Song of Parkland (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

911. What is your emergency?
in the middle of rehearsal,
in the middle of a scene.I heard some shots. -(SIREN WAILING)
-It was like being
in a war zone.
BOY 1: (OVER PHONE) At first, everyone was still
trying to figure outhow to process all of this.BOY 2:You always hear,
“The show must go on.”
When we all came back to school,we all knew
what we needed to do. This was something
we had to finish.Especially something like this,
which is for kids.
This is our “Begin Again.” It is the most important show
that you’re doing, probably ever. GIRL 1:We had to finish thisto show our community
that we can move on. We want to bring happiness
to the school again. -What do we want?
-PROTESTERS: Change! -When do we want it?
-PROTESTERS: Now! GIRL 2:Even though these
bad things have happened to us,
beautiful things
can come out of it.♪ Even in the darkest of times ♪HERZFELD:
When they came back to school,
I said, “I promise you,
that life is so good.”♪ Beautiful things can grow ♪(PROTESTERS CHANTING)

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