Senpai Notice Me: A Yandere Simulator Musical [by Random Encounters]

What ?! (Yandere~Chan Weeping And Running Away) She’s kind of weird And she has the tendency to kill people Oh shut up Info~Chan! Hey guys, do you think I should go to the nurse’s office? I don’t feel so good… (Music) Yandere Dev ! Yandere Dev ! Isn’t that a bad idea to sing loudly about murdering peoples ? Silly Midori, musicals don’t use normal logic, you can sing about anything during a musical ! Then, can I sing about how much I love to send you e-mails ?! No ! And stop doing that ! Ohhh…But I need how I can download this song ! Actually, that would be a great question ! If you enjoyed this song, you can buy it on iTunes. And, if you enjoyed this video, and want to see even more video games musicals you should subscribe to Random Encounters for more ! You can even watch them play Yandere Simulator on their new gaming channel REPlayed This musical was made possible with support from patreon and Encounterers like Unig33k.

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