This App Is EVEN WORSE Than Musically…

As it goes, I think this is the most uncomfortable I’ve ever felt So recently we’re receiving a lot of ads about TikTok and to say the least I haven’t exactly been Attracted by those ads and I know what you’re thinking Tik Tok by Ke$ha That’s a banger! The people over at musically have gotten hold of a sacred name and taken a steamy shit all over it Tik Tok is the new musically. What I can tell it seems to be some sort of lip-syncing social media. Two concepts Which should never have been put within a mile of one another. When I see an ad with lip-sync in it I immediately close my laptop, take it to the nearest bin and shove it down there as far as possible, And then I set the bin on fire And I’ve been seeing a lot of these ads I’ve heard a lot of bins in the last month And today I thought we’d take a look at what kind of content you can find on this prestigious application And bully the people that actually partake in it. Kids, to be fair. I’m bullying kids again Girl: You’re with her now? Okay. I guess I’ll just have to show you what you’re missing Haha, missing? Haha “Who wants an attractive woman if they have kids?” Laughed the middle-aged man who low-key wishes he had his own family Oh, fuck that got a bit deep didn’t it. Let’s just watch this reaction again Man: I haven’t had sex since England won the world cup! There we go, that feels better Creepy guy: I wanna rip all your clothes off right here in the middle of this hall and kiss every square-inch of your body, while watching people that drive minivans… That’s all well said and done, but can you NOT do that? Going down on a girl with those teeth is a recipe for disaster You’d be making a real meal of the situation, and I don’t mean that metaphorically Woman: Hey pretty stranger, I think you look cute. Can I get your number? I’m not gonna lie Gran, if you’re looking for love you might want to get off the TikTok app The only people with a chance at finding love in TikTok are 13-year old Tom Holland stans and pedophiles. But how about this gran, you can have my number? It’s just below this video in a little red box Click it. Find love. Find love today *Wii theme music* Oh no, it would appear we have a severe case of gameritis I’ve never seen a case this life-threatening before *Wii music continues* It’s a bloody female! The gameritis has gone terminal! What is it with girls that make them want to tell the whole world, that they play video games? No one cares! I bop out a cheeky game of Skyrim here and there. But you don’t see me recording my below average collection of games and memorabilia Don’t be a nerd, be like me: a cool, dude Yeah, let’s not lie your arm looks like a chicken wing you can’t hate on the grind though My arms look like flumps and by that, I mean they are a snack Oh my god, no! Imallexx! He’s dying! Oh wait no, sorry, that’s not Alex Easy mistake to make, they both have receding hairlines To be honest I’m not sure if he’s dying or if the drugs have just kicked in Either way, I wish I was him Yuck: You’re with her now? Okay. I guess I’ll just have to show you what you’re missing Oh no…I’m so upset I’m missing a man who doesn’t have the ability to close his mouth. Seriously man. This look, this look, it doesn’t suit you. Christ! It doesn’t suit anyone! And this hand gesture? This?! All that says to me is that you smoked weed once, and now you think you’re edgy When in truth, you thought your head was exploding and you called your mum Sorry about that, I got a bit autobiographical there. Song: I found a boy, beautiful and sweet Right, then that’s lovely, isn’t it? I think that was “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran in the background What in God’s name was perfect about that video?! The taste of her fucking bogies? I doubt that! I doubt that very much URGH! I felt that pelvic thrust echo through my very soul And that face? Beautiful He looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp Old man: Cause I’m fucking your girlfriend and there’s nothing you can do about it He’s having sex with my girlfriend? *Depression intensifies* I don’t blame her, I’d bang this man too I don’t know what it is about him His wonderful head of hair? The Gucci headphones? His Armani frames? But I wanna get in his pants I bet they’re Gucci as well! Man: Hey Siri, call my girlfriend Siri: Which one? Those trousers are baggier than Dane DeHaan’s eyelids But with that being said congratulations you have more than one girlfriend We all definitely believe that If that piece of information was actually true, You’ve just told them you’ve spoiled it. But who am I kidding? He doesn’t care about that. He’s got girls queuing up to date him I wouldn’t even mind a slice myself Johnny Johnny Yes Papa? Eating sugar? No Papa Telling lies? No Papa Open wide Ah-Ah-Ah Sorry, I’m getting a bit confused here. Is this woman the female Benjamin Button or something? There are female adult characters in “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa” And