What’s up guys it’s Johnny and for today’s video? We’re going to be reacting to fuck boys on musically now you guys have been requesting this video for the fucking longest I get bombarded with fucking comments that say what are you going to react to your next fuckboy make another fuckboy musically video? And I’m like you know what today is your lucky fucking day bitches You’re gonna get one no, I didn’t want to do this because fuckboys make me sick they start drama and they’re problematic as hell, and Iaint got no time for that okay like I’m really ain’t got no motherfucking Time for that shit So if you see yourself in this video don’t be mad at me you mad at your audience because they’re the ones who sends me Your musically for me reactive today, so without further ado guys let’s get on with the video. Oh Hell, no, oh my oh my god. Oh my God I I Can’t make it stop. Oh My God literally like I caught something like I swear he just gave me chlamydia, whoa whoa bitch I need a shower now, girl I gotta get into a tub No, no, I don’t Help Motherfing no stretch that pussy out tho and what’s up with this eeel and what you gonna do with that, huh? What pussy were you trying to attack and did you see that motion he did it was like ah? Like you he’s Gonna Swim in that pussy No mr fuck boy man you are not swimming in Nobody’s pussy not to fuck up. You’re nasty oh tha ugh see y’all no you, no Get your hands out your motherfucking hands get it out Get it out don’t Look at me like that motherfucker. Why does he try to seduce me or matter of fact? Why is he trying to seduce his audience you know damn Well They’re all children. What’s his name real yassier more like real nasty He’s given me thug version of side- Joe Bob, and I think I’ve already reacted to his ass in the past it’s sad He’s still doing the same thing, and I’m still reacting to him so like technically like like I’m fucked too you know oh oh Lord okay. Oh wow What is I? Wonder if this dick has carpet burn. like think about it or like Or maybe his knees got carpet burn. All I know is something is burning gonorrhea ew Do it one more time? bitch *zap* that was nasty you know But it wasn’t that bad like let’s be real y’all we’ve seen worse and plus this one got potential. I’m not even gonna Lie You know like I’m not into this, but I could see a lot of fifteen-Year-olds falling for this like this is potential You know when you get older you’ll be able to pull some girls but, let’s see what else you got okay, girl. Let’s see No boo, okay, okay? Okay yeah see, okay, stop like I said I’m not into it, but I’m sure there’s 15 year-olds out there. Whose pussy is just dripping right now they screaming The blood of Jesus no oh my God. Oh My gosh, I mean okay with that twirl. He’s giving me lesbian vibes you see this is what I’m talking about Okay
Like obviously for some reason like I don’t know if a lot of these people are like lesbians, or like little fuck boys You know I mean not saying if you’re a lesbian you got a pass, but I’m just saying like does He not look like a lesbian I don’t know okay lost your mind ew The fuck Blondie kisses motherfucker, you know lost your mind Oh hell naw and what’s up with his eyebrows like why are there pieces of it missing I’m so confused Is that a trend? Do I need to shave off of a piece of my eyebrows like I’m confused last time I checked that is not cute and neither. is you trying to lick pussy on nasty Hey, okay. yea yea get it. yeah aye baby Okay, this doesn’t seem like a Fuck-boy to me Show time hey, okay, okay? This doesn’t look like a fuckboy to me. No this looks like a queen, okay, sweetie, ah See New York Dance a queen girl. I’m telling you whats your word now what up oh Oh, bitch, okay? Well that was kind of cute though like I’ll fuck like I bet like I’m not even gonna lie like I’ll smash I I would smash yeah ah uh-uh No, you’re not mmmm See okay this fuckboy is not cute. I don’t like this one at all with your whack ass hairline, but you better rotate well alright bitches that’s all the fuck boy ism I can take if you all enjoyed this video make sure you give you a big thumbs up. But if you guys do want to see more of these fuckboy videos or fuckgirl videos let me know in the comments down below also make video suggestions in the comments you know cuz My creativity is lowkey dying, but that’s everything for today’s video like I just said I love you guys so much And I can’t wait to see you all in my next one. Bye. Hey hump me Fuck me Daddy better. Make me some choke you better hump me fuck me. My tunnel loves a deep broke Lick lick lick lick I wanna eat your dick but i can’t fuck up my nails

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