Hello, all right, so I’m wearing a shook shirt and wait for it Yep, I was driving home from the gym And I don’t know why I was just thinking about my trumpet days back in high school. And I was like I should do a video site reading Pop music on my trumpet. Yes, I used to play trumpet hardcore for almost ten years. I played every day non-stop. It was literally my life I played like six hours a day like in high school. I would have liked symphonic band class I had jazz band class and then marching band rehearsals after school and then at home at night I would practice on my own. I was so good. It was my life. Unfortunately ever since college I have not played consistantly at all I think literally the last time I even touched my trumpet was two years ago when I did a video playing my trumpet So I’ve got to say a couple of disclaimers right now. One, I haven’t even opened my case since before I filmed so one I’m going to be so rusty if y’all are in band You play trumpet or you know stuff don’t judge me too hard I’m probably gonna be pretty bad at this if you play instruments in your life your like your chops, your lips Get used to it when you don’t play even like a week they get rusty And it’s been two years so I don’t have any valve oil or grease or anything So my third valve slide doesn’t really move. Last thing the sound quality probably will not be the best. Trumpets are loud, and it’s just like a basic kind of camera. I just wanna have fun with this So I don’t know how this is gonna sound on camera. I hope it’s at least a decent, but just again. I’m having fun Don’t judge me. This is not my glory days anymore Maybe if I start playing it more often I can get good again if you like this video and want a part two Thumbs up and come below which songs I should cover oh Here it is. Awe i’ve missed you. I’m so sorry i’ve abandoned you and neglected you. Y’all I’m nervous I really I don’t know how bad i’m gonna be okay lemme just try and like play it lemme do some like warm ups and just see if I just sound at least semi-decent Okay, I can work with that. Oh my God Those are like the simplest notes, and that’s hard to do *horse noise* It’s been too long. Take a shot for every time I buzzed my lips like that or if you’re underage take a shot of apple juice Cause it helps it like loosens my lips up. You know there’s gotta be an app a tuning app hold on, okay Let’s say this works this one’s called Tuner light Alright, so I’m really flat this may not move though. Oh my God It’s like solidified shut uh, well I can’t move my slide slot tuning slide wow I need to catch up, brush up on my um band terms my tuning slide I can’t move so I’m probably going to sound a little flat this entire video Next time i’ll like go to a shop and get this fixed up Honestly better than I would’ve expected. Oh, also, just for you band people out there, I know a proper horn angle is like up here You know like up, but I’m gonna have to kind of look down a little bit to read my music So I know my angles gonna look bad ignore it. So I have a ton of songs pulled up. Let’s try. Oh, i’m gonna try Despasito. Despasito but I have a feeling that this one’s really hard aw the key is crazy too. God, this is horrible. I’m sucking oh, oh! Oh, oh! Why’d I stop? I was going somewhere! Okay. Okay, there was a video online. Where it like. It was like a tutorial It showed like someone played with you and it showed the notes on screen. I can probably get that, okay. wait! What what sucks is like I look at these notes, and I’m like oh my God I can play this it’s easy this is like eighth grade level and then I just I I felt like a fourth grader Oh! What oh Oh I give up There’s my horrible attempt at Despasito. I am sorry to all the fans out there that love that song I just butchered it I’m going to try to slow song since I’m having a rough time getting back into the groove of things so I want to try Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles God my lips Oh my God Honestly that was pretty good and my lips are killing me I’m proud of that one. That’s That wasn’t bad that was like Seventh grade level movin up in class here. Twelfth grade me is mad. Next is gonna be Work From Home by Fifth Harmony I thought this is gonna be so fun to play on the trumpet. I love this song it’s timeless. Oh easy key just b flat got it. Fun! God y’all my lips are killing me I could have flown through this back in my prime I keep saying that I keep saying I know I’m sorry But I’m just mad at myself. Why’d I ever stop playing? I need to get back. I need to get back I just nailed Camille’s part now i’m gonna do Normani Bring it home horn. Just when the chorus is coming my pig woke up, Luna You don’t gotta interrupt rupt rupt rupt rupt rupt rupt rupt This is low Oh my God, that’s so low. I’m gonna take it up an octive because this is too low for my lips right now. Fun! Fifth Harmony if y’all ever go on a tour, and just have like a jazz band behind you I’ll be your trumpet. You’re welcome. The next one. I’m going to do is Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes. I love Shawn Woah this song slayed on Spotify, good for him Okay, i’m gonna get that part uh uh Sorry Shawn I butchered that i’m gonna move on now Alright next i’m gonna do It Aint Me by Kygo and Selena Gomez I love this song. Lets try it out Fun! I’m gonna have fun okay Oh this is when it gets so high. I wanna nail it though. I can y’all I should be able to nail this I was playing notes way higher than this in High school I’m sweating. I need a break y’all. We’ll be back after these brief messages from our sponsors Are you wigless? 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Alright next I want to try Love Yourself by Justin Bieber because it has a trumpet solo in it I’m so worn out Alright next I want to do Heathens by Twenty Øne Pilots. Okay, fun this wig is flown This is a train wreck Alright y’all I’m going to stop there. My lips cannot take it anymore. That was pretty much a disaster. I I know I can do way better than that. I just said literally that was me picking it up for the first time in years and just going for it, but if y’all Like that and would like to see me redeem myself and a part two I will actually start practicing regularly and like learn the music ahead of time and actually come back and redeem myself and maybe slay it cause I don’t know what that was but if you did enjoy it thumbs up thumbs up for a better part two Comment below which songs I should do see you next time okay guys see ya later

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