I’m not one of those
Common men, I’m not I make a lot of trouble
But I’m an obedient cutie Please love me 1 2 3 4 show me
what’s you got 1 2 3 4 show me
what’s you got I have a lot of land to
Sleep on Others don’t but they
Act as if they do I’m different from those
Cheesy ones with foreign cars I’m different change~
Follow me I don’t need
Maserati Ferrari key I have a so rich body
I’m expensive man like that I’ll put on my shoes tight
And untie my tie a bit I don’t want to say
Other things tonight I don’t want to show it off
I just want to wear nice clothes I’ll have fun
Yes I have nice clothes on Shoe laces Ah ha~~ that’s right
here we go ~~ let’s dance time ~~ everybody sing a song

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