My Top 100 Kpop Songs Of 2018

I wonder Super Duper Duper Super Duper Du Your eyes and your style, you’re just my type Super Duper Duper
Super Duper Du From head to toe you’re a work of God I’m gonna leave, with you behind I’m gonna run away, throwing you out I won’t ever look back Imma runaway Imma runaway
Imma runaway runaway baby I should definitely stop today But I can’t avoid your eyes I try to turn around and run away But I can’t I’m not in love with you I just keep thinking about you, I’m falling for you I’m not in love with you I’m just smiling over the sweetness, I’m falling for you You said I was your future, am I now just your past? You said you only love me, that your heart would forever stay by my side Destroyer (destroyer) Destroyer Crossing the line of reality This time has come again No more rules to keep anymore Destroyer Sweeter than yesterday To me To you Sweeter than yesterday I want you, who shines so bright (tonight) My black world invites you Oh love me Untie my hands now I’m chucking up the deuces,
If I have to say it again, bullsh*t Let me go now Just live as if nothing happened Everybody must know that she’s so evil Why don’t you talk about us Oh you don’t talk about us The long silence is killing my heart Why don’t you talk about us I told you everything baby Baby, don’t wait for me to speak first I don’t want to hold you back With false eyes I’m looking at you, baby (I don’t wanna hold you back)
Tell me now Love you so bad, Love you so bad For you, I’m enacting a pretty lie Love it’s so mad, Love it’s so mad I’m erasing myself to become your doll Keep turning, turning, my Anpan Keep ballin’ ballin’ still bulletproof Open my eyes, I’m a hero but still in a maze That young man, young man, young man Oh baby oh baby So your scent can wash all over me Don’t be shaken with the useless remarks For whose sake, It’s for me
I promise, I really promise We were in love We met and became a memory that can’t be erased It was a commendable melodrama A pretty good ending You can go to him, I’ll just accept your heart Don’t worry about me, Just go Just go Keep painting me With more memories Hurry and paint me With only your scent So it can’t be erased So no one else but you, can draw in my heart I didn’t think much of your words I just passed them by Just once, I should’ve stood here and thought about it But I’m not afraid, I’m fine, I’m fine I’m feeling just fine, fine, fine I’ll let go of your hand now I know I’m all mine, mine, mine Don’t mess up my tempo Listen to this I said don’t mess up my tempo It’s a beat that’ll steal her heart With the rhythm that won’t exist anywhere else, 1, 2, 3 Let me be your love, accept it Without a doubt if it’s you Baby, it’s okay From now on Won’t you give it up, give it up to me baby give it up This is your last chance Don’t you know? Your heart wants me Hurry and come to me Lalalala hurry lalalala Oh my god He’s a really bad boy
He’s a really bad boy Oh my god He’s a really bad boy
He’s a really really really really really bad boy Our gazes missing each other
Doubts spreading in a way we can’t stop Hiding a secret, your sign sign sign Now stop it, don’t lie lie lie It might set off a firework that will burn it all down I met my love, I said goodbye For endless days, I cried and laughed These times and moments Shining solo I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo I’m going solo lo lo lo lo lo Wind flower, wi-wind flower Ooh ooh ooh ooh,
are we the only ones breaking up? Du du du du,
are we the only ones in pain? But like flower petals that will bloom again There’s a precious place inside of me It’s still nothing special If you wait a little more, you’ll see Such a breathtaking feeling
A dangerous feeling Hold tight to my hand, I want you So I won’t shake, with more passion Hug me tighter I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m not in a hurry I’m sorry, I’m sorry, let’s take our time If I kiss you today, tomorrow I’ll go,
I’m not crazy for you Give it to you My eyes My spilling touch My one and only lover From my head, bboom bboom To my toes, bboom bboom 1-8, 1-3, 3-8, ddaeng! U wrong, me right,
Watch me, ddaeng! Ring the school bell, brr brr, ddaeng! Hey, this life is hopeless, you’re ddaeng! Shake your butt Bingle bangle, bang bang, bingle bangle Butterflies fluttering in front of me I must be flying towards you who’s waiting for me In this beautiful ecstasy My heart melts s-slowly Aim for my heart, have me completely Throw me down How are you today? How are you doing? How are you today? Seems like I’m the only one like this I wanna go back to you Say nananananana, so you’ll be attracted to me Come closer to me More dizzily closer to me I whisper sweetly in your heart
So that I can reach you Why do you keep getting on my nerves? A little jealousy The way you look at someone other than me Jealousy Stop talking to me about other people You can’t stop me lovin’ myself Ursoo, it’s awesome You can’t stop me lovin’ myself Hooray it’s so awesome C’mon on y’all
Moonchild don’t cry When moon rise, it’s your time I’m the one I should love in this world Me, who shines
My precious soul Now I finally realize, so I love me Everything is gonna be alright Say it to me Rumor Rumor Rumor Gossip Gossip Gossip Rumor Rumor Rumor Say you love me Say it to me Your fingertips, your fragrant lotion You touch my dry heart Your stare’s like the blue color of the ocean Throw your body into the refreshing waves So if love is nothing more
Than just a waste of your time Waste it on me, Waste it on me
(Waste it on me) You’ve shown me I have reasons I should love myself I’ll answer with my breath, my path I don’t want to be ignored and disregarded,
but I act like I do All of my problem, now that I’ve moved away from you The world outside is so different from what I imagined inside My exhausted mind and soul Yes or no, just tell me Make it easy and simple I hate ambiguous answers I’m not that type
I’m cool like that I wanna let the light come into my world I’ve fallen for you, no point in denying In one moment, I’m pulled to you Step 1,2,3 and 1,2,3 Let’s go Will you be my friend? Don’t leave me
