Oh wow look how him go actual Queen Ah good day everyone and welcome today’s video and my hair it’s absolutely wild i’m going to doing reacting to cringing is it l.y or ly? that makes sense. I’m going to call it *laughs* I never really use the app so i don’t even know But apparently there a lot of cringey things that happen on this app i’ve seen it show up many times and you should watch these videos I haven’t seen anyone do these i just seen some people do them but i’ve never seen the actual videos So anyways , i’m just gonna react to the cringey’s So let’s do it! Oh our first one Okay he’s shy, he’s a shy aw, Oh bring that oh , this isn’t cringey this is kind of cute, i mean okay it’s a little cringey but it is kinda cute Oh gosh, she got her mom involved Oh , yes that hair flip aw , again this is kind of cute to like get her mom in this but it is also … Oh thats cute Oh my god , oh work twerk it *claps* Oh my god , okay I mean this isn’t that bad we need ,Oh gosh Oh , oh my god , what is this! Oh my god, fricken’ this is like some weird, like some foreign ,like commercials or something for pool noodles Oh, i think .. is that Jacob sartorius kid apparently he has a lot of cringey ones So don’t worry we will get to his didn’t maybe she got , she was like do a collab or something Oh Oh my god , she has a story to tell Yeah go make some friends girl instead of making these videos Oh my god, oh that so dramatic Aw Oh , i’ll be over here cause Oh my god , aw Queen werk. teleporting! the true teleporting queen. Oh, Oh shoot , oh god , oh god , oh god ,oh my god wow That is talent , i wanna what the frick? Okay moving on, I guess we should just go straight to the jacob crin-crin-gey joey Oh my gosh , i don’t know how to fricking spell c-r major cringe oh i can’t wait! I think, ugh I don’t even know oh my god, that head. oh my god his head compared to the hat is feel like the size was a little strange was is the hat is too big or the head was too big? wait , let’s find that right here Uhh, does that look a little strange? I can’t figure out what it is is it the hat? I think the hat is too big It is! its so tall and big oh this is.. how old is he? he’s little right? I feel bad, I feel like a lot of people make fun of him I mean we all have our cringey beginnings but, he has ALOT he’s definitely got… is this like his set? like doing it in front of the bathroom? why are they all the same place? is this the only place he does them? nope, new background, NO, he’s back! oh he’s back just different outfit honestly, i feel like he just stock piles okay. he’s does a lot of *flicks his hair* okay they’re literally all the same like none of them are different. they’re literally just in the room lets react to Miranda Sings reacting to cringey’s this is like really weird. *laughing* i don’t think he knows the words reacting to Miranda Sings reacting to cringey ly’s wait, cringey ly’s? *laughs* Miranda: she’s got the moves! she really does though have the moves. OH MY GOD that is terrifying. i hate that so much honestly if they had to lip synch for their lives, they would be dead. WHAT? i’m jealous Miranda, how dare she say that a boy is cute. oh my gosh *laughing* Honestly me. that’s not cringey i feel like we’ve all been there. oh wow! look at those hips go! actual queen work it *laughing* oh my god i live for this. this isn’t even cringey, that’s just living. wait what? is this this or is she just yelling? i’m so confused. oh gurl wait. gurl, gurl, gur, gurl that is going to haunt you forever. see when it was my day, we had veeg, as for quarters like… you didn’t have to post those things online cause’ you couldn’t. and now they’re trapped up in a vault everyone’s puttin’ too much online during their cringey phases oh gurl. work work girl oh go ahead, walk to the walls okay *chuckles* another one of these, okay awe, this is, this is kind of sad. he’s like actually like he needs friends. oh! oh god, that’s cringey that’s cringey i think its more cringey seeing old people do it because you kinda like… expect it from the younger kids for them to act goofy and weird, there’s nothing wrong with that i just think.. some of them, when they take it a little too seriously, thats when it gets a little cringey. but if you’re just doing it for fun, like don’t feel bad about… being yourself and being goofy so anyways, that was me reacting to cringey .ly’s is it ly’s? is it cringey ly’s? no, its’s gosh, I’m such an old person now. i don’t even know what the things are called like a grandparent calling it pokemans ugh so it started. so anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed this stupid video if you did, please give it a bit old thumbs up and let me know if you think if i should make some music ly’s,’s, whatever you call it. if it gets 50,000 likes, i will make a cringey of my own i keep saying it. is it wrong? is it music ly or anyways, that’s it for today and i will see you all tomorrow

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