PRIME DAY (The Best Unboxing Songs Ever)

The Official Amazon Prime Day Unboxing Songs Inspired by Rebecca Black’s “Friday”
and Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” Produced and Recorded by AsianGlow It was Prime Day, #primeday! Wasn’t let down on PRIMEDAY! Everybody’s buying things without a rhyme or reason. Reason! Prime Day, #primeday! Better than average PRIMEDAY! Everybody’s buying with reckless abandon. Unboxing, un-boxing… Yeah! Un-boxing, unboxing… YEAH!!! Tons, tons, tons, tonnes! Looking forward to next season. So I never really understood that expression
“Christmas in July” until I partook in Prime Day… We so excited… So I went a little overboard as you can see but they just had good deals this year. I mean a lot of the Amazon products had good deals like the Echo and the Dash Buttons… Yeah. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do with these, but… Everyone was saying it was a good deal so I bought
like: tons, tons, tons, tonnes… But of course this wouldn’t be an unboxing video if I didn’t unbox some things so… Let’s just take some random box here and unbox it… Oh look, it was a Dash Button… A Gain Dash Button. This is a bigger box so what do you
think is in here? A Dash Button! Did you guess that? Did you guess that it was a Dash Button? Let’s get back to unboxing some more… And I have all these yellow envelopes, what can it be… Yes, it’s true. I’m not good with just one night stand. Guess I’ll stick to just two, but I’ll add these lamps. And with Prime, I never pay for stamps. Buying things I don’t need, just because I can. Now I’m unboxing, all my brand new things. Why do people like to see, people unbox things? I’m breaking a sweat here. I should probably use this to order some paper towels… Brawny… Brawny… the big, tough towel. Ratatat’s “Wildcat” (AsianGlow Brawny Remixxx) Brawny… the big, tough towel. Ooh, this one’s completely different from all the other packagings… This has to be something different Campbell’s® Soup “I didn’t know there’s chicken in this
soup…” Right now, this is what we have here… Just a bunch of Dash Buttons. I’m actually going to try hacking these and make them into smart things… There was this comment from an AsianGlowLight that was like: “AsianGlow you should probably do some
vlogging again…” and I was like: “Yeah! Maybe I should…”
So this was my sad attempt at a vlog… But at least you got to hear some music that had been on my list of things to make. I am curious though, why Amazon does pack individual Dash Buttons in a whole box… That really seems like a waste. I mean I get the envelope kind of thing, you know… Just putting 1 in an envelope. Maybe you could fit two, actually you could probably fit like 4 in there… But just having 1 in a box, I just feel bad for it because it’s just bumping around, you know… But now, there’s a whole happy Dash family here. I’m going to cleaning this and recycling it… Because you know we’ve got to save the
Earth and recycle.

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