Man Wrote Songs About Paternity Doubts (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello, Ron. This is the case of
Connally v. Haskel.
Thank you.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Good day, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Connally,
two years ago the court helped you prove to your father,
Mr. Harrison, that you were his
biological daughter. Yes, Your Honor. You say your relationship
has improved and he is actually
here supporting you
in today’s case. Yes, Your Honor. That’s wonderful. Now you’re back to prove to your ex-boyfriend,
Mr. Haskel that he fathered your
nine-month-old daughter,
Blair. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Haskel, you claim you’re
a successful R&B singer and you say Miss Connally
is pinning her baby on you because you’re famous. Yes, Your Honor. All right, Mr. Haskel, now, do you really believe Miss Connally
is after your fame? Yes, Your Honor. Explain. I was going to my
favorite pizza joints, I don’t have to really
do too much talking
when I come in. I just give a head nod and
you know, everybody knows me. So, they normally just go
ahead and make my order. So on this particular day,
I see Miss Connally and she’s new,
I don’t even know her. I come in, I said,
“Can I get my usual?” She looks and says,
“Who are you?” I’m like, “Well, I’m one of the most
famous singers in D.C., “like you must not be from
D.C. if you don’t know me.” She is like, “What do you do?”
So I told her I sing. I’m like,♪ I don’t knowSo, you know, gave her a couple of notes, right. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) And then the next thing
you know, she says, “Well, I know how to sing. “You know, do you
wanna hear me?” That’s not how
it went, Your Honor. He said, “Make my order.”
I said, “Who are you? “What are you talking about?”
And he’s like,
“You don’t know me? “I’m famous, I’m famous,
I sing.” I said, “Well, sing.” He held a note. So I said,
“Okay, I can sing too.” So I sang a song
that I had wrote. And he was like, “Oh, okay,
you can sing too.” So we… All this before
the order was placed? Before the order was placed. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Okay. We exchanged numbers, I had no intentions
of calling him. And when I got home I threw
his number in the bag and I called him
a month later when I got bored and wanted
someone to talk too. Your Honor, that’s a lie.
She called me a week later indicating that she was
locked out from her home… ARTISHIA: He’s lying. Stating that, she needed a shower
to go to work. I said, “Listen, ask my mom.” No, that’s not true. “If she give you permission
to take a shower…” It’s not true, stop lying. “…then it’s cool.” So I put her on the
phone with my mom, and I guess… So wait, wait, wait, wait,
Mr. Haskel. You famous, but you live with your mom. Yeah, I was staying
at my mother’s at that particular moment. Okay, Miss Connally,
you did call him and say, “Can I take a shower
at your house?” No, I never said that. So what were you doing
over there, just visiting? It was closer to…
Closer to the pizza place. So I say, “Can I come over?” On that day, did you all have sex? No. Yes, we did have sex,
Your Honor. Yes, we did have sex,
Your Honor. She said, “I wanna have sex
before I go to work.” I said,
“You’re gonna be tired. “You’re gonna be tired.”
