The Selfie Monster Song (Scary Song for Kids) – Rap Opera for Kids

“I have to have it!” screamed Zoe, seeing the latest product. The new “best of the best” in photography
is what she wanted. Enhancing pictures and video with little to no effort – a movie-star maker. “The Selfie Monster” is what they called it. She read on more about the product on her phone. It had to be preordered; it was selling out soon. So quickly, she used up every bit of her summer
savings to pay for the Selfie Monster. Now, it was a matter of waiting. But a day later, she found out the company
made a mistake. They sold out of the product and couldn’t
send it her way. She was refunded but didn’t find her situation fun. She was a diva and had to look better than
everyone. Searching the internet for a second option,
she found another vendor and quickly sent in her payment. The package arrived the next day with a note
that read, “Be careful with this technology. It is known to have some defects. It is experimental and may leave the user
with strange side effects.” “Thanks for the warning, but I know how
to handle tech,” confidently, she thought to her herself. Except,
Zoe couldn’t handle what would happen to her next. Technology is changing us. Is it supposed to? What do you do when your self becomes the
monster? Uncool, ugly, unpopular – nobody wants to
be seen as these things, so here comes the Selfie
Monster. She downloaded the application and attached
the device to the top of the phone where it sat with
an eerie light. The light flashed. She grinned conceitedly and posted. In mere seconds, hundreds of likes and comments. “I’ve got to show this to everyone!”
she said leaving her room. “Zoe, could you please take out the trash
on your way out?” her mother asked. “Do it yourself!” she yelled. She was off with a zoom. In a parking lot, she met up with her best
friends. “Hey, Zo! We saw your new pics. They look so legit!” a friend said. “It’s the Selfie Monster! I got the last one left!” “Lucky you! Do you mind if I borrow it?” a friend asked. “In your dreams!” Zoe replied, taking another picture. “Come on! Please?” her friend requested yet again. Zoe shoved her to the ground with a creepy
grin. Posing for a selfie, “Later losers!” Zoe said to them. “Jerk much!” one of the friends exclaimed
as Zoe went. Zoe spent her evening gloating to everyone
that she met. The only kid around with the tech, she made sure everyone knew it. At home later, she was immediately
met by her mother. “Zoe, I’m happy about your new app,
but let’s talk about your behavior.” Technology is changing us. Is it supposed to? What do you do when your self becomes the
monster? Uncool, ugly, unpopular – nobody wants to be seen as these things, so here comes the Selfie
Monster. A bit bored with the pictures, Zoe was ready to listen. She talked with her mom while getting food
from the kitchen. “There’s nothing wrong with beauty,”
advised her mother. “But you also need to pay attention to your behavior.” Her mother picked up her phone as they continued
to chat. “Beauty is enhanced by character. Remember that”
she said pointing to the selfies, but Zoe screamed. “Zoe!” Confused, her mother shrieked. “I look hideous in this picture! Don’t you see?” said Zoe. Her mother replied, “I think you missed
the point of everything that we…” “Oh, no!” Zoe interrupted, scrolling through the pictures. “Zoe, what’s bothering you? I’m just not seeing it,” stated her mother. Every time Zoe saw her selfie it wore an evil grin. No one else was able to tell that there was
a difference. She ran crying, slamming the door to the bathroom. Confused, her mother thought it best to just
leave her alone. Horrified by the grin, Zoe was a mess. In the bathroom,
she washed her face, trying to refresh. Looking up at the mirror, Zoe simply froze. She didn’t see the face that she expected to. She wanted to scream, but she was too terrified. Her reflection wore the evil grin, but now,
it came alive. The girl in the glass reached out and pulled Zoe in. Then, out stepped the girl that wore the evil grin.

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