Tik Tok Songs You Probably Don’t Know The Name Of🤓 (2019 • all new songs)

you’ve been acting awful tough lately
smoking a lot of cigarettes lately but inside you’re a little hee-hee anakata
Oh did I really just forget that melody when I popped off then you go gave me
just a little bit an odd job baby so called me from the multi from the
cottage like big boys itty-bitty boys Mississippi boys in the city boys I like
the pretty boys with the boots I get your nails dear let it blue drop like a
beer I like a clean face I don’t discriminate come and get a taste from
the play boys to the gay boys go and say boy and you must say boys my feelings I want you give me what I wanna also
honey don’t you know that I won’t stop until I make you mine you know that I
will stop until I make you mine I think I’m losing my mind make me poke along Oh EDD go all the way
you keep me guessing Martinez you you can be the best you can be the King
Kong banging on your chest you could beat the world you could beat the war
doctor God go banging on heads up you beat the cock remover my the originals Hey I walk around like a middle finger
on the trigger if we don’t want some smoke I’ll let the chopper eat it level
I can’t with the dirty hit I’m leaving with a body if it’s on me don’t sloppy realest bitch give a fuck bout a nigga
big Birkin bag hold five six finish try some is why we call it Sufi singer
fucking on this trick you know you can got to hear the beep 400 on the – 55 bills both 30-foot it’s
I like cash in my head – my eyes through the – can you make it go fast fuck the
fame my life one is conveyance if she keeps on mugging i’ma still earn a he
watching my behavior cuz he know I’m bad pussy put a spell on them in a trance I
do it I play than you do it my confidence and bitch niggas always count
the plate always got your plate on what they Chauncey huh huh
packing the man let’s go she like I smell Cologne yeah I just on the day of
the mone yeah yeah I go I want good good play if you want this dog I’m a young
CEO sure yeah yeah yeah hi packing a minute let’s go see that guys just a dream my desk rattles gonna shoot you out my
bottle I’m gonna marijuana plant I can get you fucked up and I’m coming I just wanna watch right you got that drip drip drip drip
yes I still for my wrist wrist wrist wrist paparazzi silently picked a fake
Nikon on my icon like Will Smith bit me that’s a layer Oh Oh hello just it’s on the clock

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