But she’s like… (LAUGHTER) “I’m considered…
I’m considered the manager. “I don’t have to
really do too much work.” That’s not true. I gave myself
to her, Your Honor. The day that we had sex was
the day that I called him when I was at home and
I was bored, I didn’t have to go to work. Okay, bottom line, at some
point you all became intimate. ARTISHIA: Right. She even had an incident in her job, fighting with one
of her co-workers. ARTISHIA: That has nothing to do with why
we’re here today. She told her co-worker
that I was the person she was engaged
in the activity with. I get a call at my job that my girlfriend
is fighting at some pizza parlor and
I don’t have a girlfriend. Your Honor… I’m single! Did you get
into the fight with your co-worker over him? No, the girl was
jealous of me. That’s the reason why
we got into an altercation. Can I speak? I’m not gonna
lie to you. She had keys to my house
and I didn’t even know it. I come home one day,
Your Honor, I got my female friend
with me. I’m thinking, I’m about to
go and have a relaxed time
in my room. She’s laying in my bed. My mom’s not home. I asked her,
“How did you get in?” “I have keys, your
mother gave me keys.” How did you get
keys if you don’t… Let her respond. Miss Connally, how did you
get keys to the house and you were laying in his bed
when he came home? Your Honor, we were
in a committed relationship for two months,
under my assumption. She bought my mama. She had to buy my mother…
She must have brought her pizza
every night, when she was hungry. She brought her
pizza at home every night. That’s how
she got in the house. ‘Cause my mom
loves pizza, it was pepperonis
every night. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) First of all, his mother
doesn’t even eat pork. So, I don’t know
why you’re lying. He’s a liar and
a master manipulator. My mom doesn’t… JUDGE LAKE:
Listen, listen, listen. But you got her hooked. Listen, Mr. Haskel, I’m trying to understand
this and, oh, you believe she
buttered your mom up? Meaning she created
a friendship with your mother and then, somehow convinced her to move in, because somehow
she ended up with keys, and that wasn’t your doing. So, Miss Connally, do you stay
in this home or do you leave? At this point I leave,
I’ve had enough of his shenanigans. So, I went back to school. I was in school, in Texas. And what happens from there,
you get pregnant? No, actually I missed him. To be honest. You missed him? I missed him. After all of that? I miss the sexual
relationship. Your Honor,
before she returned home,
Ebola came out. So, my mom said,
“You leave “my keys in Texas
with Ebola.” Because no one
from Texas is gonna find
my home from there. So she told…
My mom told her,
“Don’t even come back.” ‘Cause she don’t want Ebola,
I don’t want Ebola. Let’s get back to the issues that
relate to the paternity. ARTISHIA: I left for… You missed him and then you came back. Once you came back,
did you resume a sexual relationship? As soon as I got back. You did? Mmm-hmm. Is that true, Mr. Haskel? That’s a yes or no question. Yes, we had sex when
she returned from Texas. Is this the time frame in which you think
you conceived your child? Yes. As soon as I got from Texas, ’cause I drove…
I drove straight to his house. That whole week,
I had an app that tells me when
I was fertile and let me track my period. So, I told him that
whole week that I’m fertile, so be careful,
you know, because we never
used protection. Your Honor,
she had it in her mind that she was gonna trap me. She knew she
was pregnant. You don’t have no money. So she indicated in
her mind frame, “Okay, this is
a perfect opportunity, “with a guy that can sing, “popular in D.C. “One of the famous
guys that’s singing.” And I’m on a lot
of different songs, so she can’t lie
and say she haven’t heard me in the go-go song. She probably was
conceiving on my song maybe. One of the songs I… Your Honor, I wish
someone else was the father. ‘Cause I know you listen
to go-go in Texas. I wish someone else
was the father, I really do. You have a witness,
Mr. Haskel? I’d like to hear from him.
Please stand, sir. State your name
for the court. Uh, Mr. Barnett.
Antwon Barnett. Mr. Barnett, how do you
know Miss Connally, Mr. Haskel? Uh, I was actually there
when they first met. JUDGE LAKE: You were? Yeah. This is my cousin. That’s your cousin? Yeah. So, you were there
when they first met? Yeah. Please tell the court
what you know. Okay, what I know about Miss Connally is basically… She tried to talk to me on multiple occasions,
Your Honor. That’s a lie. Like for instance
there was one time, she was parked outside
my cousin’s home, right. And I’m walking to the store
and she honk the horn. I go over there to
see what she want, and she’s flirting
with me so, I brushed that off.
