The NSA Is Watching You (FT. Gaby Dunn) MUSIC VIDEO

Oh hello! I’m Alexander Lewis, head of the National
Security Agency or NSA if you like! I’m here to show you all the benefits and
safety we provide To normal citizens like you. Take Gaby for instance… What’s on the feed today Gaby? Someone is voicing a less-than-flattering
opinion about the NSA! However after careful listening it seems they
also have a pet ferret Which is illegal in the state of California where he resides! Swell just swell! Go ahead and organize a no-knock raid on that
terrorist’s home! Well done Gaby! So as you can see, you never have to be afraid. Because here at the NSA… we’re always listening. When you think you’re all alone at home or in the car There’s always someone listening to you from very far. We’re tapped into your phones and any internet
device. We feed on personal info it’s oh so very nice! We like to watch you all undress and while
you sleep at night. Even when your laptops closed we still can
see alright! Here at the NSA we break down all the walls So we can watch you jacking off And Google searching balls! Here at the NSA we watch all that you do! We see your nasty habits and… Porn that you accrue! Porn that you accrue! I love to read your secrets oh they make me
shout with glee! Like you who’s cheating on your tax and likes
to watch dogs pee! Delete your history, do it now! We’ll find it with delight! Your incognito window isn’t hidden from our
sight! At lunch we take a poll of the best secret
that is found. Whoever gets the most votes… Gets to wear the NS Crown! Here at the NSA our eyes are open wide! Open wide. We’re just like a confessional with microphones
inside! Look inside! Here at the NSA we do just as we’re told… And if you have nothing to hide why would
you withhold? The NSA wants to protect US society. It’s not our fault it can’t be trusted with
technology! At night we do my favorite thing it’s called
the data dance! We throw your emails in the air, recite our
secret chants! A guardian from darkness… To prevent a mass affliction. To spy on our own brothers must become our
new addiction. This chant became an oath due to a secret
litigation And now your daily lives are subjects Of our masturbation! Here at the NSA we’re always in the know… And if you do not like it you’ve already told us so. Here at the NSA it’s written down in stone. You can feel safe knowing that you’ll… Never Be Alone.

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