Questions From Popular Songs

Do you think they’ll ever get back together? Well, she seems to be, you know, wearing less and going out more. And seems busy. So, it’d be hard. Where have all the cowboys gone? I haven’t seen one in forever. Since it’s a post-agrarian society, probably… an urban center. Do you think Katy Perry ever really feels like a plastic bag? Yeah! Just floating in the wind! Yeah! How could she? She’s so beautiful! It’s a metaphor. What are the foxes trying to say? Is it something important? Philosophical? Well, they’ll probably need a translator because they’re Scandanavian… foxes. They’re Swedish. Are the dogs still out there? Are we safe? Do you think the roof is still on fire? And, did they get insurance for that? Probably. That one doesn’t even have a melody. I quit! They did say they were gonna let that motherf*cker burn. So.. Yeah It was wonderful talking to you! Well, I’m gonna go. I don’t know why you hired a violin player, but this has been a weird first date. It’s okay. He’s gone. Thank you. Thank you!

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