I continue to walk. I would never
smash the horn… She was… She even slept with a close
friend of ours, Your Honor. That’s a lie. No you’re not
gonna lie on my… Mmm-mmm. That’s a lie. (LAUGHTER) JUDGE LAKE: Miss Connally, you cannot tell me you’re taking this
situation lightly, not with a beautiful
little girl. No, I’m angry because he’s… He’s denying…
He’s denying my child. And that’s the… And he’s
dragging my name through
the mud. He’s saying that I slept with
his friends and his cousins. I would never do that. I don’t do that. That’s not
the type of girl that I am. JUDGE LAKE: Moving forward. I want to get to the birth. At the time that
Blair was born, were you all in a place
where he participated
in the birth with you? Did he attend
doctor’s appointments? He only attended
one appointment and that’s because
I asked him, like I begged him to come. So, when the baby’s born, does he show up
to the hospital? Yeah. Did he participate
in the birth? Yeah. He did. Did you put his name on
the birth certificate? No, I didn’t. Why not? Because he told me
he wasn’t
gonna sign it. My only reason for
coming to this hospital is because of
the blood test. I supported her,
I held her hand while she was pushing,
I gave her something to drink. It was like…
After that it was, no talking to the nurse
about the DNA. Like, wait for the blood test. All right, so, so, you were there? Yes. But when it came time to execute the
birth certificate, you did not
want to sign it because you did have doubts? And it’s your testimony
that you came to that hospital because you were
hoping to have a DNA test. Yes, Your Honor. I understand. Now,
Miss Connally, your mother is here.
Ron, would you please escort Ms. Connally into
the courtroom? Ma’am, step up here
to the witness stand. Hello, ma’am. Thank you
so much for joining us today. Uh, I have to ask you. Do you believe Mr. Haskel is your grandchild’s
biological father? No. I don’t really know
Mr. Haskel. I’ve never… You know, I didn’t
know him at that time when she said she was
pregnant. I’d never met him. Why is it you don’t feel
he’s the biological father? Because… You have knowledge that
she was also intimate
with other people? Well, she was…
She had a roommate
in Texas. I heard… I’m not even gonna
acknowledge that. I don’t even know why she’s
here saying that. She’s supposed
to have my back. And my support. BRENDA: I do have your
back. I’m just saying… No, I don’t… I don’t
appreciate that. You’re supposed
to be my mother. I am your mother. That has nothing
to do with anything. I’m trying to find out
who is the father. That has nothing
to do with anything. Well, this is a mess.
It’s a hot mess. JUDGE LAKE: So, what I’m
trying to understand is, by your account,
Ms. Connally, you said she was supposed
to be going to school and the next thing you
know, she wasn’t around… No. And when she came back,
she was pregnant? Well, she went
back to school. She come back now,
she’s pregnant. I mean… So, Miss Connally,
let me ask you this direct, simple question. Were you also having sex
with the man in Texas? Yes. But the time
frame is different. We were good friends. And we were involved
but it’s not around
the time that I… So you were having sex
with this man as well? Yes. When she came back she indicated
that she had relations with
another guy. Right? Within a week. I did, I did tell him
when I came back that I had slept
with someone else. So he’s trying to use
that as an excuse that that guy is the
father, which he’s not. It’s his child. But given the circumstances of you being there with this guy
during this time, you do understand that
he really doesn’t know what you were
doing in Texas. But it wasn’t the
same time frame.
And I told him. So at the end of the day you
don’t understand his doubt? I don’t. Because he knows that
I was, I was in his house. I was with him. I was loyal to him. I don’t even know why
because he was still
sleeping around on me. But, that is the truth.
And I know who my child’s
father is. All right. I’m ready
for the results. Are you? HASKEL: You Honor… I would… I would just… Just one question.
I would just like to know would you like to hear
the song that I wrote? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Yes, go ahead. Okay. Thank you.♪ Feeling like the weight of
the world on my shoulder
♪ Can’t sleep, can’t eat
till it’s over
♪ Been through the same lies♪ And schemes
in my past though
♪ Why wouldn’t I think
she’s trying to get over
♪ Is it ’cause the buzz
I got in these streets
♪ Civilized good head
on my shoulder
♪ That she wanna bag
a brother like me, huh
♪ Knowing my potential
and I’m focused
♪ In every way♪ I just wanna say
that ain’t my baby
♪ I just want closure♪ I want it to be overJUDGE LAKE: Okay. You Honor, can I ask you
one thing? All I want is an apology. I would like for
him to apologize… You want the results
or you want apology? I want an apology too. JUDGE LAKE: What do you
want him to apologize for? Look, I want the results.
