mayhem of the rest of the game, and tells you to relax, nothing can hurt you up
here – I mean except for the SPIKY THORNS OF DEATH, but don’t worry about that. It’s all good, man. Whew! That was a pretty good list if I do say so
myself! But now it’s on to you guys! Let us know your favorite Donkey Kong Country
songs in the comments below… Antdude, wha…are you singing the DK Rap? Yea man, it’s like the hottest track this
side of DK Island. The hottest tra…alright. I was gonna thank you for being in the video
but I don’t think I can do that now. Hey snoman. Yea? Take it to the fridge! What does that even mean!? (Walnuts, peanuts, pineapple smells. Grapes, melons, oranges, and coconut shells,
ah yeah!) Huge thanks to AntDude for helping me out
with this list, check out his videos here. Donkey Kong Month is just getting started
so get hyped for the rest of it! Thanks for watching, don’t forget to subscribe
and stay frosty my friends.

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