Montgomery County Mastered In Tennessee Anthem

The desire to achieve something great. It’s why we are here.
It defines our purpose. Drives our potential.
And powers our dreams. It’s why the biggest brands—
The ones that shape the future… Come here.
We are greater than the sum of our parts. Connected by vision.
By aspiration By strength.
Strength is the infrastructure that helps us
connect the world, And the commitment
to enrich new generations, And bring remarkable levels
of creativity and skill to bear on a robust range of industry.
In Montgomery County, we live boldly. Rooted to the land
To our history To freedom
and to each other Because we know that greatness comes from
working together, To make category-defining products,
Things that drive the world That empower us as individuals,
yet connect each of us In a true, global community.
Here, we value those who outwork the rest of us.
Those who teach And those who infuse pride and craft in every
product, every project,
and every purpose. Ambition is indeed the key to our success,
as we equip the workforce of tomorrow. to propel us forward
In technology, In industry,
and consumer products. We access global markets by land, air
And water. Our commitment to growth
starts with the small things, That matter in big ways,
And that’s why we’ve emerged as the place
where futures are made. If you believe in the power of ambition.
And are ready to work hard to achieve it. Now is your time to be
In Montgomery County, Tennessee.

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