The Greatest Showman Wins Best Original Song at the 2018 Golden Globes

-Thank you. Thank you to the HFPA. Thank you to Michael Gracey,
who was our third collaborator on all of these songs,
our amazing director. -Thank you to Fox
and our producers who fought a lot of
uphill battles making this movie and also to the
incredible group of people that brought the music to life,
everyone from Fox Music to Atlantic Records
to the beautiful team of arrangers, orchestraters,
musicians, vocalists. -I want to thank
our entire cast, led by the annoyingly handsome
and charming Hugh Jackman. -Disgusting —
Disgustingly charming. -And most importantly,
we want to thank Keala Settle. -Keala —
[ Clears throat ] Keala performed this song, and her story
inspired this song, and you inspire us every day,
so thank you. -Thank you for audiences
who are coming to see musicals on the big screen again,
and we really appreciate you supporting
“The Greatest Showman.”>>Love you, Ashe, love you,
Emmy, love you, Mom and Dad! Thank you!

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