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Hello friends ! If you like this mix please Like & share, sub channel. Thanks you very much !! I’m not a party. I don’t want to be it and I don’t ever wear a suit and tie it Wondering if I could sneak got to pay Nobody’s even look at me in my eye Then you take my hand finish my jig say shall we? You know, I love you to ever tell you you make it better like that don’t think of it at this point Everyone’s got so much to say Yeah, I always feel like I’m fine I wants to fit in anyway Cuz I don’t care I went on with my baby and all about things disappear Then you making me feel like maybe I have some pi day I can deal with the bad night When I’m with my baby Cuz I don’t care long as you’re just holding it You’ll get save me anywhere and you making me feel like I’m loved by somebody I can deal with the bad night when my baby We had a party we don’t want to be a Sauna top we can hear I’ll read your lips or rather kiss. I’m right back with all these people all around the crib for Anxiety, but I’m just all this we’re supposed to be no one It’s kind of crazy cuz I really don’t mind you make it better like that Told a queen Everyone’s got so much to say. Oh, yeah. Yeah when we walked in I said, I’m sorry But now, I think that we should stay Cuz I don’t care my baby And you making me feel like maybe I am some fire I can deal with the bad night When I’m with my baby Don’t care long as you just hold me near you you take me anywhere Then you make an evil I can deal with the bad night Gonna take my Lords to their hometown rolled. I’m gonna write to the king I’m gonna take my horse to that Old Town Road and gonna write Till I can’t no more like the horses in the back hi kids – and his Matty black got the Boosters back – Riding on a horse you lookin boys. I’ve been in a valley. You ain’t been above that boys Can’t nobody tell me nothing Can’t nobody tell me Country a to me the Sumathi soon born in Trinidad moving this College up in Boston. There was freezing all my country crammed up chasing dreams. I’m in lndia Can’t nobody tell me nothing Yeah, nobody to me Don’t take my horse to the hotel roll I’m going right to the kid don’t want gonna take my horse to the hotel rode right We’ll take my horse to the Old Town Road I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more gonna take my horse to that Old Town Road I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more Which bloody mistake Be close creepin but not like the nose thing here so quickly Oopss both, please feel don’t say thank you or place I doubt but when I Think oh, that’s oh so soon So you’re tough guy like you really rough just can’t get enough. I just always so close. Okay I’m not Making mama sides. I’m a girl from that side my citizen When you think control the big thing if We like still sing with me, but she won’t sleep there’s some Facebook that they show things you Know so you it’s alright and I get really rough, but just good enough, but it’s just always a puff That side make your mama sides. I didn’t make you go from that side Savage This is a matching time is busted some bitches ever fall on the friends the matches And when your I found a love for me Aylin just dive right in Follow my lead Well, I found a girl Beautiful and sweet I Never knew you were that someone waiting for me? We were just kids when we fell in love not knowing What I will not But darling just kill speeds know your heart is all I am and in your eyes go Maybe If you between my arms We’re listening to our favorite song when you stretch your Pants I whispered Underneath my breath you Look perfect tonight Well, I found a woman Stronger than anyone I know She shares my dreams. I hope that someday I’ll share her home I found a love Can’t be more than just my secrets to carry up to carry it children of our own We were still kids but we so in love We are And just hold my hand be my girl I’ll be your own man, I see my future Maybe Between my eyes Our favorite song when I saw you in that bridge in so cute Please Baby You be dream Listen into Perfect I Promise that you’ll never find another like me No one ever take this job you’re the kind of guy the ladies If so that it’s out there and a little psycho on the phone never leave well enough alone troubles our Father we’re cool chicks out there One of these things is not like the others like a rainbow with all of the colors Baby Doe when it comes to love one another And you’re the only want to use Like me Listen to me Keith about me and you never get just what you see that I will never bought you away When we had a fight out in the rain you went up to me and called my name, I never wanna see you walk away Guys now that one of these things is not like the others living in winter I am you somebody may be dull and it comes through. I love it promise that you’ll never find another like me Yet honey only wanted