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Beyond those homes is the Pacific Ocean. The time is April of 2018. In 1905 in Massachusetts there was a Encyclopedia Company that was having trouble selling their Books. To Sweeten the deal they through in a deed in a far off place called Huntington Beach, California. This area is where those deeds were located. All of the Encyclopedias sold and most of the people that received the deeds put them in their desk drawer and forgot about them. In 1920 on this spot Oil was discovered in Huntington Beach. Those deeds were worth millions in Oil Royalties. This was the area where Huntington number one first produced oil from about 2000 feet below at a rate of four forty five barrels of oil a day. It showed encouraging some signs so the nearby
Bolsa Chica number one produced more than seven million barrels was completed
in November 1922 flowing about two thousand barrels per day this the
Huntington Beach field is currently second the second large introduced in
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