REBECCA ZAMOLO Christmas SWEATER Official Music Video! (Game Master Challenge)

Christmastime is on my mind ready to get
in that holiday grind snow and presents hot cocoa – tis the season just for you
so many parties gotta figure out what to wear – some can I just stay home be
comfy now get out and go have some fun only one thing on my mind is getting my
outfit just in time cuz holidays are common and we gotta get only gotta order
on Amazon Prime only three colors red green and white but looking fresh comes
with a price that doesn’t fit a Christmas tree that’s your grandma knit
you can DIY it with a needle and thread have a Christmas body and you’re the
head stickers work great but sometimes fall 20 is okay with a creepy doll
ornamental with a safety pin use some duct tape for the winter Christmas
cookies and decorating lines for Santa don’t mind waiting bubbling up in the
cold weather but the best part is mildly Christmas for unique juice for glamorous
chic oh you’re looking so / sweet only is better stay only forever

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