Lullaby for Baby: Music for Children: Baby Boy Lullaby Bedtime Songs (Hush Little Baby)

Hush little babe it’s the end of the day, time to put all your toys away. The yellow truck and the green tram-car are here to collect all the blocks there are. The green block and the yellow and blue are put into the back of the truck for you. Away they go for their bedtime too, into their toybox just like you. Maybe you’ll dream of a blue train ride, travelling through a lush, green countryside. A slow train can get faster too and get you home before the stars come through. Maybe you will dream you’re in a yellow aeroplane, flying to the moon and then flying down again. Twisting and turning around you will go, climbing up high and then dropping down low. Anything you want it can all come true, and maybe tomorrow it will happen too. Flying in an aeroplane or on a train too, a truck or a tram, maybe things you want to do. Dreams we dream can all come true, so dream on baby and just maybe yours will too!

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