But I just want him to
apologize for denying my baby and disrespecting
me and my child. It’s hard for me
to apologize for something when I was
confused the whole time. You was lying. Had secrets. Your Honor, I participated
in the Christmas event
with their family. And she even indicated
that I wasn’t the father. “Why are you even here
at my family function?” I never said that. HASKEL: And she heard
me singing, Your Honor. No one knows him. She put two and
two together… She knew it. Where are your Grammys?
Where are your Grammys? Look at me and look at her. Where’s your number one hit? She sees me
and said, “Okay, money.” Oh, yeah. You know what? This is
not about an apology. Right. And what’s getting on
my nerves is this is
about attention. You want his attention. And you want attention. Period! That’s it! (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) That’s it. ‘Cause you all have
not talked about Blair… BRENDA: Mmm-mmm. Yeah. If I don’t bring her up,
nobody bring her up. I have given you all
ample opportunity to focus on what’s
most important. I’ve heard your stories. I’ve heard your shenanigans. I’ve heard your songs. I’ve heard it all. But I have not heard
enough about this child. There is a cycle here
that is being repeated. You’ve already been
in this courtroom. Now you back in this
courtroom for yourself. You may have wanted
him to love you. You may have wanted to be
in a relationship with him. He did not want that. And you know what,
Miss Connally, you’re not the first girl
that’s been in that position and you won’t be the last. BRENDA: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: That’s life. You can get the keys
to his mama’s house. That does not mean you
get the keys to his heart. HASKEL: Mmm. That’s how it works. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Now do we want the results? ALL: Yeah. Let’s stop all this nonsense
and get down to what we came
here to do. Ron, hand me the
envelope, please. The results, Your Honor. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: In the case
ofConnally v. Haskel,when it comes
to nine-month-old
Blair Connally, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Haskel, you… …are her father. What did I tell you? What did I tell you?
I knew it. Did you write
a song for that? (ALL LAUGHING) Well, there’s miracles
in the world. Because I…
I slept with like… I had plans. But that has nothing
to do… The baby is a miracle.
The fact that she is yours is not a miracle.
You doing the wrong math. You said it. “I had sex with this girl.” Yeah. Unprotected.
It is what it is. It was a possibility
from the beginning that
this could be your child. All of us saw it. Yeah. You didn’t. Yeah. But now, I hope you see the truth because it is what it is. HASKEL: Yes. How do you feel? I feel wonderful.
I’m gonna take care of
my responsibility. I just wanna be there
for our daughter. Take care of our daughter. That’s fine. And, you know,
without no drama. That sounds like a plan. ARTISHIA: That’s fine with me. We have… We have counseling for you. You all need it. They need it. No, you need it. And, and, and,
you know what, Mr. Haskel, I realize
you have a dream to sing,
and I understand that. You have a nice voice. Thank you. And if that’s your
dream, that’s fine. But in addition to
attending to your dreams you have to attend
to your realities. Yes, ma’am. And that is that you’re a father. Yes, ma’am. And you all have
to co-parent. Can I hold her? Oh, now that’s
a good question. HASKEL: Yes. Now wasn’t that nice? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: I’m gonna see if
I can have that arranged. Miss Connally, I want you
to get the help you need. You’re a beautiful girl. Get your self-esteem back. Because this is a cycle that
has repeated itself once. And we’re all here
to make sure it doesn’t
repeat itself again. Okay? Mmm. Good luck to you.
Court is adjourned. I feel wonderful.
It’s finally over. It has been
proven that she’s my beautiful daughter. I’m excited.
I can’t wait to spend more time with her.
Watch her grow up. Be Daddy’s…

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