Song Two – The Sleeping-Mat Ballad by Judith Weir

I made a friend, he wove this mat this yellow mat I sleep on. I think he would give his life to shelter me, to protect me. His heart is strong, stronger than his head. We all lie down, a gentle breeze, a gentle breeze refreshes our breathing, a siren sound, our eyes lock, more troubling than before when we were many. ‘it’s now or never to be heard.’ Instrumental piano Now it’s daybreak, we never pass a peaceful night, I sometimes can’t believe we’ve kept it going, I tell myself as I compose a post: ‘Day 51 and waiting for some answers.’ I hear an unfamiliar sound and stop: It’s my friend running across the fast lane. ‘They ask why we’re still here: now they will see, now they will see.’ Instrumental piano Walking towards the flashing lights, he stops and turns and looks and smiles. Do you think; if we stay; we will win; don’t pass by; we’re still here; help us win; I am here; this is home; help has come; help has gone; people come; people go.

One thought on “Song Two – The Sleeping-Mat Ballad by Judith Weir

  • December 2, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    'The Sleeping-Mat Ballad' by Judith Weir. Composed as part of, inspired by the ongoing Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong. #UmbrellaRevolution #ProtestSong


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