(NEW AUDIO) BOLGY WOLGY “OwO Song” // (Angel & Alastor) Hazbin Hotel Animation – AnimatedMau

Music: senzawa – i turned a bad copypasta into a bad rap Rawr! X3 nuzzles *pounces on you* UwU You’re so warm couldn’t help but notice your bulge from across the floor nuzzles your necky-wecky (tilde) ~murr~ hee hee *unzips yo baggy-ass pants* Oh baby you so musky take me home pet me and make me yours and don’t forget to stuff me see me wag my wittle baby tail for your bolgy-wolgy *kisses and lickies your neck* I hope daddy likies nuzzles and wuzzles your chest I be gettin’ thirsty SUBSCRIBE and click the video above please. btw I am not AnimatedMau but I’m a fan.

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