me let me keep you company Baby, that’s our Finest and nobody’s gonna love you like me cuz it ain’t no I ain’t see us, you know There is some restrike something one two, three I promise that you’ll never find another like me for there ain’t no I in team But you know there isn’t me and you can’t spell awesome without me You’re the only one you and I promise and nobody’s gonna be like me Don’t be cautious But it’s very good fingers Silver dollar golden 3:30 water poison For murder take away my dog Ferrante and we brought in Lucky watch its own. You better love me Human Hey this time So, sorry, I’m so sorry. Sorry It’s been 24 I was unevolved I was with you You spent the weekend getting even on We spent the late nights making things right between us But now, it’s all good big row that backwood babe and pay me low Cuz girls like you Guys, like need something. I wanna come through. I need girl like you Yeah girls like you the front head meet Joe I want – anyhoo like you. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, yeah. Yeah Like you Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah I need a girl like you I spent last night on the last flight – you Took a whole day up Janicki way We’re trying to make things right between us And now it’s all good they move that back with me, baby Girls like you forever cats like meat so now Come through I need her IQ. Yeah. Yeah girls like you left running man. Me too Come through I need a girl like you yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah I need a girl like you yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah Like you, yeah Maybe it’s 6:45 and maybe I’m barely alive. Maybe this is really it for the last time Maybe I’ll get I’m drunk maybe I neither one. Maybe I’m thinking it’s better than future Oh Cuz girls like you around guys like Myths and then when I come through I need girl like you yeah Girls like you the funnier meets what I wanna come through. I need girl like you Yeah, yeah. Yeah Yeah Like I need who like you get Some there’s things just a point so much of my energy I look up and home spinning you Tireheads a word I can so over complicate people tell me to medicate my blood The sky’s funny Tell me have you time Does Kate breathe and breathe and breathe every day and all gunky keep breathing Just keep breathing breathing breathing breathing I know that keep keep on breathing Sometimes It’s hard to find By my way up until the crowd tune it out their complete sellout You’ll remind me other time when things women, so complicated all I need SC effect We would tell me every time Just keep breathing breathing breathing breathing Keep breathing Keep keep breathing made Some Things first a way too much of my energy I keep from breathing I Worry about nothing We’re wearing another it’s a pretty impatient no I gotta Put in the hours People make it harder you Send them take after picture you go get me fired Yeah, you don’t baby Wet wet wet wet wet Wet wet wet Black what? What? What? What did you buy your wife’s work? Well, Baby give me a promotion let’s make you feel like a Vacation I better too and I’ll shit We don’t need nobody I just need your body Nothing, but sheets it between us they don’t get enough barley Yeah, you don’t need Go Away what what what what what what where’s work work? We We are Mouth full look down and it’s ride My friends on my car Where’s my mother don’t feel pretty sure Something I’m gonna go to jail that’s kind of funny There’s my Everything I do I Wanna make could be in the way Where’s mama You’ll call me all friendly tell me how much don’t miss me that’s funny I guess you’ve heard my song I’m too busy for your business school, hon I gotta wants to listen cuz if you think I was born yesterday You have come me wrong. So I cut you up until need your love Cuz I already cried enough. I’ve been done. I’ve been moving on since we said goodbye I cut you up. I don’t need your love So you can try all your wine Your time is up. I’ll tell you why You say sorry, but it’s too late now So say they get gone Cuz if you think I care about you now oh Boy, yeah, don’t give a fuck. I See you’re trying to get to me. See you begging on your knees Fuck suppose. I’m trying to get to me and probably your knees About you Know I don’t care You keep messin with you man, but I’m over yo You took all this it’s a boy ain’t coming by cut your I don’t need you love You say If you think I care about you Oh boy, don’t give See you will turn against me see you’ll be my your knees boy. Yeah, don’t give Sauce on against me Oh You gotta get cold you gotta get away from me We gotta get away Tell me you’re Bragging though the Things are pretty good from here Wait you mean far away The boys You gotta get away Be that way for the part twice a day Artists wish you could feel what you wanna see sure But I know This is what Mary If you’re telling me what you When life gives