Like App Cringe (THE NEW MUSICALLY) | McFuckboy Edition

hey guys it’s zack and I’m back Zack you
look like a pidgeotto there fam come on man you know im self concious
I’m sorry bro my bad it’s okay it’s okay don’t worry about it now guys do y’all remember Christopher
Columbus well I just discovered a new app the same way he discovered America
called the like app now this app is a lot like musically except there’s some
better features like if you don’t have a green screen you can just use the green
screen effect to cut out your background or there’s this really cool feature
where while you’re recording your video playing your song you can throw up some
hearts or maybe some fire if the song’s fire or some smiley faces to make some
people happy or you can throw up a piece of shit if you’re a piece of shit
now considering all these better features you would think that it’s a
better app well it’s not why because of all these people that are on the app I’m
serious it seems like everybody who didn’t make it on musically came over to
the like app and completely ruined it you all know it’s not the app that makes
itself it’s the people that make the app that’s why YouTube isn’t that good right
now I’m talking about you Jake and Logan Paul now doing some research I found
that there’s at least five to eight types of people that really make this
app what it is and the first one we’re gonna be talking about today is they
make fuck boy this is a broke jacob satorious wannabe that’s touching his
hair every five seconds biting and licking his lips while lip-synching to a
popular trendy song that’s talking about a girl you know they’re doing all this
to attract a girl when really they’re just giving everybody AIDS like this
Mcfaggot right here one don’t pick up the phone you know he’s only calling
because he’s drunk laughter get him out of Game three this
doesn’t sound like a song used to attract women it sounds like a song used
to warn women about a guy and by the looks of what he was doing it seems like
he knows this from experience like he chose this song because he could relate
to it this might be an actual make faggot and I was just kidding when I
called him that way what did he just do this what does this mean
hold up oh I need to find some lyrics hold on one second
okay I can’t find any lyrics but it literally looked like he was finding is
something that no straight guy with eat his kids a bit suspicious I’m what does
that mean it means I think he’s gay Jimmy but wait aren’t you the one who
shaved all your body hair yeah but that’s only cuz I’m a swimmer so
technically I get a free pass boy you haven’t even swam in over a years after
all a meeting a sup boy at least I have clear skin seriously though guys did
this kid comb his hair or did he use this hair to brush the comb this boy
look like you finna go brush a horse with that shit goddamn horse brush
looking ass dick faggot guys you like how these effects have nothing to do
with this song like this video has nothing to do with effects but I might
just spray some bullets right here don’t bone right there kaboom
always plug but seriously this might be a problem with this app you know you got
all these people just using a random ass effects that have nothing to do with the
song I wonder what effect he’s using to make his teeth split apart like that
maybe the Moses one does my breath smell here
Oh God god damn that boy needs some extra strength ultra whitening arms and
hammer mint toothpaste in a bucket of Listerine seriously I feel bad for his
dentist that’s that’s the boy version of baby Arial look at this dude I never
actually thought I’d finally it’s right there the fuck down
guys based on the first couple of videos in this one I’ve come to the conclusion
that these guys are in a gang why do you think that well I mean just look at
their hair their attire like this kids wearing a bandana and most importantly
these fruity-ass gang signs they keep throwing up well if that’s true what do
you think they call themselves hmm the la les boys the los angeles les boys no
the like appelez-vous is oh okay well are you in the gang you match most of
the description actually actually you you have to um hey is that the teachers
car we’re outside oh my god mr. teacher that was a close one
it’s kind of sad though his teeth are even throwing up gang signs I’m not mad like is this guy the gay douchebag gang
leader talking about some shit like oh I’m not mad with goddamn Tinker Bell
flying around Zach he kind of looks like you and y’all share the exact same name
boy my name is Zach that’s Justin yeah but your own name is Justin oh yeah your
own name is Zach sorry I got you confused with somebody else but
seriously though this do look like he’s in a fight Peter Pan with his eyebrows
Zach Captain Hook fight with the straight sword not a curved one
Jimmy you know what I fucking mean if you like the way you look that much oh
baby you should go and love yourself okay I appreciate this kid selflessness
and shit but boy your take me some lovin like this just so far apart they can
interact I mean I would bring them a happy meal but that’s just gonna make
them smile and if I saw that shit then I’m not gonna be loving it did you did you just be your fucking gum
on me no I swear up right now swirl let’s go
yeah you guys I thought I could do it just is this tall hair is tall curly
hair is special thanks to this baby Oreo like they were just all too much for me
you see let me keep his gum we’ve fucking crime so what this kids
saying is he should be in prison right now cuz he just killed all my vibes but
Zack there’s so many more clips I don’t fucking care

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