Stars Are VERY Talented (ft. Loren Gray)

True grit unyielding perseverance artistic proclivity Laser-focused these are just a handful of the terms you might hear tossed around in a Conversation about what it takes to be a musically star the proliferation of talent rising up through the ranks of this groundbreaking lip, synching Application harks back to the 1700s where the Classical period saw the likes of Mozart Haydn and Beethoven Redefining the human perception of what beautiful music truly is It’s safe to say that musically has become one of the best indicators of how you know, what fuck I can’t do this anymore Hello everyone, my name is Leon lush and welcome back to a new video. I Am just Revd the cup that you are here for a few minutes of bullshit with me today. I gotta tell you This dynamic we have is incredible the music Lee’s been around for quite some time and over the years There’s been a lot of people making videos on YouTube taking the piss out of them talking about how there’s not Really any talent involved why the hell do these kids have so many followers? All they’re doing is lip-synching over 10 to 15 second clips of popular songs, and listen Leon. Lush is of a different opinion I submit that these kids are Outrageously touted a exude talent to have the courage the know-how the wherewithal to choreograph a skit to 15 seconds of a popular song I’m fuckin not me when I was at age. These kids are these kids are blazing a new trail. I listen I don’t expect you to take my word for it I’m prepared to prove this to you as they say the proof is in the humus so I familiarized myself with this musically app, which was long overdue for someone who’s Mean, come on. Let’s be honest. I have what it takes to be a musically star Anyways, we’re gonna just kind of look through and I’m gonna show you What it takes to be a musically star, it’s not just conventional good looks right So we’re in the app now and there’s this for you session where I guess it curates Music wheeze. They think you’re gonna like kind of how Instagram when you go to the search Explorer page It kind of gives you just the top. This is how people get famous right you make it good musically it shows up on the suggestion or whatever the fuck this for you is and then some old fuck like me watches it and Makes you famous I’m sorry notifications get absolutely crazy when your YouTube famous Here I am thinking music Lee’s only lip-syncing which is incredible in its own Right, and these guys are busting out level 10 grandmaster magic some David Blaine level shit right here I actually got eaten by a chip bag fire emoji. This is interesting 2.2 million hearts seems pretty reasonable. Let’s let’s check these guys out. Who is this Oliver Moy 1.4 million fans Next two people to follow me get to duet stay positive Unless it’s HIV. Am I right wall? Okay, if I had any preconceived notion at all about what a musically profile picture should look like This this is exactly it this is 110 percent what what I thought it would it would it should look like Can I get my nails this is okay, honey, do you like wait a minute is this no? No this cultural appropriation why you don’t lie. Oh Look Nye is so sexy, honey horrendous inoffensive Holy Rose is really showcasing the width of her abilities here. You think that she can only lip-sync to music now? There is no far-reaching corner of the earth at her talent will not shine a light on She can lip-sync comedy skits – it’s insane I’m dead She is so pretty she looks like Lauren gray and well Vicki had a baby laughing till I’m crying heart Well, I don’t know if saying someone looks like whoa. Vicki is a compliment exactly. But who is this? Lauren gray girl? Twenty-seven point two million fans Yeah Talent now scrolling through Lauren Gray’s musically page to let me remind you as twenty seven point two million followers rock star You might think that it’s really just a contest of who can be the most aesthetically pleasing are the most conventionally attractive But I’m here to tell you that it’s it’s way more than that I pooped on limo bus boy, like what did I tell you? Alright, well I stumbled on this page of this guy named Antony Locke Horst million fans, and if there’s anything that’s gonna get me to Investigate further. It’s a fucking rippling six-pack, obviously I’m just saying Antony law Horst is on one right now. Do you have a brother or sister? I don’t Into that actually I’m not even mad at this fucking guy right now. I wish I was she’s not Talent Oh God tell me he’s not a musician to talk about a triple threat. This is probably gonna be good Owen with that chord progression that’s Riptide Thanks. This may be good What Okay Just because you have a million followers on musically pyrocynical Szold haircut in the rippling six-pack You have the fucking audacity to pick up a guitar Learn three chords and seeing the same five fucking lyrics over and over and call yourself a music game and for being honest It’s got the right idea Lady Running down to the Riptide taken away to the dark side. I wanna be your left hand man. I Love you when you’re singing that song and I got a lump in my throat cause you’re gonna sing the words wrong That’s so fucking hard. Where’s my 1 million gasps, babe? Love it fire mode. You were so good You were so good. Wow So good I’m just messing around this kids clearly athletic as hell. He’s doing Michael Jackson dance moves hanging from a pull-up bar This is 1 million followers well-deserved for real Taplow ok, so door Creek is a trending hashtag. Let’s take a peek All right, I’m tired of being just a spectator You know I’m saying I’m trying to get Lea unless she’s trying to get that 27 point two million followers I’m trying to make Gucci raincoat money Right. Now the only way to do that is to take the first step and get involved. Let’s do ok I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing, but I know Nigel’s going to be involved Okay, well this musically is clearly trending worthy so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna go ahead and post it Post it And we’re live If you’re watching this and you want to head on over to my musically and comment on my first musically to help give me some Traction, I think before no time twenty seven point two million followers is starting to look like a reasonable goal listen I’ve proven that there’s a much more intricate skill set involved here than just being conventionally attractive to be famous on musically and and honestly, I can’t Refund you the past few minutes of your life that you gave to me. There’s that those are mine Now those are my minutes But I can’t implore you to just leave a comment down below if you what I’d love to I’d love to hear from you Anything really I don’t even care and then if he could just do me a tiny Little favor and head down to your local supermarket Pick up three onions two limes and a probably like a head of leeks I think in a can of root beer and head back home pop that shit in the blender hit pause like five or six times And then take that blender full of shit Whip it as hard as you can at the closest window and when that window shatters you go over and you pick up a shard Of broken glass from the floor and you just cut open one of your couch cushions pull out a little bit of the stuffing and then crawl inside that couch cushion and hide for about three to four weeks and just When your family’s almost done mourning your disappearance, you want to bust out of that couch cushion go surprise motherfuckers I’m back and then hip thrusts that mother fucking like button for me My god, do I appreciate you I’ll see you soon. Peace Do do

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