I believe, I start running No ending, you are my heartbeat Even if I’m struck by rain Don’t block me, limited Let’s go past the limit, unlimited The meaning of our existence Can’t stop, I’ll run to you, I’ll run to you I will remember you I will meet you again I will draw you in my dreams every day You and I, under the blue night sky I promised you, love We’re so young We’re so freaky We’re trapped inside, losing what’s real We be screaming go, go go I don’t wanna play this game no more Somebody help Now I don’t know you anymore I’ll forget you woo woo woo Go away, don’t even look back Abracadabra like magic
(Ohhh, come and take it) It’s a myste-mystery my Mr. Mr. E Abracadabra, can’t budge Are you sick of me now? Do you just not like me? Are you so excited to tell me that it’s over? Not today but tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow OR One two three, let’s go Let’s go dance like flying to space Hey! Let’s dance the night away Let’s dance the night away Wishing on a sky Wishing on a scar If there’s the moonlight I wouldn’t want to wake up My
Daydream, daydream Daydream, daydream I like the feeling of being with you I like the feeling of dancing with you I just wanna, wanna, wanna I really wanna, wanna, wanna [iKON – Don’t Forget]*
If I can’t reminisce you as my everything Then leave me a piece of you that I can’t forget Open your eyes Hold my hand, every day I’m the one you’ve been dreaming of We wanted this time so badly, babe I’m always all about you you you you You’re always about me me me me (You selfishly become the center) You only think about yourself Then just be with yourself Like you’re bewitched, follow me Everyone cheers and you will too soon You can act like you’re not I’m putting you all over my body Thickly settling you all over my body
You’re on me, you’re on me, can’t wash you out For a long day Run, run, run, run Don’t forget this rose standing here So I can always shine La La La La Vie en Rose This is my my It’s like they’re asking me to approach Ooh la la la, please allow me Ooh la la la, into your imagination I’ll go right in, so let me in Hey, tell me what you want Nanana Nanana What on earth do you want? Yes, what do you want? Just do it, Just go Last night Wanna hear my story? You probably can’t handle it Shh, this is familiar for some reason, dejavu I’ll tell you all of last night’s secrets, last night As I close my eyes and go to you Now I‘m falling falling falling for you Falling falling falling for you I love ya I’m singing for you, so you can fall deeper, Lata I love ya I’m dancing for you, so I can trap you inside me, Lata I love ya Latata latata latata latata Baby, I did it right there Oh, I put everything on the line, I did it Like you don’t care Risky like a game of tug-of-war You burn me up, you shake me up You lit a fire in my life I fell for you without even realizing it I can’t see the saying
“Don’t cross this line” No matter what anyone says, I’ve already stepped on I know the ending is obvious Look at it from afar, take your time There’s no need to rush, my pace Don’t compare yourself with others It’s okay to run slower Just follow my lane, my lane Take it easy Just look ahead and run You ready, let’s go All those nights we shared Makes me drunk Starry night Starry night From my steps, it’s different
I’m approaching you with such a feeling So cool, aren’t I? From head to toe,
I stand before you in perfect shape Hey, how you doin’, baby? It’s like I’ll overflow
On this dangerous night It’s the love shot Now though there won’t be more They have to remain as the past “Like” and “love” aren’t enough
To express this beautiful feeling It’s beautiful The tree frogs, I don’t listen to the frogs
No matter how much they try to overturn me The tree frogs, I don’t listen to the frogs,
but thanks to you, I turned into a three-year-old Mmm… are you all the paparazzi? Under the spotlight Whenever I sing, they all fall for me I’m a hot potato I’m a famous man Say my name It’s a problem In the whole world It’s the same love song But it doesn’t touch me In my night Baby, you’re dangerous, dangerous,
when you look at me like that I can’t hold it anymore I wanna leave with you tonight
So it’ll never erase from my memories, oh baby Let’s go to the beach, baby
(You & I) If it’s with you, I’m down down down down Let me get in the passengers seat
(You & I) Answer me quickly, now now now now Dripping water faucet (splash) VVS my diamonds, I don’t need no light to shine Iced out both my wrists now I can barely see the time I just made a million and I’m still not satisfied Cause I need that bag on the regular I spend a bag on the regular My woman, now I know My woman, my blue bird A-yo, towards yesterday’s sky
So you can reach high Towards the light
Hands up Go Hands up I’m a monkey with an allergy to bananas but still I like bananas I’m a monkey with an allergy to bananas but still I love bananas Get away out of my face Don’t come any closer boy Even if I’m sad, I won’t cry Get away out of my face Don’t look at me anymore, boy I wanna know, they say it’s sweet like candy I wanna know, they say it feels like flying I wanna know know know know What is love?
What does love feel like? I wanna know, they say you smile all day I wanna know, they say the world becomes beautiful Somehow
I was getting over you little by little In pain that seemed would never end Somehow You keep me up all night I can’t sleep The night is so cruelly long You keep me up all night Now I don’t even know I’m asking, please
Will you tell me your story? I wanna know Don’t try to hide it, I’ll be on your side Your voice and your breath tell me everything What kind of pain, what kind of sadness you have But why am I so lonely? Killing me Not a single bit of the feelings from before Not a single bit of those emotions are left You call me every night, when you’re drunk But you don’t mean any of it, so baby bye bye bye I don’t want to love you Because from the moment it starts
I know I can’t break free Don’t come towards me, please stop
Please stop right there I don’t don’t don’t want to fall for you Our words toward each other
Are getting sharper and sharper Yeah just shoot me
Bang bang Your bullet bullet bullet I’ll take it anytime
If this is what you want Just shoot me, shoot me Just talking to myself Because I have no one else to talk to Because anyone can see
I’m the one who let you go I’m just talking to myself I can’t even blame you Because the one who made become alone
Was me

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