Musically Nasıl kullanılır? LEVEL1 (How to use Musically? With English subtitles)

Listen and learn from the Crown. I saw a lot of videos on YouTube. About how to use musically How to get crown and featured? Of course, i might not know everything totally. There are things that i don’t know, surely. But at least, it will help you that you listen to me. I want to start. Firstly, I wil switch the camera. I want to show you directly. Because you won’t be able to see what i did on the screen. Now, Here i am, I’m in my own account. When you open an account, make sure you are opening it with ‘gmail’ if you haven’t opened an account yet. If you connect with Facebook and if you can’t log in with any other devices, Go to settings, Here, There is this section ‘my account info’ My phone number is in it. I can’t open it now. Make sure you add your phone number or e-mail adress in it. There is a red exclamation mark near the security email section in new accounts. In that case, you write your mail here, you send a code to yourself. Just like you verify your Facebook accounts. Or Instagram, you do the same thing here, too. After that, nothing can be a problem as you forget your password or anything. There isn’t anything that you must know. But absolutely verify your accounts. Then, you can send yourself a code and refresy your password easily if you have any problem. In here, If this ‘private account’ section is white, your account doesn’t private. If this section is green, your account private and only your followers can reach to your videos. In ‘Only friends can me section’, your friends and your BFF’s (it means best fan forever) You can give bff whoever you want. Only my friends and my BFFs can dm me. I kept it on but if you take it off, everyone can dm you. You can find people that you blocked in this section. You can unblocked them in here. That’s all in here. I’m turning to my page. There will be an empty page in new starter’s. You can write anything you want in this section ‘editt profile’ This is your app ID. Mine is, ezgizem. You can write your instagram here. It’ll lead you to Instagram main page. You can write your password there, it’s real instagram you don’t have to worry. You can enter your YouTube here. These will connect automatically. This part is about bio. You can write anything. You can put your photo in here. And i think 3 second video can be on here. You can add video in here. Video shows up in there and your profile be animate. If you add instragram and youtube, people directly go to your profiles. I can see that i have 646 musical.lys when i touch the ‘style guru’ section. This 11,5M hearts section means likes on my videos. When you touch, it turns to emoji-loves. That’s the ikes that you get on broadcast. These are top gifters in broadcasts. They sent me gifts. This is for one week. In here, i have my private videos. Nobody can see these videos except me. I can save videos and sometimes sounds and keep in here. I can shoot however i want and i can keep in here. Yes, let’s find a song to shoot. And i can show you how to shoot a I actually want to make a Turkish song. I want to shoot ‘Evlenecem’ (it’s a meme, famous vine in Turkey) There wouldn’t be any copyright in that song. Yes, i found it. I will like my video to find easily. But you, This is the main page. There are people who you are following. In for you section, There will be videos that your friends liked, or, featured musicallys. When you make a great video, musically features it and all users can see your videos. In the left bottom of the screen, it says you got feature. These are the videos of my friends and people who i follow. When you get to the searching part, There are, comedy, style, food, There are some categories in here. Trendings, popular videos and recent vieos. Trending part is where the videos gets likes during this time. Popular part is where the videos gets most likes and stays there constantly Recent videos are the newest. You can post video in here. These are the challange tags. Like we have in scorp or vine. It gives you some headlines, some hashtags. When you touch the tag, There is an explanation about the trending tag. You must know English, If you don’t know English you can watch some videos to learn what is it about. You can post video in here, too. You can get feature. I will show my video as an example. It is in trending now. To get the song you want, in searching section I will type the song i want to use. Let’s wirte ‘Salla.’ Then, After you type the song, there is this part ‘sounds’ You can find the songs in this part. Yes, there are songs about ‘Salla’ Or you can type the singer. I will show that, too. Let’s write ‘Tarkan’ There are a lot of songs in’s archive. You can find almost anything you want. If you couldn’t find it, touch the plus in the middle of the screen, You can choose from here. There are albums in here, Like pop, comedy, animals etc. There is a part in there called ‘my sounds’ You can pick your songs in here. I will turn back to my song. At the right bottom of the video, there is a picture of the song. I will go to song from here and click the post video. I will switch the camera. Here i am, it’s so hot in here by the way. I will record my screen I can put the screen somewhere in here. I opened it. I want to show you first. This part is normal. You listen it in normal speed. In fast part, it doesn’t say that speed will be fast. It says, you shoot slowly but it becomes fast. These sections say to you what it will do. You can be confused, it says what will be after you shoot the video. It says fast because it will be fast after the shooting. It shooted slow but it’ll turn to it’s normal speed. Now, There is ‘lapse’ It will shoot so so so slow. but it will turn out so fast. We usually use this in transtation videos. Or in videos that requires deep details Not using generally because it makes your moves very fast. Lilke you speed up so much. I will show you ‘slow’ part. We will shoot fast but it’ll be slow. This is hard a little bit. Hear it first. You shoot iin that speed and it makes it slow. I will shot and show you. I use this one when i do romantic videos or Turkish videos. Of course, sometimes it is hard, not everyone can do it. You have to choose slow songs. If the song is already fast, you won’t be able to sing it. It’s not about talent. You must know the lyrics so well and it must be suitable for