she still chose to be the baby I’d hate to break it to you nan But using tik-tok and pretending to be a newborn doesn’t make you any younger It makes you look like a nutter! Girl: Roses are red, violets are blue He is for me, not for you Sisters~ we have been learned~ This mysterious guy that this woman is definitely dating She’s definitely not lying about dating someone He’s not going anywhere. We have been learned I mean what guy would leave a woman with such wonderful collarbone You can see why they’re the entire focus of this video She must have arms like a t-rex! That angle is criminal! Guy: You’re beautiful [Someone else continue] Totally. Well, this is a bit odd. He looks around five times her age this man probably fought in the Vietnam War I’m really in the bronze later. Sorry, I only like blonde. I love kids. Don’t worry about but mainly blonde Kimmy Come on, we’ve all got preferences That’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen what goes through someone’s mind to think cooling preteens beautiful is the right thing to post on a public social media Oh That’s cute isn’t orangie at all kissing the air and then editing it to make it look like you’re kissing someone who hello handsome you’re Looking fine today. Oh god. I’ve just got to stick it on you Let’s be honest kid, you’re not pulling girls wearing bootcut jeans. Are you You’ll write that may of you t never film yourself biting your lip or gritting your teeth it doesn’t make you look cool It doesn’t make you look gangster. It makes you look like you’ve just taken an ounce of Fucked up doll from Toy Story 1 and down down chill. It’s funny that the song mentioned something about dying with his girlfriend because this guy looks like a murderer I could see him carrying out those plan. He just needs to find a girlfriend first Just need to get a haircut for that though your ass. He’s mine I mean, of course if you insist me, I’m on a date for the next 24 hours 24 hours Are you kidding me after 10? You’ll be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway it be no point But again, you are a 10 out of 10 so my body is ready my favorite bit about this video is what he’s waiting for the second line if you go, ah, You can pretend you’re feeding a baby Johnny Johnny. Yes Papa to an grizzly. No Papa telling lies No papa open way, ah those drugs Jimmy put the drugs down pretty sure he’s eating a cigarette and the worst bit is he’s pretending to be Well, this is slightly awkward, isn’t it here with that dude now, all right check this out It’s just a bit of an anticlimax really So what you want some shade this guy’s got barbed wire coming out of his head and he still thinks that was lame Siri find me a boyfriend, okay? No Siri, Siri, I said find me a boyfriend not find me an egg. This guy seems to pop up everywhere though He must be a big name on tick-tock. You can really see why You can see why he’s so popular that was so entertaining Don’t worry about that sickening feeling you’re getting from him prepping his sex wet pee clearly deserves his popularity He’s the human equivalent of a fedora isn’t even wearing one Pink Lamborghini just the race. Which trying up what the race? You can’t even see his face And might I add, that no amount of base can make you… *Base intensi fies* In this video you have a better view of his feet than his actual face One degenerate licking their lips and violating my eyes wasn’t enough we have to win this one This man’s got a Pikachu pencil case despite the fact he’s clearly in his thing Is this one who looks like she’s just been dragged backwards through I insist fellas keep on wetting your lips Console that’s a TV remote. You’re not a videogame lover really are you you’re hardly even I love though This has taught me is that you need a bit of chapstick? The reason you were committing suicide nothing to live for I got nothing and no one Yes, I was suicidal right now I’ve seen an above-average girl and oppression could wait His eyebrows are moving quicker than you say bow that shit ain’t natural for how attractive this woman is I’d probably do a but this This just makes you look like you’re having an epileptic fit As it goes, I think this is the most uncomfortable I’ve ever felt I’m gonna end up on that one because I think we’ve reached our tick-tock people woman bumping up and down biting her lip of excitement whilst being ridden like a Motorbike in summary don’t download this out any app the bases itself on lip syncing just needs to take a moment and stop existing fine I could just about deal we’re musically less. So I think we’re tick-tock. It’s just about time We euthanize this trend, but I hope you have enjoyed this video and that you’re having a nice day My hair has been an absolute mess for up this video So thank you for putting up with it. If you have enjoyed this video, please leave a like down below subscribe You’re new or handle dance already and I will catch you next time

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