The Song of Sway Lake – TRAILER

♪Sway Lake, can you hear?… ♪ ♪A loon crying out in the ghostly moonlight? ♪ – Alright, we’ll start in the east attic, then work our way through
until we find this record. – Your papa never left you a will. – If he did, my
grandmother burned it. This is my house, who are you? I’m sorry, I’m a friend of Oliver. He’s from Russia. – The greatest nation on earth. Why does she not go to the dock? If she weren’t rich,
she’d just be crazy. – I’m Ollie. – I’m Isadora. Sorry about your dad. – How’d you know about my dad? – Everybody knows. – Cool. – Your father cursed this
place when he did what he did. He was an unhappy soul. – Excuse me. – Ollie. – The perfect record. – Dad, I miss you. Why’d you do it? -It’s easier to lose a father than a son. – I gave you a home! I didn’t give you my name! We don’t have to be perfect. – You are a keeper of secrets.

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