Hey guys, I’m kiki pepper, and I hope everyone is having a great day so far today We are going to do another episode of reacting to kids musically videos So let’s jump into this video and see what it’s all about let’s go kind you’re Gonna push back, so Well today, I don’t have one. I just expand it into a movie no oh oh my gosh, I Miss you Joking I Together day in the Grand Gender perficient I get why and What is your favorite candy bar my favorite candy bar is snickers or payday payday your fingers? Pills girls are Super strong go girls holy crap And how are they talking? How are they able to talk underwater? Are you able to talk underwater? I saw that if you open your mouth under the water Then the water comes into your mouth if you want to see more her musical accelerate opie, Dominica by Myself oh girl. What else is cute? I love her hair, too on the hottest Denisof now. I make no girl. Thank you If you want to see more of our music, please follow her at x Mya at 21 oh Look at outfit Mi Marry Princeton. I love looking at People’s outfits I love it when people wear so I am super sorry if I pronounce your name wrong I believe it’s Lee Jolla 2006 but I could be wrong Go girl, whoa? I got the baby baby, oh It just makes me so happy to see all of you guys and see all of your videos You want to see more of our incredible music? We follow her and Mary Grace is a that is all for this video If you have a musically that you would like for me to watch Make sure you comment your name down below in the comment section also don’t forget to like this video subscribe If you haven’t already and as always, I love you guys also very much, and I hope everyone continues to have a great day

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