Kpop songs in Spanish vs Famous Latin songs | This or That w/ KARD (Daddy Yankee, Shakira, Maná)

Game Rules
Two sentences A & B are given in Spanish.
One is from a famous Latin American song / The other is a KARD song. Each player gets a point if they can guess the KARD song then sing it in Korean! Even though I can see it… How do we do this? Ahí vamos?I heard vamos a lot but…Oh, it’s! I don’t think they would put the chorus. Yeah, I think they’d try to confuse us a little. One, two, three! I wanna try B. I choose A. B, B, B, B It’s a girl’s part! How did we start this? Hey, you are the composer. “Without worrying…” Yeah, that part! No? Wow… ahí vamos=we go “We go dumb dumb dumb dumb
No matter what they say litty dumb” No, but like Prendidos, super prendidos should have some sort of repetition. Which song has that? In? No, not in. It’s Somin’s part. Oh, it’s my part? What were Somin’s parts? I forgot which parts I had. “Party yeah we party we don’t worry ‘bout the drama no” Wow, that honestly has to be the answer. No? Can’t you guys maybe let us know? The meaning of Prendidos or is that not allowed? Oh, I guess it would be too easy if we knew. Prendidos=Litty Answer! “Litty dumb litty Bang the drum
Until we go crazy baby we go” Oh, I knew this! Toca el tambor!
tambor was “the drum”! Oh, Prendidos means “Litty”? Are we dumb? Dang, it’s so hard. I don’t get it. I really don’t. Wow, it’s super hard. Now I get it. It’s B! Ugh, come on. This one is too… Oh, it’s that one. Let’s call this one off. This one is definitely. No, wait a second! No, but after “Yo te quiero así” it’s not “dímelo, dímelo, dímelo.” Wait! Isn’t this that part? B
The very last part when you guys sing! Oh yeah, that’s right! It’s that part. I got it, right? Answer! That part. The part that Somin just mentioned. Hey!
Point for BM. “Before the end of the night” Me! Toni… ANSWER! “I like you that way before the end of the night” Answer! “I want you to stay by my side” I’ll give you a hint. Okay ¡recuérdalo!=remember Ugh! Why can’t I remember the lyrics right now? Somin! “Once again… and something else blah blah” You need to know it exactly. You can’t ask us for help. It’s an individual competition. “Remember once again..?” Oh! “If I don’t see you again, remember” For real? Correct! So it was, “If I don’t see you again”? My part. That’s me. Why do I look so cute there? What did you just say? I guess all the answers are B. Since we had two Bs so far, I feel like it should be A next. Just go for B. A is J.Seph’s part inWow… because I see “endorfina”. Wow, endorfina? I also saw it and thought, “If that says endorfin…” Oh! Then is puesta “pastel”? It was~ Please rap exactly as it is in the lyrics. “Pastel…” B…! No, I mean A. What the-?? Just go. Sorry! I can’t think straight right now. It starts with “I love you”? “I love you.” (Shameless) “Hug me.” B, I mean A. “Hug me tigh…” “tly, you’re my endorphin.” Tell me. “A film covered in pastel colors…” “High…” It’s not “high, high” I give up. Even I admit I can’t do this. You’re all giving up, right? Go for it. Answer! “Hug me tightly, you’re my endorphin.