your physiological structure. It doesn’t matter how fast you can sing, sometimes some words just don’t fit the after word. One more thing, when i start shooting, It will zoom in when you swipe up. It’s like Snapchat, you can also zoom in like that. This is the simplest way. It’ll be easier when you shoot with your thumb. You can swipe up and down while shooting. These are the lenses. You can choose any lense you want. Some lenses change your voice. If you want to shoot a comedy video with your own voice, you can use it. This is beauty effect. Above that, there are emojis. You can put emoji in the screen and you can delete it after you put them. You put the emoji You move it anywhere you want, when you want to delete, it will appear a bin where you get the emoji. You can delete it from there and get another one. Above that, there is a timer. When you choose that, it will start shooting after 5 seconds. You can put your phone anywhere and shoot with hands free. You have to be ready in 5 seconds. Above that, this switches the camera. And above that, cuts the music. You can cut the music if it’s too long to get the part you want. Now, i will shoot. You can see right there. I did it. Okay. I didn’t pulled my finger from the recording because, if you want to zoom in, you shouldn’t pull your finger. If you use the timer you don’t have to touch the screen. It’ll cotinued to shooting after you move your finger from it. I want to shoot a slow mode video. i will be fast, an easy one, I will ove my hands in this, I really don’t want to show any move because everyone has their own style of shooting, but while shooting, there are 2 types of shooting styles, One, you move the camera with your hands two, you move Your face and the camera stays still and you move like this, the objects behind you will move. This is more effective and good but this is kinda hard. It can be better if you move with you phone but usually you slide, swipe up swipe down, They usually do like that. But, Video can look bad if you get lost and move so fast. That’s why, you have o make small moves. If you are shooting a top level musically, you can slide or swipe up your phone. I will shoot a musically in slow mode, it’s English. I will play it first, Now, I’m shooting, I forgot to tell you something. Look, There is a beat drop in here. When you hear it you must do something. For example, you can put your hand on camera You stopped the video, make it slow when you move your hand. or you snapped your finger and stopped the video then make it slow. Or wink, blow a kiss, anything. Any of these because after that we will make it slow. I will show you the easiest way. It’s the first one i show you. There is somethng else i will show you after that. I put my hand in front of the camera, i passed the slow mode, Let’s snap fingers that time with the same song. I deleted it. When you move your hand, the light will deteriorate for a second. It takes time to get the right light. Your background will be blue, your face wil be so bright. Actually the best way is that you do one move. These are hard but i will show you a method that you can do this easily. Choose fast mode like you always do, I will put my finger on slow mode, I won’t move my finger from it. And i’m using the timer, i have 5 seconds, Look at when i pulled my finger, I will show you again, i think you get it but i want to show again. Don’t rewind it. When the fast mode slected, i’m putting my finger on the slow mode, then choosing the timer. 4, 3, 2, 1… It makes it fast when i pulled out my finger. They asking me that how i’m not shaking my phone while shooting. Because i’m using this mode. When they stopped the video, the phone is sliding a little. It is distorting the video. Therefore, this is the easiest way. It become slow when you pulled out your finger. Pulled out you finger while winking, or after you winked. Or i don’t know, make the head move. Or you can use accessory. I will show you withmy crown. But this is something else, you have to stop your recording. I will shoot now, I’m gonna break these things. i stopped it, I’m making sure the location of my hand. You can do anything, My hand was here, Choose slow mode, Okay. I want to say something. About musically. Your video quality will be better if you shoot musicaly outside light, If you turn to the sun, it will be ten times better. If you are at home when you shoot the video, go in front of the window. You ca fix you light by touching anywhere of the screen. You can illuminate the spot you want. If you go behind the curtains it will be more professional because of the background. It will be more clear. Videos that taken in night can not get more likes. This is important for you. 3 or 5 or 10 likes decreases. If you have light in your home and if it’s too bright you can use it, too. You can buy yourselves flashlights. What else… It absolutely can not be dark. It is too hard to get a feature by just lipsyncing. You have to make challanges to get feature. Follow the hashtags from main page. Don’t do them too late. You are making the challanges after they removed. It is too hard for you to get any feature like that. Because it matters when it’s on the popular list. What else… Pay attention. Don’t shoot videos in bed just because you will get ten likes. Change yur outfit if it look bad. Or, i don’t know if you don’t like your hair or you don’t like the video… For example, some people posting and saying ‘i will delete this one’ No, you can change it. Change your outfit or your hair. Like i’m making any difference… But, It will be better if you pat attention. You have to follow the rules if you want to get big. It has to be bright, it is really important to have good quality. That’s all. This is the first level of my upcoming videos. How to use first level. In the second one, I will show something else. How to do transition or glitch. They will be hard to shoot and record. But between them, I will show you how to do ‘Float Transition’ or ‘Spin Transition’ and ‘Twin Transition’ They are popular now. Like this video and comment what you think about the video. Because i edited this video by myself. My friend Aycan has some works to do. It is the first editing that i will do with details. Please like and comment. Subscribe to my channel if you didn’t already. Wait for my next video. I love you guys.

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