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(Giggles) Friends, Have you seen pigs always
rolling down on the mud and dirt Sure, they have a purpose for it, And there is a story behind it Here is a story from Meghalaya Pig and the Tiger (Tiger growl) (Birds chirp) A Tiger was walking
through the forest, tired and thirsty Hey! Monkey Where can I find
some water to drink? O yes…. There’s a pond near that rock Okay…I will go that way Ha…what a clear water How tasty? Oh! A pig Might have come to drink the water What’s that stinking…
hum…hum? Is it that pig? What an excess?
Disgusting… Ho! It’s really stinking… This water is also stinking
after this dirty pig drank from this My goodness… This water too has become dirty I cannot stand this foul smell… I think that Tiger was frightened
seeing me… ha…ha (Grunts) ( Tiger growls) Aye, I am right… That tiger is running, scared of me.. I will deal with that Tiger… Shall I go and kill him at a kick Oh! No, I will leave that
poor creature alone… I will challenge him for a duel, And then everybody will know it Whom have I seen today
in the morning? This is horrible… I have never seen such a
filthy animal in my life Wow… Is it that dirty pig? Stop there, villain! Running scared of me? If you are brave, come and fight with me Alas! so that’s the thing! That dirty creature thinks that
I am running scared of him If I fight with him now,
I will also smell bad grunt, Ah…yes, I agree But not today, Come day after tomorrow
We will fight On the way back home, He told the story to all the animals, That he had called the Tiger for a duel But hearing the story, His family was shocked You fool ! What have you done? The Tiger might have run
because of your foul smell Not because of he afraid of me O! My papa, mamma, grandpa…
Help me What should I do now? The Tiger will eat me Don’t fear my dear, I will tell you a trick You must definitely go
and fight with the Tiger But… You should roll over the dirt and mud,
before going for the duel The pig obeyed his grandpa’s advice and rolled over dirt and mud Even though he was scared, He came for the fight (Growls) There comes the scoundrel I will jump over and finish him off The Tiger will kill me, for sure I will walk slowly So that I can be alive for some more time (Roar) Hey! What a stink! This pig has that foul smell,
even today I will die, Grandpa’s trick will be of no use What a foul smelling animal? I don’t want to fight with him My intuition was right He is really afraid of me Ha..ha…ha… Come here villain, We will begin the fight No..No… I cannot bear this stink We will fight some other day (Claps) From that day, The pigs started rolling over
dirt and mud They believed that the stink
would keep dangers away Manjadi
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