The sunset is a film covered in pastel colors.” It was “the sunset.” Oh, so it wasn’t “high, high.” Everyone thought it was “high, high” but it wasn’t. But the choreography also looks like “high, high.” I’ve never met her before. Oh, I know this! Somin, AIt’s right, right? Right? Yeah, it’s definitely not B. Doesn’t otro perro mean…? Five puppies? I think we need to figure out which part has “night” in it. I don’t even remember my part right now. Oh, maybe it’s this one. A “I’m anxious all night” Oh yeah, all night=night “I’m afraid of you disappearing
even when you’re by my side” Yeah, that’s right. A is definitely not the answer. Yeah, it’s not. I’m pretty sure it’s a song I know. Na na gasolina~ Gasolina~ Oh, you know? Yeah, it’s. Oh, you do know. Huh?? Viento? What’s viento? What’s viento, BM? Viento is… Um, wind. Tararear means “homework” so… Homework? Are you saying homework is in the lyrics? I mean BM just said it means “homework.” Homework…? Hahahaha… (embarassed) No puedo means “I cannot.” I don’t know what dejar is. To talk? (Because it sounds similar in Korean) I can’t speak Oh, Somin! Wait, me too. “I can’t hide it. Ride on the wind.” Ugh, I was so close. Oh, Jiwoo! “Ride on the wind. I can’t hide it.” You are both wrong. But why? Wow, and they even cheated. I have a question. What does tararear mean? tararear=humming Ans… Answ… “I can’t stop humming”… Answer! “Ride on the wind, I can’t stop humming.” Yeah, that sounds right. You’ve got a nice voice. Thank you. J.seph, your singing improved so much. I really like this part. Yeah, I knew it! I told you it was! Daddy Yankee! Somin! I have a feeling it’s. It’s time forto come out. No,. Yeah, it should benow. No,!! It’s time for. Dude, it’s. You are all wrong. It feels like I was hit out of nowhere. I do think A’s right. I think so too. A? Something about my heart… my feelings my heart What if it’s “chest” not “heart”? Of course, I can’t remember the lyrics at times like this. What’s next? It’s the part that comes after it’s that part. “Even when I stay still, my heart…” What else? Wait, we’re stuck there right now. What’s por ti? Por ti por ti=for you Oh, answer! “Even when I stay still, my heart beats for you.” Yeah, that’s right! “continues to beat for you” “constantly beats for you” Answer! “seriously beats for you” “Seriously” FYI, the video isn’t buffering. “Naturally” This really deserves applause. Oh, I love this song! Livin’ la vida loca Livin’ la vida loca I love. I think I know this.Yeah. Somin has been wrong all this time, so I trust her intuition. But BM is going for B. B I’m doing B. I’m gonna do B too. For B, I’m gonna try to translate. HINT – You In Me Oh! That’s right. “I call you desperately, but you don’t answer. I apologize” I got it~ Yeah~ Dang, I’m getting better. Huh, maybe it’s B. Because it looks like. Tengo, tengo. Isn’t that this part? “Right, right” Tengo, tengo. Like this? Tengo, tengo means “I have, I have.” Oh… really? HINT – Don’t Recall Wait, why hasn’tcome out? I guess no one else likes? I think you just like it a whole lot. True.? Oh, it tortures me. Tortures me. Somin! “I don’t even remember the good moments. Only resentment remains and tortures me endlessly.” Because of momentos… no? Because A is a song called. Since we have the answer here. Omg! Finally!! We have!!! Wait a second. But what is that? Jiwoo! “That easily…” Ugh, what’s wrong with me…? You forgot again. “How can you be happy after forgetting about me that easily?” “You’re too cruel and harsh. A man like you.” Yeah, it’s that part exactly. Oh, hombre is that part, right? I finally got one right. Final~ A B….A Bebé, Bebé! Yo soy means “I”. yo soy means “I am”. Yeah, “I am”. Bebé, yo soy fan de tu caminar The first verse is “Baby, I am a fan of your singing”. I’m gonna change. Change to B. Same. I’m also gonna do B… Well, the answer is B for sure but… That was smooth. Wait, how did my last part go? “Tell me it’s not true. Baby I can’t let you go.” Oh! I love this song. Bad Bunny! shout out BM, you’re so good. I know, right? I studied Spanish for three years. I had a better chance of winning. So I couldn’t lose. I’m glad I was able to keep my Latin pride. Thank you for sharing your Spanish skills with us, BM Even though I was busy trying to catch up with him, it was still fun and entertaining. For me, it was refreshing to try to figure out what this word could mean in the Spanish version and then hear it again in the original version. I think it would be really good for me to go over our lyrics and really familiarize myself with them. This was definitely a time of self-reflection. In the beginning, I had given up a little bit but as time went on, I got more motivated. In the end I was finally able to get one right so it was really rewarding. Good job, everyone. You should end the video, Mr. Winner.

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