Songs from the Second Floor: Anna (with English subtitles)

Well now, Anna. From what
we’ve heard you’re feeling fine, not sick or anything. – Yep, very healthy.
– I see. – She’s very healthy.
– She is, is she? And you’re doing well in school. You’re good at reading and writing
from what your mum and dad tell us. I see. – Have you read many books?
– Yes, a few. I see. You see, these ladies and gentlemen
sitting here… …they’ve read all the books.
– That’s right! An awful lot! – Yes, most of them!
– Yes. And when you’ve read that much, well, then you also know
an awful lot. Yes, and we also have
the benefit of experience. Quite right. Long experience, I might add. Yes, indeed. That’s how you know
and how to do it. And, Anna, there’s one more thing
you know if you’ve read that much. You know what can’t be done,
what’s impossible. Exactly! Because you can’t do
just anything. Certainly not. An ant, for example, can’t eat up
an elephant. It’s impossible. Right. And when it’s your birthday, well, not everyone
can come to the party. If they did, then everyone would get
a piece of cake this little. – No bigger than a crumb!
– So small you could hardly see it! – That wouldn’t be such a fun party.
– No, darn it!! I can see you understand that. But there are other things, Anna, that are impossible
and that can’t be done. That you can’t really understand when you’re small
only when you’re big and have read many, many books. And then there’s also experience.
You mustn’t forget that! – No, absolutely not.
– No…

One thought on “Songs from the Second Floor: Anna (with English subtitles)

  • February 4, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    Scum elite will be judged by God and be tormented in the bottomless pit of Hell forever. He will separate the wheat from the chaff. It's in God's hands now.

    Our Father
    Who Art in Heaven
    Hallowed beThy Name
    Thy kingdom come
    Thy Will be done
    On earth as it is in heaven
    Give us this day our daily bread
    And forgive us our trespasses
    As we forgive those who trespass against us
    Lead us not into temptation

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I call upon the Holy Spirit
    To go before us and show us the the way to deliverance
    Take the scales from our eyes
    And bring light to what is done in the dark
    Dear God, help us!


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