Search for the Best Prince Story Songs (Top 10 List)

Prince was a masterful storyteller so
we’re gonna talk about some of his best story songs hey everybody welcome to
Prince’s Friend exploring music through Prince now we all know that Prince could
write a story about anything it could be about sex love heartache or any other
human emotion but sometimes he didn’t write songs about a thing but rather he
told a story that taught a lesson about that thing so I wanted to come up with
the top ten Prince story songs and I’ve pulled from a lot of songs in Prince’s
career and I really put focus on the ones that teach immoral
created interesting characters or just had an impact and obviously if you like
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that’s a all right let’s get into the list
of the top 10 Prince story songs number 10 circle of a moor from Prince’s acoustic album the truth
circle of amour is the story of a group of girls who are best friends and more
the story is told from Prince’s perspective as he observes these girls
in school though I wonder how he got all the sordid details when they weren’t at
school anymore Mary Claire Denis and Belle are the
stars of this story song let’s start our list off and it’s a beautiful song
number 9 illusion coma pimp and circumstance she was old compared in
2004 Prince released his masterpiece of an album we all know as musicology on
this album was an amazing story of a young man who got with an older woman
he was into her for her money and she liked him because he rocked her world in
the bedroom most of Illusion coma pimp and circumstance is spent describing
flow as in recent and tells the story of how they got together and what happened
when she caught him with another woman great song musically and lyrically
number 8 head head is a song about Prince running into a woman on her way
to her wedding they exchanged words sexy words and eventually end up in bed from
one of Prince’s earlier albums dirty mind this song has yet another example
of his ability to mix humour and sex to this day head as a classic from Prince’s
catalogue and a damn fine story number 7 raspberry beret one of the most memorable songs from
Prince’s career is his 1985 hit raspberry beret which tells the story of
Prince’s first time with a woman who knew her way around a barn
everyone knows the lyrics to this song but it’s got such a catchy chorus that
few think of the underlying story of apprehension and excitement from Prince
that lies beneath the captivating tune wonderful song number six
rock and roll love affair Ock and roll love affair is one of my favorite songs
ever and it really tells a story that only Prince could come up with two
people both striving for their dreams and music both wanting nothing more than
to reach their goals and then they meet each other they’re tempted to leave it
all behind and get together but they end up choosing the road and music instead
kind of the opposite of head huh number five the everlasting now like many songs
before the everlasting now tells the story of how Prince left behind the
bindings of fame and fortune in search of a deeper meaning to his spirituality
and his music but this is definitely the best version of that theme the song is
filled with immense joy some really funky music and a meaningful message all
of these combined into our number five best story song number four darling
Nikki me too if I was to tell you that the next story
song is about a woman Prince met in a hotel lobby with a magazine you’d know
exactly what song I was talking about it’s an epic story of a one-night stand
with a temptress named Nikki who changed Prince’s outlook on sex and love forever
the passion and emotion behind this song catapulted into the higher echelons of
Prince story songs it’s enough to make Apollonia cry after all number three
five women in all ways one Prince has written many songs of a
broken heart but few greater than five women when left alone by the one that he
loves he tries to fill the hole in his heart with other women five women to be
exact one woman each month each one of them with a different story to tell and
how they just weren’t right for him it’s that a bluesy feel and the lyrics are
crafted to perfection five women receives high marks for telling multiple
stories within the same song as well number two pee control number two on our
list is the amazing pee control carried by the high-pitched howl of the song’s
title during the chorus and telling the story of a woman who reaches her goals
because she doesn’t let her libido get the better of her her mama taught her
well and this story song also teaches any woman listening the same lesson of
course lots of people think it’s a sexual song but it’s quite the opposite
it’s about empowerment which is a great moral of a story
number-one ballad of Dorothy Parker dawn it was a waitress dishwater blonde The Ballad of Dorothy
Parker not only has one of the most unique beats Prince ever created for a
song but his delivery of this truly trippy story in the lyrics easily makes
this the number one story song from his career Prince meets a girl named Dorothy
after retreating from an argument they almost fool around but he’s faithful
regardless of the fight that he’s had with his partner so they end up taking a
bath together it’s a really weird song but also carries a powerful message of
sometimes needing to get away for a while to decompress many believe sign of
the times to be Prince’s best album could it be due to how awesome this
story is so that is my top 10 list of the best Prince story songs let me know
what you think of the list down in the comments and share some of your favorite
story songs as well as always don’t forget to follow me on social media at
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