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When you bring your lover back from Hogsmeade,
turn on the finest soundtrack of lovemaking hits this side of Godric’s Hollow. Presenting,
Love Songs of the Harry Potter Universe. favorite wizarding world. Featuring such hits as And who can forget this classic: “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good” Classes have just ended and I’m feelingnaughty
All the Gryffindors I pass are thinkin’ about this body
You’re coming to my dorm, I have home-field advantage
I need all the help I can get to make this mischief managed. Mischief Managed
We’ll get this mischief managed Mischief Managed
We’ll get this, this, this Mischief Managed
Come On Boy, Lets do it Mischief Managed Yeah, Now fold up my map I’m blowing out my candles so please don’t
say “Lumos” If you want to share a reading light, then
please get too close. I’ve heard rumors about you, I know you’re
quite the prowler Maybe tonight you’ll learn it’s not just
letters that can be howlers. Mischief Managed Your wand will choose you when you hear this
song: It used to be you were shy and bumblin’
Your eyes, your mouth, all were humblin’ See you down the hall, the ladies start runnin’
Now years later, you’re looking real stunnin’ You used to be fat and tubby, but now you’ve
got that aura Make all the girls hearts, Alohomora They call you Longbottom, but what about the rest? Let’s see what you look like underneaththat crest I heard a rumor you were the other chosen
one. Grab your sword boy, let’s have some fun. Neville got hot
(ooh ooh ooh yeah girl) Yeah Neville got hot
(ooh ooh ooh yeah girl) Yeah Neville got hot
(ooh look at that boy) Don’t Act So Coy Let them know why you’re nicknamed the Whomping
Willow with these hits… And who could forget this classic Circe Lauper
hit? We could fall in love…. Or Worse!
Get expelled. I’ve been thinking ‘bout a spell since
the minute our OWLs ended I’m thinkin’ you & me do something
I hope we don’t get suspended. I’ve got a need so thirsty, I can’t sate
it. We don’t have anywhere to go, so let’s
create it. Meet me (Meet Me)
In the room (The Room) The Room of Requirement Meet me (Meet Me)
In the room (the room) The Room of Requirement Leviosa Enter your lover’s Chamber Of Secrets when
you play this hit… My boggart shows your absence
I always want you near. I’d apparate to your location
like a romantic cavalier. I won’t use a charm or potion,
that seems superfluous. There’s only one thing I know Lily, No One Can Severus.
Now and Forever-us! Always US!
No One Can Severus. I Love You Lilly
Always Don’t forget these earworms… With these songs you’ll get lucky, and you
won’t even need Felix Felices. LOVE SONGS OF THE HARRY POTTER UNIVERSE – Call
now! Supplies are limited. Call 1-800-VStheUNIVERSE and place your order today. Call in the next 15 minutes
and receive a copy of “A Casual Vacancy in my Heart” for Free! Everyone Thank You For Watching If You want to check out more love songs Please consider liking and subscribing I think everybody here at Geek Show really enjoyed the video, Right GUYS?

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    Fucking great!

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    Mischief Managed, please :D.

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    The Professor Snape one is my favorite


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