Musically Spin Transition? (With English subtitles)

Hi everyone! I finished my other video and here i am. Why am i here? Because Spin Transition! I will show you how to make spin transition. There are people who still don’t know hot to do it. I don’t want to make it long like the other video. Not like my recent video like my float transition video. I will put a link of that for you. Go watch it and come back. Go watch and come back. You can see how you can shoot a video in slow motion. I’m opening my camera with slow motion mode. Slow motion. Your lighting must be good. Mine is not good atually. But my purpose is to show you. Put a quilt the floow where you shoot the video. Because we actually throw the phone. Some people dropped and broke their phone. I will show you guys now. They droppedand broke, some of them dropped the phone into toilet and so on. Frankly, i put the floor my coat. I will put a pillow. I don’t think i will drop it but anyway. Put a quilt! Your phone wil be broke guys! It’s gonna break. I put on the slow mode. I’m opposite of the mirror. Actually i should be farther. How much i should be farther? I will set this with my arm One arm long is best. It’s super. When when i stand my side, my fingertips touching the mirror. I will shoot right from here. In slow motion I started it. I’m scared. Before you throw the phone, It shouldn’t be spin freely in the air. It should be steady. It should spin parallel to mirror. It should be like this If it goes like this, it will be good. Some people spin it with one hand and they are realy good. I’m throwing with my two hands. I spinned and caught it. I will do it again. I will remove the camera so you can see. I’m saving it. Let’s see if we got it. I pu the timer right on the throwing part. You can not do it if you do’t have app for this I should cut the video right before i catch the phone. I’m catching here. And cut. Now, I’m showing you now. It’s spinning as you can see. This is short because i couldn’t spin so much. Sometimes you should try it like ten or twenty times. It’s interesting, i tried six times and i got two rounds. Yalcin tried twice and he got seven rounds. It’s so good. Let me show you. Mine didn’t spin like that. You should try again and again. I just shoot for showing you and i got one round. What are we going to do now? You can now watch how you can post a video from the category. Going to musically. You can add like i show you, from library section. I recommend ‘dusk till dawn’ song for this. The song is so good for it. But you can add songs from inshot or imovie if you want to take songs from other people. If you are using imovie, you can add any song of imovie. People who know that probably know the spin transition too. Except that, if you have an android mobile and if you can’t you can use ‘sugar’ Or dusk till dawn will be so good. Right after when you throw the phone it will be like ‘ding!’ Try to throw higher and throw parallel with the mirror. Make sure it spig straightly as you want. You must try repeatedly. That’s why we are putting a quilt. Don’t forget to comment after you watch the video Because my next video will be twintransition Because my next video will be twintransition Comment what else do you want to see. If this video helped you please let me know. It’s important for me. All of my videos has dislikes. Frankly, i don’t care about it because there are obvious people who will dislike my video even if a shoot the most beautiful video on earth. They are specially waiting, the second i post the video surely there are 5 dislikes. My stalkers are very fast. You are subscribing me right from here. You can watch my other videos right here. I love you all. See you soon! (clap)

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