us Make everything taste like it is so then you come Through like this sweet how you are to bring the bitter taste? to a ha Oh Oh I like the break the bone Oh You Know Days Oh You’ve gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty You know I try but I don’t do too well with apologies I hope I don’t run out of time get someone got a bread for free Not just me for sure forgiveness, I Know, you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice if I wanted twice, I mean maybe a couple of hundred times so Let me Oh, let me redeem Oh redeem Oh myself today Yes OPSEC every single piece on a plane if you want me to But you know that there is no way to see one in this game go Go go Sorry now I’ll just try to get back on This is more than just your guy You My one burner they said and I your believe God is all That you can’t find my one little Incas one with time you believe God is all Nonna’s headed My one good try I’m telling you to wear like a follow on it Coming out of thank you to me not to be Wait company a critical issue And you see the universe sediment company? God God God Killing us one more time you believe God is all When you can When you’re a man we really need Know what maybe just forget By the time you can And number my face Blah blah blah it’s just You don’t And I wish to you on your Happy boys By the way It’s not it’s me No, that’s bullshit don’t you pay I Know I know we could have done it better Well, we can change the weapon When the word is coming Books no make sense if you eat them back The single that through Make you miss your mind You you stay and blah blah You’re just Don’t stop The conversation I’m searching for a song tonight. I’m changing all the stations We prove amount to a better place To the fall Oh Baby, why did you run away I was thankful you Duncan Fuck you in the darkest night Sleep at night hard to resist temptation Get something sweet is come over me and now I can’t get over you Know I just can’t get over you I would stay for you in the darkest times out of bed. Fuck you in the darkest night Oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh Oh I was there for you in your darkest hour Oh, I was there for you in your darkest night. Oh I was there for you in your darkest For you in your darkest night Never see you shine in the light like the diamond you buy I’m good on the side of some pie. Just so me in the dark No one’s gotta know what we do hit me up and your boy Chris I lived on the streets on me when you meet and it’s yours Well, I am Nothing feels better than this nothing feels better Nothing feels better than this nothing feels better We’ve gotta I this is what you like I care If it feels better you say we’re just friends, but I swear when your body’s around You keep my hands around the neck we command are you feeling it now cuz I am I Got so high the other night. I swear to God felt my feet leave the ground. Oh Yeah, you’re back against the wall, this is all you’ve been talking about My ass nothing feels bad this the things better Nothing feels bad. I’ll mix up the fees better I’m gonna die. This is what you like I read Like And there She’ll make you cuz she a blessing shrimp your shirt But then the second you’ll be coming back Back for seconds with your plate. You just can’t help then Your play along merrily Joe Oh Then saying yes Cuz she’s messing with your head. Oh She’s sweet. But a cycle the little this I call at night. She’s screaming. I’m my She’s hard but a psycho so left but she’s right though. Good night. She’s screaming Just like me Out of my I know it’s strange. We’re both crazy kind its animate That I’m inside Boy, don’t pretend you don’t love the plane a Little burst a cold night she screaming With night We’re not in love she do something Don’t be afraid the shadows Let’s lead the world the I Take me Falling to the dark side we don’t need to like See it that’s feeling but I was still young To the dark side To the dark side Given to the dire side Now all tonight The sky I See I’m moving you can feel it those secrets worth keeping So funny like I’m dreaming take me through the night to know the dark side We need the light we live That’s feeling Full of the night to the dark side To the dark Side To the dark side You take me through the night to the dark side Let’s feel it still To the dark side Not trying to be in day not try to be cool just Try to be in this Tell me how you choose can you feel where you’re in this? Can you feel this through? all of the windows inside this room Cuz I wanna touch you baby I wanna feel meet you I wanna see Sunrise and you see just me Tonight Maybe Oh Oh Give love to your body Only use a cancer Go keep love to your body Only you that can stop it. Go keep love to your body You that can stop it go keep love to your body go give love to your body Go give love to your body You

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