THE SIFR – A Music Collaboration from Around the World

Holding a date in my hand, my mouth its destination Realizing the feeling – humility, appreciation The date is such a mercy Created by Allah only for us Like the dew at dawn, my heart unfurls to infinity Your Love lifts me to the greatest of heights and the sun shining from your Eyes is never setting Grant me more rizq (sustenance) And make me be more like Those who believe Even though my efforts aren’t up to par Missed my prayers a couple times When the devil whispers to my heart So I get high off this world But I will still/always return (to Your path) The courteous one is lucky The discourteous is unlucky Holding my hands up high, the sky I’m facing Only Allah on my mind, the only one judging For mercy I’m begging for all that I do Because only Allah gives mercy to you

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